Silly Question Re: Bench Scrapers

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Meagazz Posted 18 Feb 2014 , 5:42pm
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Hi everyone!


I have such a silly question and I know I am probably completely over-thinking this!


I want to get a bench scraper to help smooth my BC, however, the only ones I can find do not have a complete 90 degree angle on the edges. The 'scraping' edges have a slight roundness to them... Is this even something to be worried about, or is it true that I am over-thinking this?


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Meagazz Posted 18 Feb 2014 , 5:43pm
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Whoops! The picture didn't attach... Should've previewed it first...

AZCouture Posted 18 Feb 2014 , 5:57pm
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AEh, it's probably not a big deal. But seek out the Progressive Bash and Chop, they have them at bed bath and beyond. That's what I use.

ellavanilla Posted 18 Feb 2014 , 5:57pm
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it probably won't make much of a difference, as your bottom edge will have a cake round and your top should be higher than the cake, but get a plain one from a rest supply and you won't have any troubles



that's the one that i have. 

Gerle Posted 18 Feb 2014 , 6:10pm
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I have a metal one that I picked up at Bed Bath and Beyond.  It is all one piece with one end curled for the handle.  It is all flush so from the top to the bottom it's like one blade.  It's called a Progressive Stainless Steel Bash 'n Chop, $5.99, and it works great.

leah_s Posted 18 Feb 2014 , 6:40pm
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You're overthinking it.  :-)

Meagazz Posted 18 Feb 2014 , 7:34pm
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Ha! Thanks everyone!! :)

LeanneW Posted 18 Feb 2014 , 8:01pm
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One more vote for the Progressive Stainless Steel Bash 'n Chop. I love it. I have other bench scrapers that will do the job, but i love the way this handle feels in my hand.

Godot Posted 18 Feb 2014 , 8:24pm
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AI love my bash-n-chop. I've had it for like 15-20 years!

enga Posted 18 Feb 2014 , 8:31pm
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Has anyone every used these plastic ones?


We use them at work to get the frosting really smooth and the big metal ones for taller cakes. I never could get a cake smooth using the Viva towel method. One of my co workers cant use either one but favors a large off set spatula to smooth her cake.

DeniseNH Posted 18 Feb 2014 , 8:43pm
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I made the mistake of purchasing a Wilton one and found that it has a border top and bottom which doesn't allow you to get in close to the cake so I went with one from Fat Daddio's and totally love it.  No rounded corners either.

AnnieCahill Posted 18 Feb 2014 , 9:17pm
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Wow, I thought I was the only one who used the Bash n Chop.  I bought it because of the name first, functionality second.

Gerle Posted 18 Feb 2014 , 9:23pm
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I love my Bash n Chop, but I only use it for cakes. I get a really smooth, even side with it so it's my go-to for smoothing sides.

AnnieCahill Posted 18 Feb 2014 , 9:26pm
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Yeah I use mine only for cakes too.  The numbers have worn off.  I can boo-yah a cake smooth in like 3 turns of the table with that thing.

Annabakescakes Posted 18 Feb 2014 , 10:43pm
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AI have one too, my husband got it for me for Sweetest Day a few years ago, We had never heard of it, but he liked the name, so he bought it. We had a good laugh, and it immediately became my favorite. I have 2.

hbquikcomjamesl Posted 19 Feb 2014 , 12:35am
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And of course, if it's designed right (and the Progressive model cited above looks like something Graham Kerr himself might have designed), you can also use it to crush up to 4 cloves of garlic at once.


JWinslow Posted 19 Feb 2014 , 12:56am
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I have the Bash N Chop also - two actually

hbquikcomjamesl Posted 19 Feb 2014 , 1:23am
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Silly me: the Progressive model cited above WAS designed by Graham Kerr.

Meagazz Posted 19 Feb 2014 , 7:17pm
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I need to find me one of these bad-boys!! Thanks so much everyone!! :)

johnson6ofus Posted 19 Feb 2014 , 7:29pm
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One at Kohl's labeled Food Network brand also available. Good if you have coupons or discounts there,,,

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