Three Tier cake competition help!

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spw184 Posted 12 Feb 2014 , 5:00pm
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AHi everyone, I HAVE recently enrolled in a competition where I will be preparing a three tier cake in 75 minutes that follows a theme that has not yet ben released. Only problem is, I've only ever decorated one cake in my life!

So, what I need to know is, what tools and skills should I learn? All I HAVE currently is a basic piping set and a couple frosting spatualas.

I would be ecstatic if somebody could at least give me a starting spot. I HAVE a year to practice, so I'm sure I can do it in time.

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luvmykids2bits Posted 12 Feb 2014 , 6:20pm
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Start watching lots and lots of videos on constructing and supporting three tier cakes.  Practice, practice, practice.  I'm glad you have a year to prep, because that's a rather ambitious decision for having just made one cake.  I've been decorating for years and would maybe consider entering a contest like this in another year or so.  I find three tier cakes are way trickier than they look.

leah_s Posted 12 Feb 2014 , 7:03pm
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Wow!  I've been a professinal for 14 years and I'm not sure I would have entered a contest like that.  Best of luck, and crank up You Tube!

MimiFix Posted 12 Feb 2014 , 7:15pm
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No problem, you can do it. That's what we're here for.

sugarflorist Posted 12 Feb 2014 , 7:24pm
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AI do lots of competitions but this sounds crazy. How much can anyone get done in 75 min let alone do it to competition standard. Having said that perhaps piped roses on buttercream might work.

cakeyouverymuch Posted 12 Feb 2014 , 7:26pm
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MimiFix Posted 12 Feb 2014 , 7:32pm
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cakeyouverymuch, you're a gem!

scrumdiddlycakes Posted 12 Feb 2014 , 7:39pm
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A75 minutes for a 3 tier competition cake? Who on earth is putting on this competition? do they know anything about tiered cakes? What are the rules, what elements are being judged, do they expect fondant it butter cream?

AZCouture Posted 12 Feb 2014 , 9:54pm
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AWow, that is really odd.

spw184 Posted 12 Feb 2014 , 9:59pm
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Here is several photos of previous competitors. The competition is part of a group of competitons of which I have competed in. The theme for the year these photos were taken in was "Winter Wonderland." All medias are availible to be used, fondant, gum paste, royal icing, buttercream, whatever. The only real rule is that the cake can not have any store bought items that have not been dramaticly altered.




AZCouture Posted 12 Feb 2014 , 10:04pm
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AThat's the time you get to fill, ice, stack AND decorate?!

AZCouture Posted 12 Feb 2014 , 10:05pm
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ASounds like someone watched Cake Boss and figured that's really all the time that was necessary.

liz at sugar Posted 12 Feb 2014 , 10:32pm
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Must be an annual event?  And it looks like they have had takers in the past, so it must be possible!  Best of luck to you!



Annabakescakes Posted 12 Feb 2014 , 10:38pm
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ASome of those cakes are the absolute pits, too!

spw184 Posted 12 Feb 2014 , 11:12pm
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It's put on by Prostart Nevada chapter which is a culinary education program. It's known as the hardest competition in the state level because of time constraints and because it usually has only three to six competitors every year.

vpJane Posted 12 Feb 2014 , 11:17pm
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It looks like most of the cakes are buttercream with piping. So maybe you should start there. There are also classes on

MBalaska Posted 13 Feb 2014 , 1:23am
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probably just one of those  :o

liz at sugar Posted 13 Feb 2014 , 1:39am
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Prostart encompasses the whole spectrum of culinary education - the poster may have done an appetizer, an entree, menu plan or any number of other culinary related contests.



Rosie93095 Posted 13 Feb 2014 , 2:08am
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Sorry, just asking for clarification8O

Rosie93095 Posted 13 Feb 2014 , 2:11am
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spw184 Posted 13 Feb 2014 , 3:53am
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AIve competed in hot foods for two years and management for one year.

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