Any Clues Why nmy R.I.T are cracking?

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morganchampagne Posted 28 Jan 2014 , 6:07am
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AIm not new to piping, but new to making flood consistency royal icing. I make piping consistency just fine. Anyways! Im using a 20 second consistency attempting to make some royal icing transfer hearts. Fairly large about 2.5". Im noticing though that as they are drying cracks are appearing. Any thoughts?

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brendajarmusz Posted 28 Jan 2014 , 7:24am
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AIm just guessing here but it sounds like you may have whipped to much air in the making of the R.I. or maybe your bowl or mixer etc. May not have been completely free of any oils from previous things made or it could also be the temp. In your house. Maybe someone will have more ideas.

morganchampagne Posted 28 Jan 2014 , 7:37am
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AIt's definitely Warmer in our house. Maybe that's it. I wiped the bowls with vinegar but it could be that I missed a spot. Hmm. It's definitely strange. I did about 12 of then every single one has crack. I feared that it would be one of those things that could be from many different factors

MBalaska Posted 28 Jan 2014 , 10:45am
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Gosh, every single one cracked  Yikes.

Yes - Brendajarmusz may be on to something about too much air whipped into it.   I've broken a few when I picked them up and manhandled them, but none have cracked on the plate while drying.


did you put a weird flavoring or coloring in them this time. or use a different recipe, new ingredients?

morganchampagne Posted 28 Jan 2014 , 10:51am
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ANope :( it was the same recipe I've always used and I used powdered coloring. I think maybe it was a bad batch. I just realized the icing I used for the hearts was made yesterday not today...So a trace of grease possible as well. Because I made anchors with new icing and it looks like its doing ok.

knlcox Posted 28 Jan 2014 , 12:47pm
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I'm not sure your recipe, but I add a tsp of corn syrup or glycerine to my batch of RI and it keeps it from cracking.  It makes it a bit pliable if all you're doing is filling the transfer, no details. It also keeps strings from breaking if you're doing hanging work. It will not make it dry shiny as in glaze icing.  Maybe it'll work for you?? HTH



morganchampagne Posted 31 Jan 2014 , 4:51am
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AI have no idea what went on. I have since made 2 batches that came out really good. So there was probably a piece of oil somewhere.

Now I'm just practicing with flooding and trying different techniques. I'm not pleased with them just yet but I think the problem is in my technique

SPCOhio Posted 31 Jan 2014 , 4:59am
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AFor myself, having my flood icing a little on the thicker side has helped with transfers. I recently made some little bees for some valentine's cookies that had a lot of small spaces to fill so I made it thicker to forestall breakage. Seemed to work!

morganchampagne Posted 31 Jan 2014 , 5:04am
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AOk I will also try that. I've been watching montreal confections lately. She says she uses the thicker icing as well. So im going to try it again. I'm just really committed to getting the hang of it because it can really open some avenues for me business wise

sugarflorist Posted 31 Jan 2014 , 12:52pm
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I presume that you are piping an out line then flooding the space. generally cracking happens for a combination of factors. air in the mix (you mix needs to stand for longer before you use it. 24 hours is what is taught on courses)  your flood consistency may be too liquid.  or you filling is spreading as it dries (try tapping the edge of your product to encourage it to fill. 


you can also try to two stage fill- so you pipe your outline as usual do a short flood and when you have completed the run go back and and refill to the top of your piping. The idea being that the short fill has time to settle and for the product to take up some of the moisture - this is how i was taught to do it some twenty years go so teaching and ideas have changed quit a bit in that time.  

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