Help Please. How To Cover 3-D Cake In Fondant And Decorate? Newbie

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MommyMommy Posted 26 Jan 2014 , 9:12pm
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Hi all,  


Working on a Monster Truck cake.  I have a RKT Truck and wheels made and frozen.


1. I would like to cover in fondant, wondering what to put under it (buttercream or ganache)?

I have made and worked with buttercream - Not with ganache.

I did crush the Krispies to try and make less bumpy texture.


2. Then when I cover w Fondant any tips?  Is it easier or better to cover in one or sheet of fondant or in pieces (like front hood, top, sides, backend)?  j


3. Lastly, after I manage that is it better to decorate with fondant on top, royal icing, paint?   I think I'd like to do a mix of them - but wondering what is easiest and/or hardest?



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bikemom3 Posted 26 Jan 2014 , 9:54pm
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AI used just melted chocolate on my last large RKT figure then covered it with fondant. I was more successful doing that than using buttercream. Good luck!

MommyMommy Posted 27 Jan 2014 , 3:04pm
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Thanks bikemom, any thoughts on my other 2 questions?  Also, once I cover w chocolate, I need to spray it before adding fondant?  And then once I do that HOW LONG WILL IT LAST?

MoonlitSammy Posted 27 Jan 2014 , 5:36pm
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Hi MommyMommy, hope I'm not too late in replying to helping you!

I'd agree chocolate/ganache for a smoother finish.  I personally would attempt to cover in one large piece of fondant & then add details.  Details can be added in a variety of ways...if it needs to be quick & easy just score the shapes of the door/bonnet etc into the fondant before it starts to dry. With a bit more time, you could add extra cut out shaped fondant to look like the doors etc.  Details like the lights/door handles can be made in advance & added using Royal icing/edible glue.

I've not used RKT yet-I always carve my cakes so I'm not sure how long it would last -check on the recipe section there may be a thread here that may say???

Hope it goes well -upload a picture to show us how it went please :-D x

MommyMommy Posted 28 Jan 2014 , 1:46am
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Thank you MoonlitSammy.  So what does everyone think is easier or better for a Newbie - to decorate on fondant  w paint or royal icing?  This one is all hand painted.  I was going to try fondant in some places and painting (or royal icing) the skull/graveyard scene.  Although these flames look excellent! ;-D


I've also seen others use royal icing


And would it make a difference if I try to freeze?  Or should I freeze after cake has fondant on it and then decorate after?  I'm just trying to space my amount of work timing.

bikemom3 Posted 28 Jan 2014 , 12:58pm
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I usually use a combination of all three depending on the design.

this cake was a combination. The kart and brick wall are mostly cake(the exhaust pipes are RKT), the "dry bones" Mario Kart  figure is RKT covered in fondant. I would focus on what you are most comfortable with. Good luck and don't forget to post pictures!

MoonlitSammy Posted 5 Feb 2014 , 11:29pm
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That's cute Bikemom3 :0)  As I've said, I've not used RKT's before -would you mind sharing what/who's recipe you use the most often please?  I feel like experimenting! Thanks in advance :lol: 

MoonlitSammy Posted 5 Feb 2014 , 11:30pm
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No problem MommyMommy :0)  Have you got a photo of the cake yet??? x

bikemom3 Posted 6 Feb 2014 , 12:39am
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AMoonlitSammy I just used the recipe on the cereal box but here it is 1/4 cup butter 1(10 ounce) bag of marshmallows 6 cups crispy rice cereal ( I crushed it )

Melt butter & marshmallow in microwave in a large bowl. Stir then mix in cereal Good luck

MommyMommy Posted 6 Feb 2014 , 3:15am
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Not yet, been busy with other things.  I did create a RKT truck which is wrapped and in my freezer.  I also cut out some paper patterns for the design elements and taped them to the outside wrapping.  I think I'm going to try to paint the decorations on (maybe some fondant accents).  I think I would be better at painting than using royal icing?  I at least attempted just painting w kids paints on paper to see how that would go.  I'm hoping this practice will carry over.    


Then if this all goes well I will freeze again after I cover in fondant and paint.  I'm thinking it will serve as a backup - in case my cake truck fails.  And act as a practic, before I attempt the cake truck. 


Then I'm hoping to make my cake truck, cover, and paint it and then freeze it in advance of my party.

Fingers crossed on all! :D

MommyMommy Posted 8 Mar 2014 , 3:58pm
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AWell I pulled it off and did mostly painting w a touch of cake writing icing for colors not on hand (was going to try edible markers but no good on black fondant n didn't want to fuss w white paint underneath).

Not sure if pics will show.

MommyMommy Posted 9 Mar 2014 , 5:40pm
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MommyMommy Posted 9 Mar 2014 , 5:52pm
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For anyone who might read this as a reference for future cake - Newbies like me especially, here are some of my notes and one question.


Regarding painting, definitely was prob better for me to paint than ice it all.  New w cake skills (or lack of).  Regarding fondant, was definitely easier on my second attempt cake (which was the one made of RKT on top of cake).  The RKT was hard so I was less nervous about pulling/stretching fondant to fit.  I still wasn't sure what to do w excess fondant which all converged in one corner?  I trimmed it an then sorta squished it together.  Any suggestions on that would be greatly appreciated!


Also, somewhere I thought I read once to use Vodka to clean up my fondant?  Maybe I misunderstood.  I used Corn Starch w my fondant (not Powdered sugar).  When I cleaned it off w Vodka - it appeared to leave a new shiny mark there.  The second cake I just brushed off the CS, wiped w paper towel dry.  No more CS and no marks either.    I also noticed it was much easier when my fondant the second time was thinner (had less fondant left to cover the cake so had to roll out as much as I could).  However, it also was easier to tear/get a hole slightly (covered up w painting and wasn't so noticeable).   And it seemed the first time around with the thicker fondant, it was more prone to cracking a bit when bending on corners of cake.  


Lots of work, but worth it.  Still can't believe I pulled the Cake truck off! :D  Thanks again to all for the help! And for the other help on past posts etc.  Made one 6 year old very happy!!!! :D

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