Help Me Choose Which Wafer Paper Class

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PeonyCream Posted 19 Jan 2014 , 11:42am
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AHello. I'm new here (hi!) But I have lurked for a while. I need some quick help and thought what better place to find it than on a site with people who do this a lot. I need to decide between two wafer paper classes that are available this month. I know I can't say any names or anything. My question is, one of the tutorilas is from someone with experience teaching but is not so plpopular but her wafer paper flowers from the pictures look good. The other person is popular with wafer paper but she is a new teacher. Maybe she has taught before I dont know but I like her designs but I don't know if she can teach well. The classe are cheap enough thatvi can take both . I think they less than 40 bucks each but I dont want to pay for two if I can learn in one. Which one do you think is better? Popular and new or experienced but not so popular?

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MimiFix Posted 19 Jan 2014 , 4:13pm
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Welcome to the forum, Peony. You've got a tough decision to make. I don't know about either of these instructors, but I've never trusted popularity contest winners. Hope that helps. And if you do take one of the classes, report back with full details - inquiring hands want to know.

Annabakescakes Posted 19 Jan 2014 , 4:25pm
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AUm, since when can't we talk about classes? Is this a new thing? We talk about crftsy classes, and tutorials all the time, I am just wondering because I did a search and I can only find one wafer paper class that I'm not taking, way to expensive, plus airfare and possibly a hotel... not happening. I actually don't even care to learn wafer paper flowers, but if it is cheap enough, ill take a class on anything, Haha.

JWinslow Posted 19 Jan 2014 , 4:40pm
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I generally pick a class for content and not by instructor.  Pretty much what MimiFix is saying.  What do you want to learn at the end of the day?  Take the instructors out of the equation and look at the class content.  Maybe this will help.


Hope it goes well for you :)

PeonyCream Posted 19 Jan 2014 , 7:38pm
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AOh okay. Thank yoi for the replies. The classes are on my cake school and the other one is on craftsy sometime soon. The My cake school teacher is the not so popular one. The craftsy one is by a popular wafer paper user her business is hello cupcake or something like that. Can anyone of you reccomend which one is better? MimiFix I don't know the content yet. Just that its wafer paper flower class.

Dayti Posted 19 Jan 2014 , 10:20pm
post #6 of 9 does the most amazing wafer paper flowers. Before signing up for the My Cake School one, I would wait and watch Stevi's preview when it comes out on Craftsy to see if it's what you want. Also, you rarely pay full price on Craftsy, there are usually some savings to be had with an offer or a sale. 

FromScratchSF Posted 19 Jan 2014 , 11:03pm
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OK so obviously I'm the "expensive" wafer paper flower teacher but my class isn't till April and I'm teaching something totally different, so I'm glad you mentioned the 2 classes you are considering are this month.


Hey There Cupcake makes AMAZING cakes and they have been doing stuff with wafer paper for a LONG time.  I follow their work like a fangirl.  I can also say the production value of Craftsy blows MCS away so I wouldn't worry about the teacher "not being very good".  I adore Jessica of Jessicakes, but if you were here before Craftsy got a hold of her and saw her the videos she used to post, she is was spaz, and I mean that in a funny goofy way.  Craftsy got a hold of her and now after editing, script writing, professional sets etc, she now appears like she KNOWS her stuff.


I don't see the name of the instructor of the class at so I have no idea what type of work they do and what kind of experience they have.  But I know MCS does not have the same production value.


But you have to look st the photos of the cakes they are teaching and decide which you want to make.  Honestly, the flowers on the MCS cakes all look like the same flower but each has a slight variation of a rose.  Again, I am not a member of the site so I can't even bring up a larger photo of the cakes so I could be wrong, but they just look like roses or fantasy version of roses.  And believe me, once you figure out a wafer paper rose, you won't need additional instruction to make variations of wafer paper flower.


The flowers on the new Craftsy class by Hey There Cupcake looks like they teach several different styles of wafer flowers, not just a variation of a rose, although it looks like they make a rose too.  If I were you, I'd probably go with THAT class that shows more variety of how to use wafer paper versus the class that shows you how to make the same flower several different ways.


I am not affiliated with either, just telling you my selection process and how I would go about choosing between the two.  And actually, what I should be telling you is save your money and come to my class in Seattle because I'll melt your brain on what I;m doing with the stuff.


Best of luck!

DeliciousDesserts Posted 20 Jan 2014 , 1:04pm
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Original message sent by FromScratchSF

OK so obviously I'm the "expensive" wafer paper flower teacher

There is real value in a hands on course. I'm willing to pay more for personal instruction.

The difficulty, for me, is the airfare and hotel and other travel expenses. Sadly, not many instructors hold classes here in Charleston.

JWinslow Posted 20 Jan 2014 , 4:01pm
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Originally Posted by DeliciousDesserts 

There is real value in a hands on course. I'm willing to pay more for personal instruction.

The difficulty, for me, is the airfare and hotel and other travel expenses. Sadly, not many instructors hold classes here in Charleston.


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