Why my cupcake are not rising since I changed my oven?! halp!

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Oritg84 Posted 16 Jan 2014 , 8:44am
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So I bought convection oven and since then my cupcakes are disaster and not cooked enough. 

Normally I use oven gas and there just perfect...I changed mt recipe and do so many attempts but nothing work.

apparently that 170c are too hot and 140c not enough hot.  

in the left size you can see the result of the gas oven and from the right side is the convection one. 


what shall I do? 


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liz at sugar Posted 16 Jan 2014 , 3:28pm
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You could split the difference on your temperature - is 155 degrees an option?


The convection cupcakes on the right look better - they have risen more and don't look undercooked - do you have them labeled correctly?



Pastrybaglady Posted 16 Jan 2014 , 7:14pm
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Yeah, I think the left and right are mislabeled too.  The one on the right looks great.  I cannot bake with convection.  It seems like everything bakes lopsided or I get these weird stripes.  My oven is KA electric and I can only use convection with good results on meat.

MimiFix Posted 16 Jan 2014 , 9:44pm
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The pastry chefs (who I know) all hate convection baking.

enga Posted 16 Jan 2014 , 9:56pm
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Can you disable the fan on yours?

Dayti Posted 16 Jan 2014 , 9:58pm
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I own a bakery. All my cakes and cupcakes are baked at in my convection oven at 150c and they come out perfect (obviously :D

MimiFix Posted 16 Jan 2014 , 10:46pm
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I had deck ovens in my bakery. They baked to perfection! But the commercial convection ovens that I've used when employed as a pastry chef had heavy duty fans with two speeds: high, and higher. They blew the tops off my beautiful meringues. Enga had a good idea (disable the fan) but unfortunately, corporate would not allow tampering.

liz at sugar Posted 16 Jan 2014 , 10:51pm
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Ours have off, low and high, and depending on the product, sometimes they can help.  I keep the fan on high for cream puffs, but off completely for cupcakes.  They do get lopsided with the fan on.



enga Posted 17 Jan 2014 , 2:54am
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It was a rough transition from bakery production to Pastry arts because in the bakery we had a gigantic Fish reel oven so did my old job. In the Pastry Arts lab everything was state of the arts and brand spanking new, the convection ovens took some time to get use to. There were two induction burners used at each lab station and we would fight over the pots and pans. because you could only use certain ones.


Our lab instructor had these stones slabs he ordered to put in the bottom of each of the convection ovens to retain the heat for making cakes when we turned off the fans. We made lovely artisan breads on those stones,sigh.


I miss school, I could never afford the ingredients or the commercial equipment we used there.


liz at sugar Posted 19 Jan 2014 , 10:51pm
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Please tell us again which cupcake (left or right) was cooked with the convection oven.





Oritg84 Posted 19 Jan 2014 , 11:27pm
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ohh sorry...

the one in the left side was baked in the convection oven and the one on the right side was baked in the gas oven (which i prefer). 

I just realized that i made a mistake....8O



liz at sugar Posted 19 Jan 2014 , 11:44pm
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If your original recipe produced beautiful cupcakes in the gas oven, I would stick with that recipe.  You just need to block the direct air from the convection fan.  Sometimes people use a taller pan behind to help diffuse the air - so maybe stick a tall loaf pan in the oven closest to the fan, and then put your cupcakes in front of that.


While you are testing, just bake one cupcake at a time, until you find a temperature that works, along with shielding the cupcakes from the fan.


Hope this helps.



scrumdiddlycakes Posted 20 Jan 2014 , 1:41am
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I would call the manufacturer and ask if there are any ways to change the fan settings first, Mine is like Liz's, I have off, low and high.

My old one had a weird little trick to turning the fan off, even though it wasn't technically supposed to be done.

Oritg84 Posted 22 Jan 2014 , 8:31am
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If I will block the air it wont be a bit dangerous? 

anyway I'll try to do it. 

Thanks Liz 

liz at sugar Posted 22 Jan 2014 , 2:25pm
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Also, if you don't like this oven, why don't you just return it to the store or supplier?  Most major appliances have a 1 year warranty, and you can explain that you can't use this particular model in your business and need something different.



Oritg84 Posted 22 Jan 2014 , 9:50pm
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Ok I see! 

I willtry it today. 

apperently the store I bought the oven dont wants to get it back...:( 

I'll see what can I do and if its not working I will sell it. 

Thank you Liz !!

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