Large Round Crochet Doily Mold

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DeniseNH Posted 13 Jan 2014 , 8:08pm
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Driving myself nuts trying to find the following:  Large circular crochet looking doily mold I can use DAB in - not a solid mold.  Must have holes in the pattern so that you can see the fondant color underneath.  Not the DAB mold on their site - that one is too delicate.  Any help would be much appreciated.  Thanks, Denise

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JWinslow Posted 13 Jan 2014 , 8:27pm
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Hi Denise,


Something like this?  Or is this too solid?

pjjones Posted 20 Jan 2014 , 4:53pm
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I too have  searched for hours for an open lace doily.  Have  you had any success? I would love to find one I do not have to cut out.   I would greatly appreciate any help

DeniseNH Posted 20 Jan 2014 , 11:13pm
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Oh Yes, I had great success.  Go to and type in PA.f molds  Yes that's capital P and an A then a dot and a small f molds and you'll be in doily heaven.  Waiting for my order to come in. 

gscout73 Posted 21 Jan 2014 , 9:23am
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Global Sugar Art has a Sugar Veil mold that has 2 large doily-like circle designs. You can make half, then cut out just the circle part:


SugarVeil® Mat, Circles Bouquet Lace Mat

I can honestly say the results are stunning. It actually is lace.

Bobeba Posted 12 Jan 2015 , 6:23pm
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Denise .. how was your customer service satisfaction and quality of the molds from PAF?

DeniseNH Posted 12 Jan 2015 , 7:46pm
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Outstanding!  Took about two to 2-1/2 weeks to reach me but they always followed up to make sure I was happy with my purchase.  I used PayPal to pay for the item - strictly out of concern for my credit card numbers.  :-)  Would order from them again in a heartbeat.  Their orders come through Ali-Express.  I don't know the connection but you can look up either to find their sets of lace molds. 

DeniseNH Posted 12 Jan 2015 , 9:05pm
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Yes that's the one.  I used small and even smaller plunger cutters to cut out the holes in the doily to make it look truly lacy and to highlight the darker peach colored fondant underneath.  Next time I do this I'm making my 50/50 gumpaste/fondant even thinner for a more delicate doily.

Jedi Knight Posted 12 Jan 2015 , 10:10pm
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APlease don't purchase illegal knock-offs.

DeniseNH Posted 12 Jan 2015 , 10:14pm
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Just telling you honestly that I've never heard of Alibaba, I was never asked to "sign up" with AliExpress.  I simply ordered on line from GlobalPAFMolds and somehow when it arrived it came via AliExpress so I assumed (because of the word Express) that AliExpress was the shipping company for PAFMolds.  I don't believe in buying knockoffs either but what came through has been top quality for half the price of molds available in the USA and oh the variety.  Wow.  Of course that was about three years ago so now most are available here and that's where I'll buy from now on.

MBalaska Posted 12 Jan 2015 , 10:36pm
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Originally Posted by Jedi Knight 

Please don't purchase illegal knock-offs.


That lace doily mold for fondant is so nice, and as I'm not going to be able to get into all of that spreadable lace, I think that I'll purchase this one for fondant.

@Jedi Knight post the American version of this silicone mold and I'll buy American. So far all of the molds I've seen on that Etsy website have been original.

Bobeba Posted 13 Jan 2015 , 1:22am
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I have looked extensively through PA.F Global this afternoon. I am a loser. I think they have wonderful molds. Some of the molds I have never seen before on any of the sites in NA. So I assume that they are making some of their own. Now here's where they look a bit sketchy ... Their brooch mold is the exact same as Karen Davies. The Doily mold was made and sold in the US years ago, but is no longer. Also some of their cakes appear to be too nice for a silicon mold manufacture and I was right. They are using the Caketress cake as advertising for one of their jewel molds. So had I not see the brooch mold replication and their wrongful use of others cake photos I think I would have purchased the doily mold or another one of their own molds. But now with good conscience after going through almost their entire stock, I cannot. But that leads me to another point, that more molds need to be made/sold in North America. I don't think PA.F Global is any cheaper at all, all prices are comparable to Canada/USA. Can someone please sell some of these molds in North America? I love all the ornate molds. So pretty.

sweettooth101 Posted 14 Jan 2015 , 8:45pm
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Some of the stuff on Aliexpress might be knock offs but there is lot you can order which is good stuff not always cheaper than here. You can order bridal dresses or for mother of bride etc in your size, the color you want etc.I have ordered and been happy with them. Sorry went off topic.

costumeczar Posted 14 Jan 2015 , 10:00pm
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Alibaba is notorious for stealing people's pictures and using them for their listings, it happens all the time. That doesn't mean that the molds they sell don't look like the pictures, but it might mean that you get something you're not expecting.


As far as the similarity between molds goes, I went on the website on the link and found two molds on there that are exactly like ones that I sell in my shop, but there's nothing proprietary about them. A lot of people sell molds that they make from things you can go buy in Michael's or Hobby Lobby, and there's no reason someone else can't go buy the same thing and make a mold from it. I've seen lots of people selling the same brooch molds that I have in my shop and I know they came from the craft store (but they're charging more than I am, haha! I should raise my prices.) I use a lot of vintage brooches so if I suddenly saw one of those on a Chinese craft site I'd be mad because they tend to steal designs and knock them off. I've seen James Roselle's molds copied on Alibaba and sold for much cheaper, but the quality is also nowhere near the originals.


I looked at the Karen Davies molds and some of them are straight from the craft store, even the ones in the "vintage moulds" collection. I have the same ones that I bought in the bead section so I'm sure there's nothing vintage about them. I just spent a couple of hours today making brooch molds from all the random beading supplies I have and a few of them are the same as ones on her site, so don't feel like someone ripped off her brooches, they didn't. I added a photo of the cake I put together this afternoon with the new ones circled and the actual vintage brooches not circled, and I know that I saw several of these on the KD site, so the Alibaba site probably didn't steal them from her. Not saying they didn't steal anything else because that's their reputation...They just didn't steal those so don't feel guilty for that reason! There are more serious reasons to not buy from them, like the pesky slave labor thing.


costumeczar Posted 14 Jan 2015 , 10:14pm
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Also, if anyone has a good doily that is relatively substantial and not too light that I could use to make a mold, I've been looking for a good one for a while. Doilies that aren't too thin are hard to find, but I was looking for one to make a gumpaste mold from last year and had no luck. The ones that I found that were heavy enough were old ones that were shrunken from being washed and dried, so they weren't any good for mold-making. I'll buy a doily if anyone has one that would work!

Bobeba Posted 15 Jan 2015 , 2:17am
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So PA.F Global is or isn't AliExpress? I can't find their molds that they sell on Easy on AliExpress, although I haven't purchased anything from there so maybe I just couldn't find it. But I am pretty sure PA.F did rip off Karen Davies brooch mold set.


As for the doily mold. I would love to just purchase the one from PA.F but I don't like how they steel others images and designs. I have tried making a doily myself which I am able to, I just don't have the skills to make a good mold from it. 

Bobeba Posted 15 Jan 2015 , 2:40am
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OK. Costumeczar I reread your post and can see your point about molds being from every day items that anyone can get and not of an actual design that someone created. But you have to admit, but just looking at the two molds, you can see why it looks like they are ripping her off. 

costumeczar Posted 15 Jan 2015 , 2:45am
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PAF global is a site that steals other people's designs and photos and uses them. If you look on their actual site it has a lot of photos from other people's sites...Here's the page with the lace molds and you can see that there are a bunch of photos from sites that aren't theirs. Go to the veiners page and the first two photos are from other vendors' sites, the white one is a British company and the blue ones are from another mold company.


On the borders and ropes page there's a picture of cupcakes, and here's the source they stole the picture from.


I found a few more on there that are from other sources. People on Etsy are constantly finding their photos on the Alibaba sites. they post a photo of something totally handmade, then make a cheap knockoff version of it that has nothing to do with the item in the photo.


This is how these Chinese companies operate, they use people's photos then make knockoffs of the actual product, which is why they're so cheap. the quality is never the same as the originals.


The way that I understand it is that Alibaba is a Chinese B2B operation, and Aliexpress is a B2C operation, so it's kind of their fulfillment area...I could be totally wrong about that but I know they're owned by the same holding company. Alibaba is more for manufacturers to place orders to have things produced in large quantities, and Aliexpress supplies ready-made items. PAF is probably ordering their stuff from Aliexpress and they're fulfilling the orders, so that's why it was shipped from them.

costumeczar Posted 15 Jan 2015 , 2:49am
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Here's another one...They probably have the same set of plastic purses that this person used to make the handbag molds. So they are both using the same item to start with, but PAF takes the picture from the Etsy shop and puts it on their website without permission, and you don't know what you'll get when you order. It might be the same things but it might not. If they have the same set of toy purses then it will be the same thing but it isn't a photo of something PAF made, so who knows.

costumeczar Posted 15 Jan 2015 , 3:01am
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Hey, check it out, they stole one from my Etsy shop, I feel so special.


And here's a page where they don't even bother to blur out the watermark on some of their photos. They got lazy. The page right after this one has a couple with the watermark blurred out.


Oh and hell no...The cake with the purple bows on it is mine, they  stole it from my etsy shop too because there are photos of the mold. This is an example of how they would NOT be able to deliver the same thing, because I made this one from a vintage mold that I got at an antique store, not something that would be available on the mass market. Now I'm just pissed off. .

costumeczar Posted 15 Jan 2015 , 3:22am
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For people who want to buy American, (or from the country you live in) save the photo of the item you want to your computer, go to google and click on "images" for an image search, then click on the little camera in the bar you type into. It will give you an option of uploading a photo to see if it came from multiple places online. This will often show you the original source of the photo if it has been stolen and is being used by someone to sell knockoffs.

MBalaska Posted 15 Jan 2015 , 7:37am
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It was a little blatant that the photo had 'acaketoremember' right on the photo.

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