My First Cake Disaster :(

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me_me1 Posted 12 Jan 2014 , 4:04am
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AReally hot Aussie summer day (44 degrees C, think that's around 110 F) and the car A/C just wasn't up to the job.

Thankfully was able to salvage the top three tiers and just keep the bottom smooshed tier in the kitchen as a cutting cake but I was soooooo upset yesterday when delivering it.

I'm not showing anyone other than fellow CCers the smooshed tier!!

At least I know what I need to do differently in these extreme weather conditions for future!!

[IMG ALT=""][/IMG]

[IMG ALT="The smooshed bottom tier :("][/IMG]

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enga Posted 12 Jan 2014 , 4:11am
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Awwww, it was so beautiful, so sorry you had to go through that. I had a similar experiences in early August last year. It still makes me ((((shudder)))) when I think about it. The whole left side just slide off. I kept it refrigerated and the trip was only 20 minutes but the heat proved to be much even with the AC blasting. The outside temp was about 92 degrees.

me_me1 Posted 12 Jan 2014 , 5:51am
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AThanks Enga. Sorry you've had a similar experience! I am rejigging my ganache ratios for the next summer wedding cake coming up in a couple of weeks to try and avoid anything like this happening again.

enga Posted 12 Jan 2014 , 7:46am
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I might follow suite, it was AB with a 2:1 ratio, I should have known better.


Good luck with future cake endeavor's :wink: 

cakealicious7 Posted 12 Jan 2014 , 11:37am
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AWow that cake is absolutely beautiful!! You can't even tell that there should have been another tier underneath that, I have to say it's one of my faves- gorgeous cake!!!

Godot Posted 12 Jan 2014 , 11:53am
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AGreat save!

-K8memphis Posted 12 Jan 2014 , 3:38pm
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memphis is neither the hottest nor the coldest place but it gets pretty dang hot here--so i deliver my cakes climate controlled --i don't rely on my car's air conditioning --i put my cakes in corrugated cardboard boxes and i often secure a blue ice pack* in there because when i tested it--an smbc iced cupcake at high noon for a couple hours direct sunlight was perfect when i took it out --and the box blew off the porch in the wind too fwiw--but anyhow that's a thought to keep the delivery from ruining your beautiful work--


*the reuseable ice packs--i wrap it with a paper towel so it absorbs the condensation and place it in a ziplock plastic bag and wire it inside the box so there's no way it can budge in there--that way there's no freaking out if i get in a traffic jam or my car breaks down  -- holds for hours


a thought for you--


beautiful beautiful cake --so sorry that happened  


remnant3333 Posted 12 Jan 2014 , 4:18pm
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Your cake is beautiful!!! You can not tell that there is a bottom layer missing. Sorry you had to go through that!! You did an awesome job on decorating the cake!!! Just about everyone has had disasters so don't feel like you are alone!!! Hang in there and learn from it all!!! Keep your faith!!!!

me_me1 Posted 12 Jan 2014 , 10:36pm
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Thanks for the kind words everyone!


K8memphis - excellent idea, I will be doing just that next cake delivery in a couple of weeks!!

-K8memphis Posted 13 Jan 2014 , 12:09am
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awesome--you are welcome--hope that helps!


my cakes are fully chilled when i seal them in there--but everyone does it different of course--

NetworkZombie Posted 13 Jan 2014 , 12:23am
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I am also from Perth, haha. Yesterday was unbearable!! All I did yesterday was baking off cakes. I really didn't want 

to risk anything! You still did an amazing job. 

me_me1 Posted 14 Jan 2014 , 5:54am
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AI had some feedback from the groom's sister, who ordered the cake. She loved it, the bride & groom loved it and everyone said how delicious and beautiful it was. How lucky to get such a lovely, understanding bunch of people!! :)

enga Posted 14 Jan 2014 , 6:09am
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Originally Posted by me_me1 

I had some feedback from the groom's sister, who ordered the cake. She loved it, the bride & groom loved it and everyone said how delicious and beautiful it was. How lucky to get such a lovely, understanding bunch of people!! icon_smile.gif

That's good to hear, It is a beautiful cake. You did an amazing job! :wink:

Bake Me Style Posted 9 Feb 2014 , 11:45pm
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I have to agree with everyone, your cake looks beautiful! You can't even tell there is suppose to be another tier!


I had a similar experience but my entire cake (it was carved to look like a 3d lipstick) collapsed.. it was horrible. And so devastating. I was just happy I didn't make it for an actual client but for a friend so I wasn't as embarrassed as I could have been. Regardless, I learned my lesson and now I know what to do when delivering cakes like that.


Xo, SK

gdesiree63 Posted 10 Feb 2014 , 3:15am
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AI think it looks beautiful still awesome job keep up the good work!!:smile:

Eachna Posted 26 Feb 2014 , 8:37pm
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That's a beautiful cake. I like the  really ruffled icing on those two tiers.


Is that a light pink Waratah on top?

me_me1 Posted 26 Feb 2014 , 11:09pm
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Thanks very much Eachna!   It's a peony on top   :)

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