Friday Night Cake Club for 1/10/14

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catlharper Posted 11 Jan 2014 , 3:43am
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Opening up the FNCC for a new session! Everyone is welcome to come talk about their week, share photos of their work, ask for help or provide help if they can! Hope to see lots of great cakes this week!



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catlharper Posted 11 Jan 2014 , 3:44am
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Hi everyone,


Just been working on party plans this week...getting things ordered and sending out the invitations for clients. Not a thing baked this week except a pizza! How's it going for everyone here?



dukeswalker Posted 11 Jan 2014 , 4:25am
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Phew! I had a hum0dinger of a cake due today.  It was a group of 10 women who have been friends since college and needed a cake to help celebrate their Girls' Weekend - This was the design I came up with: Bottom tier reflects their college days (Rhodes College, Willford Hall dorms, a few college bars/hangouts & sororities), the top reflects what the 10 women will be doing for the weekend...A group of 10 college friends, who called themselves "The Quint" were getting together for a Girls' Weekend and needed a cake to celebrate. The bottom tier reflects different parts of their college days - the brick was from the dorms they lived in at Rhodes, their sororities were represented as well as their old bars/hangouts. The top tier depicts the plan for the weekend - relaxing!


catlharper Posted 11 Jan 2014 , 4:34am
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OH MY GOSH! I love this cake SOOOO much! From the cucumbers on their eyes to the towels to the bubbles/bottle to the saying...LOVE this cake!!!

dukeswalker Posted 11 Jan 2014 , 4:48am
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Thanks so much!!!! I was a little freaked about the cake cause in my mind it felt very discombobulated but I think in the end it came together. :D

SPCOhio Posted 11 Jan 2014 , 5:23am
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AHa! I love the spa ladies!! I did my first 3D carving this week. My friend found this yellow dinosaur online and then I came here to do search for yellow dinosaurs and found another caker who had executed the same design. She offered some helpful comments so my thanks to her for helping me with this first milestone! (Her email is no longer good, but i need to PM her here for a proper thanks.).

DeniseNH Posted 11 Jan 2014 , 5:30am
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Wow!  No wonder you're exhausted.  A brilliant design.

DeniseNH Posted 11 Jan 2014 , 5:41am
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I've been wanting to do a "What the Bride Wants" and "What The Groom  Wants" , cake side by side for an upcoming show and tonight I got the grooms part done.  I found a cool stand at a larger Massachusetts antiques fair.  On top is the groom with a rifle, Field and Stream sign in the background, trusty dog by his side.  Standing on a camo cake that says She's Mine.  I decorated each fake cake in camo fabric.  I'm using it at the wedding show as an attention getter.  This should do the trick.  Next to it will be a white cake decorated in rhinestone bands .........all girly and fluffy.  :-)  Love this time of time.


auntginn Posted 11 Jan 2014 , 6:54am
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Wow what cool cakes and such creativity.  I have no cake orders this week or next up.  Even if I wanted to next week, I can't because I'm having major dental work done on friday.  Ouch!  It hurts just thinking out it.  I'm one of those dental chickens.  I will be working on another faux cake between now and next week.  I have a beautiful carriage cake base and want a photo shoot of it.  So obviously I need a cake. lol  Also will be working on my valentines day orders with lots of my lollipops.

catlharper Posted 11 Jan 2014 , 7:17am
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SPCOhio...your yellow dino is adorable! Such a happy looking guy!


I usually do demo's this time of year too but I guess I'm happy that I can't work in cake yet since I've been so busy with the party planning part of the biz. That's why it's so much fun to come here and see all that you guys are doing...even if they are mostly demo's this time of year...still fun to look at all of your wonderful work!



leilossweetshop Posted 11 Jan 2014 , 10:14am
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AHey ladies! [@]dukeswalker[/@]your cake looks amazing! Cant wait until im at that level of my cake decorating! [@]SPCOhio[/@]your 3d dinosaur is soooo cute! [@]DeniseNH[/@] that grooms cake is awesome! It will surely grab attention at the wedding show!

This week, after having my first Wilton class, I decide to exercise the technique I learned in butter cream and I made a football cake! It took a while and my cake shape was a little off and the lines of the football were a little crooked. Otherwise, I was pretty darn proud of myself at how it came out! [IMG][/IMG]

leilossweetshop Posted 11 Jan 2014 , 10:34am
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AThanks [@]MBalaska[/@] I appreciate that! Practice makes perfect and this looks so much better than last week's cake, lol

MBalaska Posted 11 Jan 2014 , 10:36am
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That's a great attitude. ;-D

cazza1 Posted 11 Jan 2014 , 11:03am
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Hi Guys, great cakes.  Denise I think your cake is spectacular.  It is sooo different.

leilossweetshop  stick with it.  You have the right attitude to do well.


I don't seem to be getting anywhere.  Started some practice roses at new year but we seem to be rolling from one family crisis to another.  Thought I would get some more petals on today but when I finally got a quiet moment with my mind in the right place the temperature had shot up to 47C so I gave up after 3.  Made a passsionfruit mud cake with the recipe that Chelle gave me and it smelt divine while it was cooking.  Will ganache it tomorrow if the temp drops enough for the ganache to set overnight.  Then not sure what I will do but I will try and decorate it somehow.  I need SOME sanity in my life.


How are those fingers going Kat.  I hope they are getting better.

catlharper Posted 11 Jan 2014 , 6:42pm
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As's fun to come in on Saturday morning and see what you guys posted while I was sleeping! 


Leilo! Perfect for this week of Playoffs! Did you have fun in class? 


MB...your reply to Leilo had me rolling this morning! LOL! And I love your NYE cake..I never would have thought of Pink but it's just beautiful! I have to make sure to push myself out of the standard envelope and you guys keep reminding me to do so! you guys are BROILING down there! UGH. I can't stand heat. I'm a "moderate" girl right down the line. Where I live in California the summers are way too hot for me. We are hoping to move by the sea once our son is done with middle school...not this summer but next. BUT, having said that, I'm thankful for air conditioning...I'm gathering you don't have it?


On the fingers front...the bone has healed but I have all sorts of nerve damage that will be around for several months to come. I'm just dealing with it. I move to a compression bandage this week which will get me use to moving the fingers again but still protect it. Fortunately party planning is sucking away my time so I'm keeping busy, just not with cakes yet. You guys will see my first cake week after next because we have a little family celebration. Then the client cakes begin. 


Today I'm making tamales for the first time ever! LOL! Yup...I'm crazy like that. My younger daughter and my niece are coming over and we are going to give it a try! I get to see our grandson in just under an hour from now and am always giddy whenever one of the grandkids comes to visit! It's supposed to rain today (and I really hope it does...we need rain very badly) so perfect weather for a "hang out at home" day.


Hope you all are having a wonderful weekend!



SPCOhio Posted 11 Jan 2014 , 9:00pm
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ADenise, what a good idea! That cake would be pretty popular amongst my family. :)

cazza1 Posted 11 Jan 2014 , 10:46pm
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Hi Cat, yes I do have airconditioning but I rarely ever turn it on.  I have a very big house and there is only one large vent in the family room so it does not really reach down to the cake room and I could not be bothered shifting stuff.  My house was designed by an architect to live in so he put a lot of thought in to things.  If I close the house up (Curtains etc) in the morning it will stay at about 28C inside.  I then throw all the windows open when the afternoon sea breeze comes in (I live across the road from the beach) and that cools things back down again.  We do not get a lot of days like yesterday where the wind continues to come from the east rather than switching around to the South.

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