Does any one know what this cool tool is called and where to get one????

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aquariuscook Posted 5 Jan 2014 , 7:40pm
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Hi all Im a horrible stacker/leveler the adjustable cake ring in this video is so cool but in 28 yrs ive never seen one any ideas where to get one?

she uses it at the 2:10 mark



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ApplegumPam Posted 5 Jan 2014 , 8:01pm
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I find typing what you are looking for into a Google Search a good place to start

ApplegumPam Posted 5 Jan 2014 , 8:03pm
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But then again, maybe your intention was to direct traffic to the youtube video???????

Godot Posted 5 Jan 2014 , 8:15pm
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Original message sent by ApplegumPam

But then again, maybe your intention was to direct traffic to the youtube video???????

That's my sis!

aquariuscook Posted 6 Jan 2014 , 2:17pm
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AAre you for real? Get bent i have less than zero to do w that video.

aquariuscook Posted 6 Jan 2014 , 2:18pm
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AThanks for the link tho thats awesome i didnt know what it was called. So i never even searched

as you wish Posted 6 Jan 2014 , 2:31pm
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AReally? "Get bent" seems to you like an appropriate response?

aquariuscook Posted 6 Jan 2014 , 2:38pm
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AGet bent was as nice as i could be after being accused of doing something i didnt do. ( the videos not even in english for christs sake) The real question is who goes around making accusations like that? And as i pride my mself on being brutally honest yup. And not for anything the Google search produced no results that werent in UK or AU.

shanter Posted 6 Jan 2014 , 7:52pm
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You had the search term in you original post. Sometimes you just have to try to search for what you think it is.


This is the first result in a regular Google search:


If you don't say where you are, we don't know if US, AU, or UK is appropriate. I thought "get bent" was a UK derogative.


Good luck.

ResonanceCCD Posted 6 Jan 2014 , 8:08pm
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It is called an adjustable ring mold.

Annie8 Posted 6 Jan 2014 , 8:27pm
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While telling someone to get bent isn't appropriate, neither is accusing someone of directing traffic to a youtube video on purpose when they ask a question.

cakegrandma Posted 6 Jan 2014 , 9:25pm
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Actually Resonance it is not called an adjustable ring. The item she was looking for is used to level cakes.  I think an 8" one is the largest it can contain, as far as I remember.  It has a sharp knife and you use it to cut all the way thru the layer and since the knife is longer than 8" it will stay straight all the way thru to the other side.  When done you lift the metal circle and it also had a cake lifter. It is round, has a handle and actually quite handy. I believe this was invented by a Mr. Zenker who for many years had a cake show in Chicago.  He was about the first that use melted sugar to form things and he also did hats out of them for cake shows.  His work is truly beautiful.

aquariuscook Posted 6 Jan 2014 , 9:40pm
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AIm sorry im from NY and am generally foul mouthed from spending 28 yrs in a professional e kitchen"get bent" is the equivalent of a tsk tsk. No biggie. Thanks for the info on the tool.

hbquikcomjamesl Posted 6 Jan 2014 , 10:48pm
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Why do I get the feeling that you're fluent in
Army Creole?


At any rate, I'm sure we ALL have had situations where we're too close to a problem to even know what query to give Google. I know I have. On more than one occasion. And when I'm really stumped on something, I'll post a query to a List or a Board FIRST, and try to find it myself while I wait for responses.


At least nobody posted that ultimate insult, a link to LMGTFY.

doramoreno62 Posted 6 Jan 2014 , 11:07pm
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On another note, you can get the same results by stacking and filing your cake in the same pan you baked it in. Put a parchment circle on the bottom of the pan. after stacking and filing, freeze it for a few hours. Then unmold by running a sharp knife around the edge and turn onto your cake circle. You will get the same results.

SystemMod1 Posted 6 Jan 2014 , 11:47pm
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This thread has apparently done more then get bent, it ran way off course.  Thank you for your participation.

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