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pixiefuncakes Posted 1 Jan 2014 , 6:33am
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My family and I are planning a trip to the UK next June/July (traveling from Australia)  and I want to start researching any must see's.  We will be visiting Scotland predominantly but will spend some time in London and hopefully Paris as well.


Any suggestions please?

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Godot Posted 1 Jan 2014 , 7:58am
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AHow long will you be here?

pixiefuncakes Posted 1 Jan 2014 , 8:56am
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Probably a couple of weeks in Scotland, then a few days in London and Paris

debcons Posted 1 Jan 2014 , 12:11pm
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AIf it's a short visit and time is limited I would hop on andd off city bus tours and you get to see a lot o london in one trip, then pick specific must sees and hop off at these can get good deals on th internet.

pixiefuncakes Posted 2 Jan 2014 , 2:38am
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Thank you, I actually was thinking cake oriented things, as in shops etc.  I don't think I made myself very clear.  doh!

Snowflakebunny23 Posted 2 Jan 2014 , 2:43pm
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Hmmm, I don't know about any shops specifically (I don't live in London and tend to buy online) but a lot of our celebrity/famous bakers have shops and cafes which you can visit and buy cakes from.  I am planning a 'cake pilgrimage' with a friend into London to go around them all when I have time!


If you have time and can venture a bit out of the city, you could go and visit Squires Kitchen?  They both run courses and have a large range of products in a shop... Hope you have a lovely time :-)

debcons Posted 2 Jan 2014 , 5:44pm
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30 Google reviews 30-32 Foubert's Pl, Carnaby, London Great place to see

pixiefuncakes Posted 3 Jan 2014 , 10:20am
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Oooooh thank you both so much.  Snowflakebunny, I'm a bit vague on names of London bakers, I know Peggy Porchen has a shop and I think Zoe Clark, any others you can think of.


I really appreciate the advice.

Snowflakebunny23 Posted 3 Jan 2014 , 10:30am
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I'd say the main ones are Peggy Porchen and Zoe Clark (the Cake Parlour), then Choccywoccydoodah as Debcons said, maybe also The Hummingbird Bakery (they have a few coffee shops so best check the website to see which is most convenient).  I would love Mich Turner of The Little Venice Cake Company to open one but so far, no such luck.  She does do courses though if you have the time (and money!) to spend :-)


Not sure if any other UK-ers can think of any others?


Relznik Posted 3 Jan 2014 , 12:56pm
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I've yet to hear anything good about Choccywoccydoodah!  8-O

Snowflakebunny23 Posted 3 Jan 2014 , 7:34pm
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AI've heard mixed things...hence the need to do extensive research (testing) for myself ;-). That said, even if you don't like the style, you have to appreciate the work that does into the window displays...

cupcakemaker Posted 3 Jan 2014 , 8:18pm
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AI think Jane Asher has a shop?

Snowflakebunny23 Posted 4 Jan 2014 , 5:15pm
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AThat's the same feedback as what I've heard as well. I have always been surprised at how far in advance they seem to be made on the tv show.

£400+ for a consultation!!?? That is one epic deposit! *trying to find a smiley which imply a a suitable level of jaw dropping-ness*. Can I ask if it is common for people to charge for consultations in London? I have yet to meet anyone around my area who charges for a first meeting but have read a lot about it here on CC X

scrumdiddlycakes Posted 4 Jan 2014 , 5:55pm
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AMaison Bertaux in Soho. I can't remember the exact address, but its on Greek street, Can't miss it.

pixiefuncakes Posted 5 Jan 2014 , 7:50am
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Thank you

Croxholden Posted 5 Jan 2014 , 8:09am
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AI visited Squires Kitchen in Farnham, Surry on the way to Gatwick on our last day before flying home to Aus. Bea's of Bloomsbury is worth a visit.

Relznik Posted 6 Jan 2014 , 12:28am
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Oooh, what about Eric Lanlard's shop?  That's supposed to be lovely (not been myself)



Konditor and Cook are worth a look, too....



And, again, I've not been, but the cake looks lovely!!

Babbo Posted 6 Jan 2014 , 11:38am
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I've also heard that Choccywoccydoodah can produce dry cakes and that cutting them ends up being a complete mess!

pixiefuncakes Posted 6 Jan 2014 , 10:02pm
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Oh my goodness so many to look at - ah well who needs to see the palace?


I think Choccywoccydoodah is a definite, just for the name alone, it makes me giggle. I've just struggled through making a chocolate cake decorated with chocolates in a QLD heatwave, so my respect of anyone who deals with chocolate is sky high at the moment!

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