Advice Needed About Keeping Sponge Fresh Please!

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SamC23 Posted 4 Dec 2013 , 2:18pm
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AHi all,

I'm new to cake decorating (absolutely loving it!!) and I have a question that I can't seem to find an answer to! I can find stuff relating to similar questions but not my specific question so sorry if this has been asked a thousand times but I can't find the answer and I need some help!

I have to make a rainbow layer cake for Saturday. My first question is can I make the sponges today (Wednesday) then stack and crumb coat tomorrow and then finish on Friday? Should I use a shortening buttercream?

Second question is, am I best to use ganache for the final coating or stick with buttercream?

Thank you so much for any help or advice that anyone can offer, it's very much appreciated :) xx

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mfeagan Posted 4 Dec 2013 , 4:12pm
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Hi Sam! Welcome to the cake world!!


You should be fine to bake your cakes now as long as you wrap them really well with plastic wrap. I know rainbow cakes are pretty high. It may be the easiest to put them in the freezer tonight so the layers hold together well while you're frosting them. 


If you're worried about the cake being dry by Saturday, brush a bit of simple syrup over them with a pastry brush before wrapping. It will ensure they don't dry out. 


You can use whatever buttercream you want. I rarely use shortening in mine…I use mostly all butter. The only time I add shortening is in the summer when it's really hot here. It helps to stabilize it. But really, whatever you prefer will be fine!


Ganache or buttercream will be perfectly fine for your final coating. It really depends on the taste you are going for as well as the final appearance. :) 

SamC23 Posted 4 Dec 2013 , 4:18pm
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AThank you so much mfeagan! Your reply and advice are very much appreciated.

Sorry for another question but with regards to freezing the layers - do I freeze them tonight when cold and then stack and fill them straight from the freezer? Sorry if that is a totally obvious question, I am still learning....everything!!

Thanks again, so much :) x

mfeagan Posted 4 Dec 2013 , 4:24pm
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Not a problem!


That's what I do about freezing and stacking. I actually like decorating frozen or really cold cakes. They don't crumb as much either. 


If you use ganache, I would let the cake come back up to room temp or refrigerator temp before coating the whole thing with it, but buttercream will be just fine going over a frozen cake.


With cakes, it's really trial and error! You learn from your mistakes. You learn what works for you and what doesn't. In my personal opinion, there are no right or wrong ways to do something with cake…something many will disagree with. I think there are better ways than others to come to the final product, but you'll figure it out along the way!


One great blog and YouTube channel to use is Woodland Bakery.

Gretchen Price is AMAZING and shares her recipes and shows how to make them. She also gives great tips if you sign up to be a Woodie Insider. haha! If you are a beginner to baking or a seasoned professional, there is always something to learn from her. She went to the Culinary Institute of America. A place I dreamed of when I was in high school! Too much $$$$$$ for me! 



SamC23 Posted 4 Dec 2013 , 4:46pm
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AMfeagan, thank you so much again!

I actually totally agree with you about the no right or wrong ways!!

I'll check out Woodland Bakery on youtube and sign up to be a Woodie Insider too! :)

I'm going to bake the cakes tonight and then I figure if it goes wrong then I can re-bake tomorrow evening!!!! Oh me of little faith!

Thanks again for all your help and advice, I'm going to go for it! :)))

mfeagan Posted 4 Dec 2013 , 5:41pm
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Just do it!!! I'm sure everything will be just fine! 


OH! Quick tip. Put parchment paper in the bottom of your pans. It will help them not to stick. If you're OCD like me, line the sides with it too. Ne'er a cake disaster! :)


Let us know how your first cake turns out!

SamC23 Posted 6 Dec 2013 , 7:12pm
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Made my first lot if SMBC too! Didn't have much vanilla left (that didn't have tiny seeds in it) but it tasted amazing without what the recipe called for!

The lady came to collect her cake just now as she was in the area and although I'm glad it's done and gone, I sure want to make more rainbow cakes! What fun!!!

I kind of freestyled with the layers in the end as I preferred the shades of some and wanted to make the cake taller! Have asked for feedback anyway - regardless of what it is!

Thank you so much for your help and advice, I will post a photo ASAP :)

mfeagan Posted 7 Dec 2013 , 5:01pm
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Awesome! So glad it turned out well for you! Can't wait to see the picture when you're able to post it. I'm sure your customer will absolutely LOVE your cake! The best part of a rainbow cake is cutting into one! They look so cool! :) 

SamC23 Posted 15 Dec 2013 , 8:56am
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ASo here is the picture of my first ever rainbow layer cake!! You can see that there are some gaps in the filling (learnt from that one!) and I personally wouldn't have had so many layers but it's what the customer wanted!

SamC23 Posted 15 Dec 2013 , 8:59am
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ACan't upload pic :(

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