What Is Your Favorit Cupcake Tower, And Where Did You Buy?

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shannycakers Posted 21 Nov 2013 , 3:55pm
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Im looking to invest in my second cupcake tower for wedding. I have looked on amazon and etsy, and see various ones, on amazon they dont get great reviews. Anyone love there tower? and where did you get it?


Im looking at wooden ones and acrylic, 4 to 7 tiers..thanks!

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Relznik Posted 21 Nov 2013 , 4:12pm
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I love my 'maypole' stand, as there aren't any supports that get in the way.


I have the 7 tie one.

shannycakers Posted 21 Nov 2013 , 4:59pm
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thank you for responding! I saw that marpole one online and was wondering about it. Some reviews say the screws are hard to get in and dont match up? Can you reduce the size of the 7 tiers if you just need 4 or 5 tiers? also how hard it it to assemble each time?


Relznik Posted 21 Nov 2013 , 11:21pm
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The maypole stand from Classikool is SO easy to assemble...  I can't see how one can't get them to screw in.



Yes, you can have any combination of the tiers you want. 


I totally love mine...  here are some pics with different numbers of plates:



http://www.patacake-parties.com/Cupcakes-Cookies/files/page4-1010-full.html  - 6 plates


http://www.patacake-parties.com/Cupcakes-Cookies/files/page4-1005-full.html - 5 plates


http://www.patacake-parties.com/Cupcakes-Cookies/files/page4-1018-full.html - 4 plates


http://www.patacake-parties.com/Cupcakes-Cookies/files/page4-1020-full.html - 3 plates



leah_s Posted 22 Nov 2013 , 1:09am
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I have one from Classikool, but its has an X support for each tier.  Would NOT recommend it.

Relznik Posted 22 Nov 2013 , 9:57am
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Originally Posted by leah_s 

I have one from Classikool, but its has an X support for each tier.  Would NOT recommend it.

The maypole stand doesn't Leah.


That's the whole point of the maypole....


Here's a 'naked' 3 tier maypole...  http://www.classikool.com/3-tier-maypole-cup-cake-stand.html

leah_s Posted 22 Nov 2013 , 10:20am
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AYes, I know. I have the other one.

sewlo Posted 24 Nov 2013 , 5:12pm
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I own one from the Cupcake Tower (www.thecupcaketower.com).  I have the bundle, so I can use it for small orders or big orders.  I had some issues with shipping (both the company and FedEx's fault) and the owner called me personally to work things out. 

shannycakers Posted 25 Nov 2013 , 3:27pm
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thanks everyone, I will definitely check these out! and a special thanks for the photos!! that helped alot!

cakecupboard Posted 10 Feb 2014 , 4:10pm
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I love the one my friend has! She made it and it is the best! easy to assemble and we just cover it with different clothe, ribbon, or paper to match our themes, or leave white. It takes a little time, but by making your own, you can get it to be whatever size, shape, etc that you need. we googled plans.

jenny2476 Posted 21 Feb 2014 , 1:39am
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My boyfriend is a custom cabinet maker/carpenter and he made me one.  Up to 6 LARGE tiers and can hold more than 300 cupcakes with all 5 tiers.  It's wooden with white laquer paint so it can be wiped clean and doesn't stain.  I use glue dots to hold ribbon around the edges so I can use a different colour for each event.  All my customers have loved it so far and I adore it! I can post the sizes and such if anyone wants to make one.


*ignore the cake on top - someone's grandma made it LOL


MUDDY828 Posted 27 Feb 2014 , 7:56pm
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I did this one very inexpensively, I know it's only two tiers but with some imagination you can make your own to do as many or few cupcakes as you like. This took like three minutes


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