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ShandiKakes Posted 21 Nov 2013 , 2:25pm
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Ugh.  As mentioned in a previous thread, I am a medical transcriptionist and I'm basically working for pennies, and at times, making absolutely nothing.  It's production-based pay so in times like right now when there is no work, I have to sit here and wait for it to trickle in and not get paid for my time.  It's just so frustrating.  I am getting ready to start the process to get licensed in my area for a home bakery but am waiting for the first of the year to keep from paying the prorated fees for this year then have it due again at the first of the year.


I just don't know what to do with myself and I'm just going stir crazy sitting here waiting for something to do.  I hate being in limbo! haha.  Sorry to rant, just had to get that out.  Looking forward to the first of the year!

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scorpio1966 Posted 21 Nov 2013 , 3:19pm
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Why not make flowers for cakes or try some figures ...when I have slow time I like to experiment with new decorations.....

-K8memphis Posted 21 Nov 2013 , 3:36pm
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what about do a gingerbread something--gingerbread kinda makes everything better and it's very patient--you can make it now and eat it in february--i usually decorate with white chocolate-- and one time i was out of ginger (grrr) so i subbed in some cayenne--wow it was such a clean soft heat where ginger gets kind of sharp--just a gingery thought for you ~~


gingerbreaad avatar.jpg


avatar tree.jpg


the trees are quite tall 8-10" can't remember -- but they ship well too for gifting--they lay flat to ship--this year i'm gonna cut foam containers to cradle them & ship them in--


and i made the tree cutter--just tons of fun-- i wanna try & make some bigger ones too--


hope you can find a good past time to hold you over--and just watch as soon as you get fully vested in it--all immersed and the creative juices are bubbling over--you'll get slammed with work


*:-)/\:-) high five



ShandiKakes Posted 21 Nov 2013 , 4:43pm
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ARight? Always! Haha. I love this site. Everyone is so nice :). I just got an email saying my acct went "global" which means it's off to India. Great. Now another new acct which means making even less money. :/

-K8memphis Posted 21 Nov 2013 , 4:49pm
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sorry to hear that--bum bum bummer--



yeah, make some gingerbread--the smell alone is aromatherapy!


bake something quick ;)

ShandiKakes Posted 21 Nov 2013 , 5:55pm
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Originally Posted by -K8memphis 

sorry to hear that--bum bum bummer--



yeah, make some gingerbread--the smell alone is aromatherapy!


bake something quick ;)


MBalaska Posted 22 Nov 2013 , 1:35am
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K8memphis: Woa -  your gingerbread 3d creations are nice. You did all that scroll hand piping.  well done!

I saw those on the ********** website and they looked really difficult. How in the world do they last so long??

-K8memphis Posted 22 Nov 2013 , 4:28pm
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thank you mbalaska--


i ♥ to pipe -- piping is the funnest


i have baked off the pieces for the rialto bridge in venice -- twice -- it's really big -- 30 " or more and i've never fully assembled it because i'm the sort of decorator that decorates to the occasion or to the person it's intended for--i'm not an exhibit decorator--and i didn't have anywhere to place it so i lost interest and the pieces just sat there --my husband forages nightly to satisfy his sweet tooth and it took him months to eat it all--it holds it's flavor well ;)


it's just a toothy chewy wonderful thing especially when you're jonesing :grin: 

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