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Susan_cakes Posted 17 Nov 2013 , 7:13pm
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Hi all,

I have a request for a shirt cake with a bow tie. The bow tie needs one of these 3 patterns. I have seen tutorials for stripes going one way on a bow, but not two directions. I worry about the lines being too distorted. The white dotted one might not be too hard, but how to make dots so tiny! Would any of you lovely creative people have any ideas how to obtain one of these patterns? I assume the pattern needs to be on the bow before I form it. This cake is for a bow tie aficionado, so I really want it to be right. Thanks so much for any help you might offer.

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Bakers Crush Posted 17 Nov 2013 , 7:18pm
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AAt first though i wanted to say use edible print but alot of times it rips or cracks on me when trying to shape it. You can try it but beware. To be safe you can paint it on or even use edible markers to draw. I ike the red one snd that one i would just usr fondant to make lines.

Susan_cakes Posted 27 Nov 2013 , 9:54pm
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Thanks for your reply Bakers Crush!

I did a run, of the red one, with fondant stripes. Still not sure if I like it. I think I will give the colored sheets a try next. I haven't used them before. So Im curious to see how they bend with the bow                    Thanks Again!

costumeczar Posted 27 Nov 2013 , 11:52pm
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I know exactly how to do that using different colors of gumpaste, but it would be really difficult to explain and not show. I've been messing around with making patterened sheets of gumspte and it would work, but to be honest it would be a lot easier to just draw the dots on if that's the pattern you want to do.


To do the plaid you'd do the patterned gumpaste, but it would probably work better to use candy clay. When is this cake due? I did one blog entry about the basic way to do the patterning and I was going to do one on how to make plaids, but that wouldn't be until next week.

Susan_cakes Posted 28 Nov 2013 , 2:01am
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Thanks so much for your suggestions. This order is not due until December 12. I will have a look at your blog for the entry on basic patterning. I look forward to seeing your entry on making plaid gumpaste. The issue I ran into with fondant, is the stripes don't blend well with the base of the red. The stripes tend to  distort. Then comes the issue of trying to form the bow after the stripes are applied. I have attached a photo. I will try the gumpaste next!


Thank you so much! :)




costumeczar Posted 28 Nov 2013 , 3:18am
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AIt's a little tricky, but i'll post back here when i put the post up. Yours doesn't look bad, though.

Bakers Crush Posted 28 Nov 2013 , 4:08am
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Ait doesnt look bad its really good. Maybe the reason your not happy with it is because the stripes dont match exactly. The lighter lines are too thick and have one too many stripes amd the dark lines should be double striped closer together. But still looks great.

daprincessnora Posted 28 Nov 2013 , 4:31am
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AIn lindy smith book she would put the pattern pieces on top of the fondant and press over with rolling pin that way they will blend like if its one sheet and wont strip but u better make them smaller than the desired size and close to each other as they tend to expand after Rolling over

costumeczar Posted 28 Nov 2013 , 4:32pm
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Originally Posted by daprincessnora 

In lindy smith book she would put the pattern pieces on top of the fondant and press over with rolling pin that way they will blend like if its one sheet and wont strip but u better make them smaller than the desired size and close to each other as they tend to expand after Rolling over

That's basically how you do it. Geraldine Dahlke has a book about patterned pastes and they all use a backing paste to keep things together.

Susan_cakes Posted 28 Nov 2013 , 5:05pm
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Awesome! Thanks everyone, for your help!

costumeczar Posted 2 Dec 2013 , 7:58pm
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Here's the blog post...I was making no effort to be neat with this, but if you actually put effort into it to keep the stripes straight you can get a decent plaid.

Susan_cakes Posted 2 Dec 2013 , 9:16pm
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 Wow thank you ever so much! I really appreciate your time and effort to help me out! That is such a great idea. I am sure there will be other decorators that find this helpful, too.

Now to see if I can pull it off! fingers crossed!

costumeczar Posted 2 Dec 2013 , 11:46pm
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If you can't get the block method to work, just roll it out and cut the pieces into the shapes that you need and add them to the backing paste. The block method is a good way to get a lot of repeats without a lot of measuring, but it can be hard to cut through without stretching the pattern unless you use one of those long razor blades.

Susan_cakes Posted 3 Dec 2013 , 12:03am
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consider yourself hugged!   Thank you :D

Bakers Crush Posted 3 Dec 2013 , 4:32am
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AThat is pretty cool.

Susan_cakes Posted 17 Dec 2013 , 11:38pm
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Here is the bow tie cake that costumeczar helped me figure out how to make. I will need more practice on cutting from the block to apply to an underlayment. It ended up being a bit thicker than I wanted. But, with practice I hope to do better. Thanks, for your help!





MBalaska Posted 17 Dec 2013 , 11:44pm
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Susan Your bow tie is fabulous!  that shirt is well done :grin:

FlourPots Posted 17 Dec 2013 , 11:54pm
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Wow...that looks great!!

costumeczar Posted 18 Dec 2013 , 1:20am
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AGood job cutting the block without bending the pattern! That's the hardest part and it looks good.

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