Please Help! Looking for fudge recipes :)

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SweetSinsationz Posted 11 Nov 2013 , 1:05pm
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my grandma LOVES fudge! and I wanted to make her a basket of homemade fudge for Christmas. I'd love some tried, favorite recipes if you guys happen to have any. her absolute favorite is maple, but I'm open to any that you may have :)


thanks so much in advance :)

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mfeagan Posted 11 Nov 2013 , 1:12pm
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My favorite recipe is like "dumb easy"! haha!! I'm sure some people on here would scoff at what I do, but I have been making it for YEARS this way!!! It has a similar taste and consistency to the fudge you can get at the beach shops. YUM! It's not overly sweet like the fudges that have pounds and pounds of sugar and marshmallow cream in it. 


3 cups semi-sweet chocolate chips​


1 (14 oz.) can sweetened condensed milk


Dash salt


1 1/2 teaspoons vanilla extract


Microwave the chocolate chips and condensed milk at 45 second intervals until completely melted and immediately add the salt and vanilla and combine. Quickly turn out into foil or waxed paper lined 8x8 pan and press down. Refrigerate until firm. 


I usually double or triple the recipe, add peanut butter, use different flavor chips, throw in Andes Candies, nuts, you name it! It's is fool proof!!

liz at sugar Posted 11 Nov 2013 , 1:25pm
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I use Alton Brown's Chocolate Fudge recipe.  You can find it on the Food Network.  It is an "old fashioned" fudge - cook to 234-236, let cool undisturbed, beat once it gets down to about 120.  I use an unlined copper pot (like a sugar pot) which allows even heating and no scorching.  I cut the chocolate to 2 to 2.5 ounces instead of 4.


For maple, remove chocolate, add 1 c. maple syrup and reduce sugar to 2 cups.  Add the optional walnuts if you like nuts. :)



remnant3333 Posted 11 Nov 2013 , 2:05pm
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Mfeagan, Thank you for such an easy fudge recipe. Years ago, I tried making fudge and I must have threw out every batch. This looks like a fool proof way and sounds super easy and like you said is not as sweet!!! I appreciate this recipe very much!!! Thanks, I am going to make my son some fudge because he loves it too but I always had to buy it. Fantastic!!!!

SweetSinsationz Posted 11 Nov 2013 , 2:35pm
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wow thanks so much guys!! btw, what are andes candies??

kimmisue2009 Posted 13 Nov 2013 , 9:29pm
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This will get me remanded to the cheap seats, but what the heck. The only fudge I have ever had consistent luck with is Fantasy Fudge - the recipe on the back of marshmallow creme.  Nothing else tastes like fudge to me anymore.

rjcakes Posted 14 Nov 2013 , 4:27pm
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FYI - Lorann oils has an awesome recipe for maple fudge on their website - I've made it tons of times - it's made with white chocolate.

Good luck!

MBalaska Posted 15 Nov 2013 , 12:05am
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Yup, that's pretty much the same.......just gained 5 lbs. reading the recipe.


Maple-Nut Fudge  Lorann recipe


3 cups sugar

1 5-oz can evaporated milk

3/4 cup butter (1 1/2 sticks)

12-oz. Vanilla Flavored Candy Wafers

1 1/2 cups marshmallow crème

1/2 teaspoon LorAnn Canadian Maple Flavor (or 1 tsp. Maple, Natural)

1/2 cup pecans or other nuts, chopped



Line 9 x 13 inch pan with foil.

Combine sugar, milk, and butter in large, heavy saucepan. Heat to boiling, stirring constantly, until soft-ball stage (234°F). Remove from heat. Add vanilla flavored wafers and marshmallow and stir until melted. Stir in flavoring and then nuts.

Pour into prepared pan. Cool at least 4 hours and cut into squares.

mfeagan Posted 15 Nov 2013 , 8:26pm
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kimmisue2009 Posted 15 Nov 2013 , 9:21pm
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That's terrible! I must be getting old, because I do not love those kinds of changes. But it's suuuuuuper easy. In a saucepan, over medium heat, bring 3 cups of sugar, 3/4 cups of butter (or margarine) and 2/3 cup of evaporated milk to a boil, stirring constantly for about five minutes.  Remove from heat and stir in 12 ounces chocolate chips until melted.  Then stir in the marshmallow creme, one teaspoon of vanilla, and a cup or so of nuts (pecans, walnuts, or none if you have picky kids like mine).  Pour into a greased 9 x 13.  Hide from husband until set.  You can't mess it up.  I have experimented with milk, dark, and white chocolate over the years. Always great.

MBalaska Posted 15 Nov 2013 , 9:32pm
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SweetSinsationz:    KimmiSue2009 just posted it.      fantasy fudge 

where she says 'marshmallow creme' it's one 7 oz. tub.

kimmisue2009 Posted 15 Nov 2013 , 9:35pm
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Ooops!  My bad.  And I'm a tech writer by day, so that's really sloppy on my part!

MBalaska Posted 15 Nov 2013 , 9:51pm
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I'm an just kidding    :lol:


I've got a couple of tubs in the cupboard and have made tons of this recipe.  love it!

Sadly I tried making coconut almond fudge once.  It was the only failure I've had.  The coconut seemed to soak up the moisture and the almond slices were like little knives in the fudge.  It all simply fell apart in you fingers.   so don't go there.

kimmisue2009 Posted 15 Nov 2013 , 9:55pm
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Where I live the humidity can kill ya when it comes to consistency.  I've had things never firm up and I've had them be too crumbly (although I've never experienced the little almond knives).  Both failures are great over ice cream. :)

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