Mason Jar Cupcakes

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cole10 Posted 17 Oct 2013 , 10:26am
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Thinking about doing some mason jar cupcakes for a co-workers Bday. Any insight on these? Never used the jars before. What do you do with the jars afterwards, do you ask for them back? Any info would be greatly appreciated!! thanks

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SecretAgentCakeBaker Posted 17 Oct 2013 , 12:39pm
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AMost likely if you are serving these at work, most people will eat it and leave the jar. You might want to put a box out so people can put the used jars. There will always be people that will want to take some home, so if you really need your jars back, keep in mind you probably won't get them all back. If they are not all eaten at the office, there will be people that will take the leftovers home without asking.

If cost is an issue, you could do the really small jars. That would be enough for a cupcake. Not as grand as a taller jar, but...

MimiFix Posted 17 Oct 2013 , 1:34pm
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I agree with SecretAgentCakeBaker. If you serve them in jars, some people will assume the jar belongs to them. Can you use clear plastic cups? If you want to keep the jars, use decorative cups or bowls from a party store. Dollar Stores also have cheap individual cups/bowls. 
cakestomuch Posted 18 Oct 2013 , 6:51am
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AI saw this on Shark Tank. They sell them so they don't get the jars back.

cole10 Posted 18 Oct 2013 , 11:41am
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AThanks. It was just a thought, something different. I'll try and make a decision this weekend. :)

gscout73 Posted 18 Oct 2013 , 12:01pm
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The cupcake in a jar is not new. These are mini trifles and have been around for generations: Cake layered with filings in a clear glass bowl.

dawnybird Posted 18 Oct 2013 , 4:31pm
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I love the idea of treats in a jar. Don't ask me why! It just seems so darn cute! I once made pies in a jar. I used the little 4 oz. wide mouth jars. They were not all that expensive. I think you should go for it. I think everyone will get a kick out of it. Even though the idea is not new, I'll bet most of the people you work with will not have seen them or had them before.

-K8memphis Posted 18 Oct 2013 , 4:39pm
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i've been baking treats for me & my husband in itty bitty  mason jars--but so far i've used a water bath--but i mean they can go into pressure cookers and should be fine just as is in the oven w/o the water bath doncha think--of course i'd test it first--if you even meant baking in them ;)


it's a cute idea--it's fun to eat out of them

CakeChemistry Posted 25 Oct 2013 , 10:04am
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AI'd want my jars back but that's because I like to collect stuff and line them up and look at them. My husband calls me rain man.

docofthedead Posted 28 Oct 2013 , 8:22am
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AI have sent these to my husband several times throughout his deployments. The last ones I sent were orange creamsicle, with a can of that frosting you mix flavors into. He would walk into his office and there would be somebody sitting at his desk with a mouthful of cake. I used the really small jars and made s'mores for our son. Those were a big hit, but he's stingy with his goodies. It was quite pratical doing it this way since in the past with baked goods we were at the mercy of the USPS


tazmycat Posted 28 Oct 2013 , 1:30pm
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OK,  I'm confused.  Are you actually baking the cupcake in the jar, or putting it in w/ frosting after baking?

SecretAgentCakeBaker Posted 28 Oct 2013 , 1:35pm
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AYou can do it either way.

hbquikcomjamesl Posted 28 Oct 2013 , 3:43pm
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How does one get it out of the jar, to eat it, without having to smash the glass? Let's face it, broken glass is not "Good Eats."

SecretAgentCakeBaker Posted 28 Oct 2013 , 3:55pm
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AEat it with a spoon or fork.

Sassyzan Posted 28 Oct 2013 , 4:08pm
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Original message sent by hbquikcomjamesl

How does one get it out of the jar, to eat it, without having to smash the glass? Let's face it, broken glass is not "Good Eats."

They are only available to people with anteater tongues.

cole10 Posted 29 Oct 2013 , 12:27am
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I actually sell these.. the 4oz jar are cute as pie.. and it fits perfectly 1 cupcake.. with frosting. the 8oz jars fits 2 cupcakez.  my customers keep the jars cause they paid for it.. But what i do is use a label on my jar.. with my logo.. (constant reminder) I just found a place that will affordable customize the jar with my logo i'm considering doing that.. but I have to figure the amount on that.. ---

Awesome! That's smart! I may try that if I do more cupcakes. Thanks!

gscout73 Posted 30 Oct 2013 , 5:49am
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docofthedead Posted 2 Nov 2013 , 1:17am
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AI baked them in the jars. I put them on a cookie sheet before i baked them. I would do one as a test just to make sure you use the correct amount of batter. Make sure to put the lids on right away so they seal tight. Tell your friend thankks for being one of "The Silent Ranks" :USA:.

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