xnataliesx Posted 29 Sep 2013 , 7:08pm

ADoes anyone have any ideas or links to tutorials on how I can make these flowers? I'd love to get the leaves falling over the cake like they are here. They look so realistic

[ATTACHMENT=1306]image.jpg (153k. jpg file)[/ATTACHMENT]

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cakealicious7 Posted 29 Sep 2013 , 7:20pm

AHi :-) there are alot of videos on Youtube that help with how to make flowers- they are very informative.

xnataliesx Posted 30 Sep 2013 , 5:53am

AThankyou I'll have a good look and see what I can find. Come up with the idea that I may just buy some leaf decorations to get a more realistic look to it

cazza1 Posted 30 Sep 2013 , 7:14am

Leaves are easier to make than flowers, especially if you have a double sided veiner in the type you want.

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