Work Tables For Short People (Lol)

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morganchampagne Posted 28 Sep 2013 , 5:45am
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AHi guys! In the process of outfitting the room next to my kitchen..I'm making that a work area for decorating. My kitchen is great but I'm Thr point where I really need more space. Anyways, heres my question!

I am looking for some work tables. The bakery I used to work at had some steel ones..but they are a bit tall for me. I am 5'1". So wondering if any of my fellow shorties out there can recommend some tables good for our height? At the bakery I used to just stand on stuff but not really wanting to do that if I don't have to..


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AZCouture Posted 28 Sep 2013 , 8:05am
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AIf all else fails, cut the legs down.

morganchampagne Posted 28 Sep 2013 , 7:15pm
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AThanks's looking like that's what I'm going to have to do. Just was hoping there was a table out there that eliminated that extra step. Pipe dream lol

MimiFix Posted 28 Sep 2013 , 7:43pm
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I'm your height so I know the issues with workbenches that are too high. I've usually just made do, but I once had a workbench with adjustable height legs. 


Something like this with adjustable legs might meet your health dept code 

adjustable height workbench

morganchampagne Posted 29 Sep 2013 , 2:56am
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AThanks MiMi!! That gives me something to start with.

IAmPamCakes Posted 29 Sep 2013 , 3:09am
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AOh man. I know all about having to cope with everything being too high. I'm 5'nothin' so kneeling on stools & climbing shelves are part of every day. Unfortunately, I work in a commercial kitchen where there is no option of adjusting things to fit me. Good luck with your table search! Hopefully you find something that works.

morganchampagne Posted 29 Sep 2013 , 3:49pm
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AYes between pastry school and the bakery I got to be really limber lol. I was always jumping, reaching, climbing.

-K8memphis Posted 29 Sep 2013 , 10:21pm
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the nice stainless big work tables often used in kitchens are made so that you can cut off the legs--just request it of your supplier--they cut the top of the leg off--then slide the leg back into it's fitting--perfectly reasonable request--


i'm almost 5'8" but i still have steps to stand on to make things more ergonomic--leaning my upper body into for example kneading fondant or cutting cheesecake makes it much easier--i also have a 29" equipment table because it is very convenient to reach mixers and etc and pour from there into pans etc.--


heating egg whites for icing at the stove when they are in a double boiler--my arm is falling off just thinking about not using the step over there--so much easier to lower my arm down into the bowl to whisk constantly--


i don't know you do it--cut the legs cut the legs ;) no worries


oh my aching back ;)

-K8memphis Posted 29 Sep 2013 , 10:37pm
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i meant "i don't know how you do it"

vgcea Posted 29 Sep 2013 , 10:50pm
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AIkea makes table legs with adjustable heights you can mix and match with different table tops including a stainless steel one.

Apti Posted 29 Sep 2013 , 11:55pm
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Originally Posted by vgcea 

Ikea makes table legs with adjustable heights you can mix and match with different table tops including a stainless steel one.

Get outta town!   I'm heading over to the IKEA website!


Just did a quick search and found this with adjustable legs:

vgcea Posted 30 Sep 2013 , 12:55am
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morganchampagne Posted 1 Oct 2013 , 3:03am
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ASo this ended up being a lot simpler than originally thought lol. I went to the restaurant supply place and got a table that was already the height I needed. No cutting or anything. And at $140 it wasn't a bad deal (I do get a discount for being a business) very pleased. However! I did pass on the picture provided here by MiMi to a fellow baker across town. As always, thanks for the help!

vgcea Posted 1 Oct 2013 , 4:32am
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AAwesome! How big (LxW) is the table? I'm in the market for a stainless steel one.

morganchampagne Posted 1 Oct 2013 , 10:52am
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AIt's a 24x48 with a galvanized under shelf. It's one of the smaller ones the store had but perfect for me

vgcea Posted 1 Oct 2013 , 3:09pm
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