Fire breathing dragon cake

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scrumdiddlycakes Posted 21 Sep 2013 , 10:47pm
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The problem with layering like that is that everything has a thick coating of starch, and every scale needs to be cleaned.

You can cut them out and save them in an airtight container, with paper, just like Elcee said.

BatterUpCake Posted 21 Sep 2013 , 11:06pm
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Don't be scared she don't bite





howsweet Posted 21 Sep 2013 , 11:40pm
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Looking great! :D

bikemom3 Posted 22 Sep 2013 , 12:33am
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ALooks great! Can't wait to see when it's finished

JWinslow Posted 22 Sep 2013 , 12:39am
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She's really coming along.  You must be getting excited :)

Kakeesha Posted 22 Sep 2013 , 2:42am
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I just have to say I am thoroughly enjoying this thread. Amazing to see step by step,thank you.

smittyditty Posted 22 Sep 2013 , 4:10am
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Looks good especially the mouth. Super excited especially since this is the girl version. (not blue) So I can get more excited about this one. I hope it includes lots of glitter :)

BatterUpCake Posted 22 Sep 2013 , 9:38am
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The Mom said I could do it in any color but she liked the blue. I am sill undecided whether to do it in a peachy color or a light blue with sparkly wings and eyelashes

BatterUpCake Posted 22 Sep 2013 , 1:22pm
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So I decided to do the scales in light blue like the lips and eyelids. I am painting the spikes, toenails & horns with pink luster dust. The winks and ears will have pink disco dust and I am putting eyelashes in pink luster and either putting a flower on her head or clutching one in her claw. I want to put a banner over top that says "Olivia". I am doing this one at home rather than the restaurant since it is for a friend and no actual $$ is changing hands.....

smittyditty Posted 22 Sep 2013 , 2:49pm
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I'm not sure if you want suggestions. If you don't then just stone me afterwards :o

The dragon looks great so far. Really its making me so giddy. The eye needs some more detail to match all your hard work.

The circle is kinda oval. So I'd try to make it more circular then go back and make lines toward the pupil in a darker blue. The pupil once rounded just needs a touch of white for the light that reflects in the eye. Just like a little comma.

If you want an easier way just roll out the fondant in blue and black and cut out with the opposite end of a decorator tip for blue. Then decorator end for the black..can't remember number but you know what I mean. Then just slap em on. Put the comma of white and voila!

I'm super excited for you when you get this cake done it should bring you a lot of business!!! Ok you can stone me now...

susie1 Posted 24 Sep 2013 , 3:46pm
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Thank you so much for this thread.  I'm loving it.  Can't wait to see your cake when it's finished.  So far your dragon's looking great.

smittyditty Posted 24 Sep 2013 , 4:10pm
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BatterUp hows it going? Inquiring minds want to know.

JWinslow Posted 24 Sep 2013 , 4:26pm
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BatterUpCake Posted 24 Sep 2013 , 4:42pm
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Had to put it aside to work on a purse cake. The lady called and wanted it a day early so I've been busting my rump on that. Just finished it up...

smittyditty Posted 24 Sep 2013 , 4:46pm
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OK....slumps away...:sad:

I read back and saw it wasn't due till Oct that means I have to have patience...I don't have any so this will be a long wait.

BatterUpCake Posted 24 Sep 2013 , 4:49pm
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Actually I was wrong it is due the 1st...yikes!

JWinslow Posted 24 Sep 2013 , 5:58pm
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Busy lady :smile:

howsweet Posted 24 Sep 2013 , 9:01pm
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BatterUpCake Posted 24 Sep 2013 , 9:39pm
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Quitting at 5 is HAAARD!!!!



Norasmom Posted 24 Sep 2013 , 9:42pm
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That is so cool looking!

JWinslow Posted 24 Sep 2013 , 10:29pm
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Oh, she is really coming along!  You can just tell it's going to be so cute.

cakefat Posted 24 Sep 2013 , 11:48pm
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It's looking great!

Hrudhi Posted 25 Sep 2013 , 12:14am
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wow! the dragon is pretty.. the little girl is going to be so happy...

BatterUpCake Posted 25 Sep 2013 , 2:16am
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Well hopefully I'll have more for you tomorrow evening. Lol.

cazza1 Posted 25 Sep 2013 , 10:52am
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I hope you are charging a few million dollars for this, with all the work that is going into it.

BatterUpCake Posted 25 Sep 2013 , 11:11am
post #58 of 72 I am having a $500 built in shelving unit built. It was my idea for the trade because I REALLY wanted to do this cake...

smittyditty Posted 25 Sep 2013 , 3:17pm
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So cute so far! I really want to do this cake even more. Stop it I'm falling in love with your dragon!

BatterUpCake Posted 25 Sep 2013 , 6:47pm
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OMIGOODNESS! Boy did I mess up. The little girl's birthday party is 11/1 NOT 10/1!!! Since no one eats the r

RKT's the mother and I decided to wrap it up and see if it is still usable in a month. She has been following the pics and commenting how great it looked all along but never asked why I was making it so early. I am so embarrassed.

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