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hanoons Posted 16 Sep 2013 , 11:56pm
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A[IMG ALT="Tiffany blue engagement cake my first attempt self taught hope you like Flavor coconut & raspberry with hand made gum paste flowers

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Daisyblue002 Posted 17 Sep 2013 , 2:06am
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Hi hanoons, I'm a newbie too and have done a lot of online researching. While you can learn lots of stuff online, actually going to a proper class is absolutely invaluable. Being able to ask the teacher questions and having someone there hands on is better than a Youtube video. Classes can be expensive though, and for us on a single income it's something that I can't do as often as I'd like. So practising techniques on a regular basis, especially the basics, will surely help you to improve. Best of luck :)

reginaherrin Posted 17 Sep 2013 , 3:21am
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The picture is not at a great angle so I can't see all the details very well.  First, the creases in the front should not be there and you have to manipulate the fondant to wrap around the cake smoothly without those creases. If you do get them then you can gently pull the fondant back out and smooth it down to get rid of them.  The second thing I see is the ribbon boarder at the bottom, it doesn't look completely straight (at least what I can see in the back).  As lastly, the flowers are pretty but they seem odd in placement and I think just overpower the cake a bit.  I think doing the flowers smaller and a smaller amount of them would have been better.  But the cake does look nice and level and is on a nice board and not some wrinkly foil which is good.

JWinslow Posted 17 Sep 2013 , 5:05am
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Hi hannons,

You will get better with practice, time & good technique.    Many people here are self taught.  They practice excellent technique and solid cake foundation, much you can pick up here by reading many threads by incredible artists.  I can't stress cake foundation enough.  I am always learning something new here.


I agree with the all the comments above. Wrinkles, dents and thick fondant are all things you will eliminate with practice.  Work on getting your fondant thinner and straighter even if you have to rip it off and start again - we all have been there and we all still have to start over from time to time.


SweetWise has a good free video that shows you how to lift & stretch the fondant skirt (excess) to avoid pleating.  You might want to also consider going to SugarEd Productions.  For a very nominal fee you can have access to the whole site and all the step by step tutorials.


I;m not sure if there are too many flowers or just the placement is off.    The smaller flowers look pretty good but the larger roses have a triangular shape which is normal when you're first learning. You're dropping your rows down too far.  The very large Calla looks a little out of place.

When you use large buds, try attaching a couple small leaves to the stem to help hide the wire. 


When you place your edible ribbon on (and it is a little thick), overlap the ribbon and use a razor two cut through both pieces all the way through.  Carefully remove the

JWinslow Posted 17 Sep 2013 , 5:07am
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Continued..  two extra pieces and the ribbon will match up perfectly.


Sorry for the split post - my bad.


You are doing great!  Push yourself and have fun!



Trottie Posted 17 Sep 2013 , 1:19pm
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AEvery cake you make at whatever level of expertise will give pleasure to the recipient, however, if you are charging for the cake then you of course need to increase your expertise. All of the suggestions as offered should be noted. I would also suggest that it is often your decision what NOT to put on your cake that is important as well. Just because you have made a number of flowers does not mean they have all to be used on this cake. Keep trying it is only with practice that you will get to this stage. After decorating cakes for family and friends for 60years I am still learning, in fact cake decorating has changed so much in the last few years that it is a whorl new ball game. Good Luck

Trottie Posted 17 Sep 2013 , 1:22pm
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AThat should read "Whole new ball game". Computer skills less than cake decorating skills.

sixinarow Posted 17 Sep 2013 , 1:33pm
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I think your flowers look pretty good! Maybe a little heavy handed on the petal dust, but it just depends on the look you are going for. Google pictures of real flowers to see how the colors blend into each other. You've already gotten some good advice on how to smooth your fondant, invest in a couple of styrofoam dummies to practice covering in fondant..over and over. Practice getting everything precise and you'll see a lot of improvement in a short amount of time! :smile:

CakeGeekUk Posted 17 Sep 2013 , 1:38pm
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Hi Hanoons, I adore the colour scheme of your cake - you have a great idea for colour and that will definitely work in your favour for cake decorating, especially with wedding cakes. The bows are to cute too, just the fondant needs some smoothing, but you probably already know that. You'll find a tutorial here: Also, Craftsy do wonderful cake decorating tutorials that are very high quality and detailed and as good as attending a class if you want to check out  Look out for their sales also when you can get the classes for one third less or two for one.  Have fun!

hanoons Posted 17 Sep 2013 , 7:51pm
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AThank you to you all for your time and advice, really glad I asked the question lol all critique noted and will be taken on board.

I knew most of my mistakes but need to see these through some one else's eyes so thank you all once again very helpful advice

JWinslow Posted 17 Sep 2013 , 7:57pm
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Originally Posted by hanoons 

Thank you to you all for your time and advice, really glad I asked the question lol all critique noted and will be taken on board.

I knew most of my mistakes but need to see these through some one else's eyes so thank you all once again very helpful advice
jamiemck9 Posted 17 Sep 2013 , 9:12pm
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AI agree in the fact it is only a 2 tier cake there is a bit much going on the top. Smaller sized and maybe add one or 3 (odd numbers are your friend) in a bunch in between the layers.. Practice is your friend! I can't really see detail in flowers but they look good overall! Fondant is tricky, you just gotta play around what works best where you live (humidity wise) if you don't have a fondant smoother make sure you start from the top and get it all smooth before continuing down.

hanoons Posted 18 Sep 2013 , 12:05am
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More pictures hopefully these are a little clearer this time, it's really nice to have so many people willing to help out I really appreciate it, and I promise I will practice practice practice!! Told my family that I deliberately made pleats!!!! NOT lol ha ha

mochamoe82 Posted 18 Sep 2013 , 12:38am
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Hello Hanoons




I am about 6 months in to cake decorating and I am also self taught I do all my learning on YouTube and just visualizing, Really dedication to it and time is the best resource I've found. I was horrible in the beginning now Im amazing myself every week. An that cake you posted is pretty good keep going it will get easier.

hanoons Posted 18 Sep 2013 , 12:55am
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AThank you very much

JWinslow Posted 18 Sep 2013 , 4:10am
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Originally Posted by hanoons 

Told my family that I deliberately made pleats!!!! NOT lol ha ha


Nice cover! LOL

hanoons Posted 18 Sep 2013 , 2:37pm
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AThank you sweetheart:smile:

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