Fun thread: Royal wedding cake replica.

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vgcea Posted 14 Sep 2013 , 10:39pm
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AI was recently approached to replicate Kate and Wills' 8 tier mammoth of a cake... for $1000. I never even bothered addressing the price because there was no way little CFL baker (with zero Lambeth experience) would be able to pull that off, much less with 2 weeks notice. I was informed that some caker has accepted the task at that price point. May the odds be ever in their favor. I await pictures....

The request got me thinking how many people, hours and $ do you think it would take you to recreate that masterpiece?

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BrandisBaked Posted 14 Sep 2013 , 10:59pm
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AIs the whole thing cake, or did they want some dummy tiers as well?

I did a 6 tier dummy cake (Margaret Braun style) that took me 8 hours total. It would have been about twice that if I had to bake and ice those tiers as well. I haven't studied the royal wedding cake to address this question (though I have seen pics back when it was made) but I would venture an estimate of about 20-30 hours of total decorating time for a seasoned decorator if the whole thing is cake.

kikiandkyle Posted 14 Sep 2013 , 11:11pm
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AWell it took the pro with a team of 50 staff 5 weeks, so I can't wait to see the train wreck that $1,000 and two weeks gets you. There were 900 sugar flowers on it alone, never mind all the piping.

vgcea Posted 15 Sep 2013 , 12:56am
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Original message sent by kikiandkyle

Well it took the pro with a team of 50 staff 5 weeks, so I can't wait to see the train wreck that $1,000 and two weeks gets you. There were 900 sugar flowers on it alone, never mind all the piping.

I try to stay positive about these things but I'm nervous for the client. It takes a pro to take one look at that cake and know it is an impossible quest. They would need a staff of cakers working full time for those 2 weeks on the cake only to do the original justice. The labor alone makes $1000 a pittance.

Also $1000 sounds like a lot to spend on cake till you consider they want the replica of an $80, 000 cake (per some reports online).

IAmPamCakes Posted 15 Sep 2013 , 1:12am
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AI just googled it, and I would love to see the $1000 version :-)

Godot Posted 15 Sep 2013 , 3:58am
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AOy vey - customers shmustomers - gimme the cakewrecks any day!

vgcea Posted 15 Sep 2013 , 3:59am
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ALOL! Hey I want to see it too. I hope I get a photo when all is said and done.

BrandisBaked Posted 15 Sep 2013 , 8:55pm
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AI am so tempted to do a dummy replica now just to see how long it would take. I think I would avoid the 12 tiers on the bottom though, maybe just do the same design but only on two stacked tiers.

CakeGeekUk Posted 16 Sep 2013 , 3:40pm
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For those of you who get a request for a replica of the royal wedding cake but for much less than "royal" prices, Fiona Cairns designed a smaller 5-tier version with elements of the original royal cake design here:  She charges STG1,500 for this cake (which is approximately USD$3,000).

kikiandkyle Posted 16 Sep 2013 , 3:44pm
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AThat's a nice inspiration piece. Would still be more than $1,000 though!

vgcea Posted 16 Sep 2013 , 5:03pm
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AOkay so the base of the royal wedding cake is 12 single tiers. Trying to wrap my mind around the stacking at the base. What kind of supports? In what configuration?

kikiandkyle Posted 16 Sep 2013 , 5:15pm
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AIt looks like they stacked up four separate 3 tier cakes around a central support for the top 5 tiers, with there being an additional very sturdy support under the fourth tier and some small rounds around the base to fill in the gaps.

vgcea Posted 16 Sep 2013 , 5:20pm
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AOh I see what you're saying. It almost looks like they carved those base tiers to surround the solid support they have holding up the top tiers. I can see how the flowers are to hide the 'seams' between each stacked cake at the base.

howsweet Posted 16 Sep 2013 , 5:43pm
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What stands out to me about that cake is you can make a really fancy cake without ever having to buy really big pans

kikiandkyle Posted 16 Sep 2013 , 5:46pm
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AWow, yes that's a really good thought!

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