Finally giving up my carrot cake recipe

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KLCCrafts Posted 26 Sep 2013 , 12:17am
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Great, thanks.  Can't wait to try it.  The cranberries sound good to me!

panther01228 Posted 27 Sep 2013 , 3:07pm
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Excellent! Made it last night for a baby shower cake. My old recipe was good but not good for decorating. I will use this one from now on! I like crushed pineapple in my carrot cake so for a doubled recipe I used 1.25 cups oil, 3/4 cup apple sauce, then added 3/4 cup crushed pineapple (drained). Turned out delicious. Dense and moist and great for decorating. I'd love to add nuts and coconut next time It would taste amazing but I didnt for this cake because of allergies. 

BatterUpCake Posted 27 Sep 2013 , 3:10pm
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AAd to hear it! I have never heard of pineapple in carrot cake.

ddaigle Posted 27 Sep 2013 , 3:12pm
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I did a carrot cake for a groom's cake and he wanted pineapple, raisins & nuts in his.

panther01228 Posted 27 Sep 2013 , 3:13pm
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Really? Ive seen lots of carrot cake recipes with pineapple in them. Ive always used it. It keeps it really moist and adds subtle flavor. 

MimiFix Posted 27 Sep 2013 , 4:05pm
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When making carrot cake I always add crushed pineapple. Pineapple is the reason I make carrot cake. Love, love, love pineapple, can you tell?

DaGiftDacurse Posted 26 Nov 2013 , 6:21pm
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ADid anyone try this recipe as cupcakes!?!?!? How did they rise??? For the person who use coconut how much coconut did you use!?? Also if this was used for cupcakes how many cupcakes did it make????

countrycakes Posted 27 Nov 2013 , 12:56am
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This recipe sounds dd loves carrot cake, I will have to try it for her soon! :)

didavista Posted 27 Nov 2013 , 1:35am
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Asure wish I would have found this thread sooner. I was in need of a good carrot cake recipe.. thanks for sharing I'll have it for next time.

DaGiftDacurse Posted 3 Dec 2013 , 8:11pm
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AI just wanna say I made this as a cake and cupcakes and they were immaculate buy than as im eating a piece of the cake today I notice the carrots turned green do anyone know why? ??? Did this happen to anyine before hellllp!!!

scrumdiddlycakes Posted 3 Dec 2013 , 9:30pm
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AToo much baking soda will turn carrots green, or maybe not incorporating it fully.

JWinslow Posted 3 Dec 2013 , 9:30pm
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I didn't understand the post either. 

ddaigle Posted 3 Dec 2013 , 9:50pm
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If adding a small can of crushed pineapple to this recipe...are there any other adjustments needed? 

Domy Posted 3 Dec 2013 , 10:49pm
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wow thank you so much !!! i will try it for sure .) you are an angel

DaGiftDacurse Posted 4 Dec 2013 , 4:21am
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Original message sent by ApplegumPam

Boy - I felt like I needed Google Translate to read your post

Did you peel your carrots ??

There's 2 errors google translate really!?!? What didn't u understand

And no I didn't peel the carrots

DaGiftDacurse Posted 4 Dec 2013 , 4:23am
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Original message sent by scrumdiddlycakes

Too much baking soda will turn carrots green, or maybe not incorporating it fully.

After a google search I did read that, I was wondering if it happened to anyone using this recipe to figure out if it was the incorporation or the amount of baking soda!???

MimiFix Posted 5 Dec 2013 , 5:27pm
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Hi Debbie, sorry. I did make this cake with crushed pineapple and I did see your post. I will send you a PM.

ddaigle Posted 5 Dec 2013 , 6:33pm
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Thanks Mimi!

BatterUpCake Posted 6 Dec 2013 , 1:51am
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Sorry I haven't been here to respond to any questions or comments...I have been gone for awhile.

BatterUpCake Posted 6 Dec 2013 , 2:14am
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It's going well. Between school, that and cakes I don't have time for much else..

BTW...the carrot cakes were huge as my Thanksgiving special.

BatterUpCake Posted 6 Dec 2013 , 2:43am
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Nah...I was banned but Heath seen it is his heart to lift the ban.

bikemom3 Posted 6 Dec 2013 , 3:09am
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AMissed you Shannon! Glad you're back! Love your carrot cake.... Family was very glad you shared

BatterUpCake Posted 6 Dec 2013 , 3:11am
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milkmaid42 Posted 6 Dec 2013 , 5:19am
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I  wondered also why you weren't on here. Glad to see you back, especially waving a delicious new recipe in my face. As if I didn't have enough new recipes to try this time of year. Glad it's snowing outside as it will be a good day to spend in the kitchen. And yes, I adore anything with cranberries in it. And pineapple, too , Mimi. Cranberries and pineapple, what could be better?



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