Finally giving up my carrot cake recipe

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BatterUpCake Posted 11 Sep 2013 , 3:44am
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i would appreciate feedback form anyone who tries it.


4 eggs

3/4 c oil

1/2 c applesauce

3 c grated carrots

1 c sugar

1c brown sugar

2c flour

2 tsp baking powder

2 tsp baking soda

1/2 tsp salt

3 tsp cinnamon

1 tsp nutmeg

3 tsp vanilla


optional..chopped pecans or walnuts and dried cranberries


Beat eggs, oil, applesauce, sugar and vanilla

Mix dry ingredients

Mix wet mix and dry mix together then add carrots and 1/4c chopped nuts

Stir in carrots


grease and flour 2 8" tins, fill and bake at 350 for 35-40 minutes (I never bake by time but start checking at 30 min for doneness)


Frost with cream cheese frosting and press dried cranberries and nuts into sides of frosting. This really makes the cake more attractive and really complements the flavor without detracting from the tradiotnal carrot cake.

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rychevamp Posted 11 Sep 2013 , 4:33am
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This looks almost identical to one I use, except I don't add the applesauce, and mine has shredded coconut.  Along with nuts.  I've gotten thumbs up for it.

morganchampagne Posted 11 Sep 2013 , 4:40am
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ACake flour or All Purpose?

manicgeisha Posted 11 Sep 2013 , 5:46am
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Huh, I'm not sure if I've ever made carrot cake.   Might have to try it out though, its dairy free!

Nadiaa Posted 11 Sep 2013 , 6:58am
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Nom. I'll try it this week!

BatterUpCake Posted 11 Sep 2013 , 10:14am
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Originally Posted by morganchampagne 

Cake flour or All Purpose?


JWinslow Posted 11 Sep 2013 , 12:56pm
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Thanks BatterupCakes!  I've added it to my cake recipes. I will give a try after I finish the project I'm working on. 

BatterUpCake Posted 11 Sep 2013 , 4:30pm
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What are you working on Jeanne :detective:

aprilfromLa Posted 11 Sep 2013 , 8:10pm
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AI'm definetly going to try this! I think I'm going to leave out the cranberries tho :)

SkisandBakes Posted 11 Sep 2013 , 9:00pm
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That is the same recipe I use but I add 1tsp of ground ginger. It add nicely to the spice blend. It is our annual "Easter the Bunny Birthday Cake".

jennicake Posted 11 Sep 2013 , 9:56pm
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AMmmm I must try this!

morganchampagne Posted 12 Sep 2013 , 5:29am
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AIt looks great! Giving it a try this weekend

Arnoldcombs Posted 12 Sep 2013 , 5:32am
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I have never made carrot cake.It looks delicious .Will give it a try next week.

aprilfromLa Posted 13 Sep 2013 , 6:51pm
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AQuick question... Can I bake this tonight and freeze it until tomorrow night?

BatterUpCake Posted 13 Sep 2013 , 6:54pm
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You can but freezing won't be necessary for oneday. Just wrap tightly in saran wrap while still warm, (not hot) and stick it in the fridge

aprilfromLa Posted 13 Sep 2013 , 6:57pm
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AOk I was just going to throw it in the freezer, wrapped tightly of course lol, because I have no room in my fridge. Lots of company coming over tomorrow and it will be full until I start cooking lol

aprilfromLa Posted 13 Sep 2013 , 9:10pm
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AJust baked your carrot cake!! YUMMMMMM slap my momma kinda good! Kids are eating it now without the cream cheese. I had a little extra batter so I made a small cake to taste it. Thank you thank you!

BatterUpCake Posted 13 Sep 2013 , 9:26pm
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Thank you!!! I actually made carrot cupcakes today and am having a hard time staying out of them. Luckily they are in the carton and wrapped with saran wrap or I would have one peeved customer! lol

MimiFix Posted 14 Sep 2013 , 11:28am
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Thank you for sharing! :smile:

anavillatoro1 Posted 14 Sep 2013 , 12:07pm
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ASound yumy

aprilfromLa Posted 16 Sep 2013 , 1:24pm
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AI made this for my family on Saturday. They absolutely loved it! I'm sure they will be requesting this again. Thanks for sharing

BatterUpCake Posted 16 Sep 2013 , 1:50pm
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bikemom3 Posted 17 Sep 2013 , 12:41am
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AMade your carrot cake recipe yesterday for my official taste tester aka my family. They all LOVED it!!!!! I added some toasted pecans and coconut. Was a huge hit I'll definitely make it again! Thanks so much for sharing!

BatterUpCake Posted 17 Sep 2013 , 12:48am
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So glad to see people enjoying it. The coconut sounds really good. I always use pecans but have never toasted them. You all are giving me new ideas...

bikemom3 Posted 17 Sep 2013 , 12:54am
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AHere's another idea. Instead of regular cream cheese icing....I used some leftover browned butter buttercream added a bit of softened cream cheese and used it to ice the carrot cake with. It was really yummy, the nutty flavor of the browned butter went really well with the cake

panther01228 Posted 25 Sep 2013 , 8:28pm
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looks really good :) how sturdy is it tho? would it be possible to do a tiered cake with it?

BatterUpCake Posted 25 Sep 2013 , 9:03pm
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AYes.. Absolutelt

BatterUpCake Posted 26 Sep 2013 , 12:07am
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KLC: I usually do about 1/4 to 1/3 cup but its a preference thing. Same with how many you want to press into the sides.


Random Note: I know some people don't want to add the cranberries thinking it doesn't sound good, but the sweetness mixed with the spiciness of the cake...for some reason they really do something wonderful to the flavor.

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