How much would you guys charge for a cake like this?

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sam20 Posted 9 Sep 2013 , 2:35pm
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AHow much would you guys charge for a cake like this? Keeping in mind it's for 70 people I want to be fair and not overcharge

[IMG ALT=""][/IMG]

Thank you Sam

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Norasmom Posted 9 Sep 2013 , 3:56pm
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Go into the search feature for pricing.  No one can advise you about what to charge because of so many different factors that come into play, so your best bet is to read up!

I personally would charge at least $400 for the details alone.  However, getting people to pay is an even bigger issue.  As I said before, READ, READ, READ this forum after you search under pricing.

kelseyl87 Posted 9 Sep 2013 , 4:35pm
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I would also say at least $400. I am also new at the whole cake decorating but I've researched pricing in my area (which could be different in your area) and I've found charging $5.00 per serving for fondant has been the average for a basic cake and then charge extra for extra fondant work. But, research what sort of pricing is in your area. You don't want to undercharge yourself either. 

BatterUpCake Posted 9 Sep 2013 , 4:39pm
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beautiful work

Toni-ckpops Posted 9 Sep 2013 , 5:02pm
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AThat looks absolutely beautiful!!!

soldiernurse Posted 9 Sep 2013 , 5:38pm
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AZCouture Posted 9 Sep 2013 , 11:17pm
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Pretty. So are you making one like this for a future order, or did you already make it and you haven't collected payment yet, or?

AZCouture Posted 9 Sep 2013 , 11:17pm
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What would make you think was not fair or was overcharging?

sabrinassweets Posted 10 Sep 2013 , 6:57am
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$500 not including delivery/setup with my pricing. It is a TON of work, many hours worth... You have to take that into consideration to pay yourself a decent hourly wage :smile:

scrumdiddlycakes Posted 10 Sep 2013 , 7:06am
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It isn't the OP's cake, as it comes from a decorator with already established pricing. (Not that it isn't nice work, lol, it just seems that everyone thinks the OP made it)

For me, it would probably be about $9 a serving, but that really doesn't help you at all. You need to figure out what it will cost you, not just in ingredients and supplies, but also utility fees, insurance, etc, and add on an hourly wage.

Those numbers will be different for every baker.

Godot Posted 10 Sep 2013 , 7:14am
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AWell, what is fair is never objective. What IS overcharging, anyway? How is "overcharging" defined in terms of cake pricing?

If you really don't want to "overcharge" - just give a quote of thirty-forty bucks.

sam20 Posted 12 Sep 2013 , 4:40am
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AFor those who gave me and answer in context to the question thank you very much. Your answers have helped me get some perspective of what others are charging out there.

For those who asked I think $600 would be be overcharging. I was thinking to charge 350/400 plus transportation

And it is a nice looking cake, however I did not make this cake I took the image as a reference because I will be doing one like this pretty soon.

Thank you.

Norasmom Posted 12 Sep 2013 , 2:33pm
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Good luck, it's an awesome cake.  If you feel like you didn't charge enough, you will know for next time.  Since it's for 70 people, your price works!

BrandisBaked Posted 12 Sep 2013 , 2:42pm
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A$7/serving for me.

AZCouture Posted 12 Sep 2013 , 5:07pm
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AOk, so what are you basing those figures on? Are going to make an isomalt wine bottle? Do you have to buy a mold?

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