How Do I Make An Edible Liquor Filled Whiskey Bottle Cake Topper

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Aztec98 Posted 16 Aug 2013 , 11:56am
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Hi everyone,


Any help greatly appreciated. I just got asked to make a cake today for this Monday. The cake will be plain chocolate with chocolate icing, but will have tiny toppers in the shape of the birthday boy's favorite thing. One of them is a whiskey bottle, but it has to be filled with liquor.


I was planning on making it with fondant. How would I go about filling it with whiskey? It would be about 3" high. Should I use some other material to make the bottle in order to hold the alcohol? I tried searching this site, but didn't find anything similar. I would really appreciate it if someone could tell me how to make an edible liquor filled bottle. Thank you! :)

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Stitches Posted 16 Aug 2013 , 1:37pm
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Fondant will melt if it's filled with liquid. Make it out of chocolate and it will hold liquid.

Aztec98 Posted 17 Aug 2013 , 5:16am
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AThanks Stitches! I don't have a bottle mold. Do you think if I made a filled chocolate & put it in the middle of a fondant bottle, it would stay? I guess I'd have to make the chocolate shell pretty thick to make sure it does not crack when I put it in between the fondant.

jennicake Posted 17 Aug 2013 , 5:27am
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ACan modelling chocolate hold liquid without dissolving? If so, maybe you can make the bottle out of modelling chocolate instead of fondant

Aztec98 Posted 17 Aug 2013 , 5:36am
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AI'm not sure. That woukd actually work well. I'll try making a sample today to see if it will hold it in. Thanks!

jennicake Posted 17 Aug 2013 , 5:38am
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ALet us know! If it works for you I so want to try this :)

Smckinney07 Posted 17 Aug 2013 , 5:54am
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AWhy don't you buy one of those mini whiskey bottles? The sample bottles. I'm curious if the modeling chocolate would hold as well. I think it would be safer to buy a mold and use chocolate or isomalt.

If you want the whiskey bottle to be edible why not buy a mini bottle, empty it and set aside, cut that in half and use as a mold

Aztec98 Posted 17 Aug 2013 , 8:08am
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AHi Smckinney07, I hadn't thought of that. That would work well as a mold. Thank you!

paperlace1 Posted 17 Aug 2013 , 9:29am
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just a suggestion but how about setting the whiskey with gelatin and then putting it in a shot glass made with isomalt  So as not to melt the glass you could use a glass as a mold for both the whiskey and the glass. 


note that i have not done this so dont know it it will work. and i am not sure if the alcohol will prevent the jelly from setting.

Aztec98 Posted 17 Aug 2013 , 10:46am
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AHmm paperlace1, I've never worked with isomalt before. Nor have I tried setting anything in gelatin! Maybe putting it in chocolate is easier as I have experience with that. Thank you for your suggestion though! :)

Smckinney07, I was just wonderng how i would seal the bottom of the chocolate bottle after pouring the whiskey in.

kaylawaylalayla Posted 18 Aug 2013 , 1:45am
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ASeal it like a easter bunny. If you are using a tiny bottle as your mold as you going to fill each half and then attach? If so after you attach each half with tempered chocolate ( or candy melts, whatever you're using), spread a thin layer of chocolate onto an acrylic mat and sit the bottle on the chocolate to set. After that use a warm knife (or mini offset) to carefully take off any extra chocolate and clean up your lines.

If somehow you are going to clamp the halves of the bottles together and make your shell by pouring the chocolate it and covering all the sides and then pouring most of it out and then letting it rest on an acrylic sheet. That should create a bottom by itself. Afte the chocolate sets and you unmold it I would just add the whisky throught the top of the bottle with a syringe and then pipe a tiny dot of chocolate to cover it

Smckinney07 Posted 18 Aug 2013 , 3:12am
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AJust like a chocolate mold. I would probably cut the bottle right down the middle though and do each as a half (rather then putting it back together-just because the bottle will be so tiny you won't have much room to swirl the chocolate around like a regular mold-does that make sense?) you might need to do a couple thin coats-coat, refrigerate, coat...yes then just pipe or paint chocolate on one half of the bottle (after they've been released from your homemade mold) place pieces together and let dry, then just scrape the excess chocolate off the seems with a knife like Kay said. I think this would be the easiest way to make your bottle.

You won't be able to paint on the chocolate though unless you use special candy colors-if you want a label. Maybe a thin layer of fondant you can attach after you fill the completed bottle so it doesn't get wet. Let us know/see how that works out

Aztec98 Posted 18 Aug 2013 , 3:31pm
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AThanks kaylawaylalayla & Smckinney07! Making it tomorrow so will let you know how it goes.

Aztec98 Posted 21 Aug 2013 , 2:22pm
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So...I finally delivered the cake last evening. For the bottle, I just ended up making a solid chocolate one. I took a mini bottle, made a mold out of gelatin. It came out quite cute. I added a fondant label to it & it turned out better than I expected. Thank you again to all of you for taking time out to give me your suggestions. They were really helpful! :)

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