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BatterUpCake Posted 14 Aug 2013 , 7:22pm
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My friend just updated her status on FB: "I would like to thank Pinterest for making me feel guilty that another summer has passed and I didn't make crafts from dryer lint or vegan cake pops with my children."

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daryll Posted 16 Aug 2013 , 12:50am
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LOL...i love that! I was just happy that my kids got fed regularly and went out the door dressed most mornings in something other than a batman costume!

BatterUpCake Posted 16 Aug 2013 , 1:03am
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I felt this way when Martha Stewart was popular. I threw my dish soap bottles away rather than saving the environment and turning them into beautiful hummingbird feeders. Such a loser icon_redface.gif

daryll Posted 16 Aug 2013 , 1:19am
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Those poor hummingbirds...

My youngest sister is pregnant for the first time and recently asked if we had considered cloth nappies (diapers). I laughed and told her that it never crossed my mind. She couldn't believe that we would be so "wasteful" by only using disposable...still makes me laugh when i think of the look on her face!

BatterUpCake Posted 16 Aug 2013 , 1:29am
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Because of me there are hungry hummingbirds in shelters across the US. Could you spare the price of a cup of coffee a day? It could feed a whole swarm of hummingbirds similar to scenes from Alfred Hitchcocks "The Birds"


I used cloth nappies when I was dirt poor. I would never do it given a choice. How much are you really saving the environment using all of that water, pouring soap residue down the drains, etc..???

kikiandkyle Posted 16 Aug 2013 , 12:56pm
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AI use cloth diapers, I've saved an absolute fortune, especially since my son who is autistic still isn't ready to be out of them at 3. The organic detergent that has to be used on them is much better for the environment than a disposable that sits in the ground for 100 years.

Annabakescakes Posted 16 Aug 2013 , 1:07pm
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AMy twins wore diapers until 3 1/2, it was such a nightmare, I can't imagine if I had to wash them, too! (I would have them trained all day, all week, them there dad would get them 2 days, put them in diapers and I'd have to start over every Monday. this went on for a year! They had to decide to stay dry themselves and they are almost as lazy as me.)

ddaigle Posted 16 Aug 2013 , 1:28pm
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I had to use cloth diapers for a bit because my son had a rash....every time he pooped I threw the cloth diaper away.......I just couldn't handle it!  LOL   My mom said "just swoosh the diaper up & down in the toilet"...WHAT??? Ewwwwwwwwww mom!  Hell to the no!!!  I spent a fortune in cloth diapers. 

cazza1 Posted 16 Aug 2013 , 2:04pm
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I am soooo old that we didn't have a choice.  There were disposable nappies but they were so expensive that you only used them for special occasions, like going out for the night.

JWinslow Posted 16 Aug 2013 , 2:46pm
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I remember growing up and my mom used a diaper service.  There were six kids and no way was she going to wash diapers too!  I hated those diaper pails and being old enough to change my siblings diapers I got stuck with the job a lot - By the time I had my kids the idea of having a diaper pail just grossed me out - I used disposables.


Nothing against cloth diapers, just a childhood thing.   I was made to feel guilty enough by the in-laws...........

kikiandkyle Posted 16 Aug 2013 , 5:46pm
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AI use these flushable biodegradable liners that take care of all the yucky stuff! I was so over loaded with medical bills when my son was born (he had a spinal defect that cost a fortune to fix and meant I had to give up my job) that there were times when I just didn't have the money to buy disposables. You can plan all you like for the expense of having kids but stuff like that just throws you for a loop.

AZCouture Posted 16 Aug 2013 , 7:00pm
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This really makes me miss my son being a wee little baby. His tiny little butt, his chubby face and bald head. ((SIGH)) 

kikiandkyle Posted 16 Aug 2013 , 8:11pm
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AMy son was 10lbs when he was born, he was chubby but not little!

Alvida Posted 16 Aug 2013 , 8:47pm
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I tried the cloth diapers.  I can't remember which was worse, washing the diapers or emptying the Diaper Genie!icon_eek.gif

Annabakescakes Posted 16 Aug 2013 , 8:53pm
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Originally Posted by AZCouture 

This really makes me miss my son being a wee little baby. His tiny little butt, his chubby face and bald head. ((SIGH)) 

I know! I am SO done staying up all night, and having them suction hooked to my chest all day and all night, and so DONE changing diapers, and I never want to be pregnant again, but I MISS having a baby, too. I had a lady bring back a stand and brought her baby with her, and I begged to hold her, as I was taking her from her mama, lol. I just wanted to squeeze her and kiss her and rub her little head, and smell her hair .... This was 3 days after my husband's operation to remove the possibility of having kids, lol 

daryll Posted 17 Aug 2013 , 2:20am
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AI'm with you Anna...LOVE that new baby head smell....delicious!!

BatterUpCake Posted 17 Aug 2013 , 10:47am
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That's it...time for my daughter to give me another grandchild. I'm going to have to replace her birth control with vitamins! (joke!!!)

kaylawaylalayla Posted 18 Aug 2013 , 1:18am
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AIts so funny to see the odd path that all the threads go on.

BatterUpCake Posted 18 Aug 2013 , 1:20am
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True Dat! That's the gangsta comin out in me....icon_cool.gif

JWinslow Posted 18 Aug 2013 , 1:27am
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Originally Posted by BatterUpCake 

True Dat! That's the gangsta comin out in me....icon_cool.gif


OMG -  Just spit my coffee  - can't stop laughing..........

BatterUpCake Posted 18 Aug 2013 , 1:35am
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Thank you, thank you! I'll be here all week. Tell all of your friends to come out and see me! Ummmm unless that coffee is of the Irish variety isn't it a little late?

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