kaylawaylalayla Posted 2 Aug 2013 , 8:48pm

AOk so I made mmf for the first time. I was so proud when I watched in come together. But now I'm trying to cover a 4" rice krispy treat iced in butter cream and its just going awfully.it keeps tearing. I know that I am not very great in covering with fondant but I'm getting really frustrated.

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therealmrsriley Posted 2 Aug 2013 , 8:57pm

Did you give it some time to rest before you started rolling it out? If you try using it just after you've made it, it'll surely tear on you.

sixinarow Posted 2 Aug 2013 , 9:02pm

A^^^ I like to let mine rest at least 24 hours before using it. If you didn't let it rest &are now short on time, try rolling it out on cornstarch, let sit a couple minutes, then transfer onto your rkt. Hth

kaylawaylalayla Posted 3 Aug 2013 , 1:52am

AThanks. I made it last night and stayed up late covering and peeling off the fondant over and over. I tried it again this morning. I guess ill wait and try it again tonight. The cake is for my nephews birthday this sunday. I'm trying to make the green tunnels from mario. If all else fails I guess ill just ice it with green butter cream

sixinarow Posted 3 Aug 2013 , 1:59am

AFrustrating! ! I can't use mmf in the summer because of humidity issues. Hope it finally covers well for you!

savannahquinn Posted 4 Aug 2013 , 3:27am

Elizabeth Marek has a recipe for MMF which uses 1.25 lbs of Wilton fondant mixed in.  I find MMF to not hold it's shape when it's hot out and when I add a lot of color.  This mix works really well.

kaylawaylalayla Posted 4 Aug 2013 , 6:17am

AThat's funny because I ended up mixing it into my wilton fondant.

cakeballer85 Posted 4 Aug 2013 , 1:38pm

Ammf is all I have ever worked with and I live in an area with high heat and 100% humidity almost all year long...it just sounds like it didn't set long enough...also if it got too warm after kneading and rolling it out...sometimes I will roll it out and let it cool a bit before placing it over the cake...it all depends how long I had to knead it prior to rolling...good luck!

kaylawaylalayla Posted 4 Aug 2013 , 3:50pm

AThanks everyone!

kaylawaylalayla Posted 4 Aug 2013 , 11:46pm

AEverything worked out great! If you're curious ill pm you a picture lol!

BinkyFinder Posted 29 Aug 2013 , 3:46pm

I agree with Savannahquinn. I use this method for mmf too. It can be rolled paper thin too and for sculpting figures (mixed with tylose mind you) it holds amazing detail.

Here's a video about how to make it. I hope this helps.  I LOVE THIS RECIPE!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SJCUy3ezRxE


Btw I use jet puff brand marshmellows and I don't have any issues.

MBalaska Posted 29 Aug 2013 , 7:30pm


Originally Posted by kaylawaylalayla 
Everything worked out great! If you're curious ill pm you a picture lol!

post it here!

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