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backwoodsbaker Posted 29 Jul 2013 , 8:08pm
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Can anyone tell me where they get their images that they print off on their icing sheets?

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DeliciousDesserts Posted 30 Jul 2013 , 1:10am
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AWhat kind of image?

backwoodsbaker Posted 30 Jul 2013 , 2:39pm
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Have been doing cakes for a while and just got a printer for sugar sheets. I have someone wanting a disney princess and someone whanting a spiderman. Where do you find these images to print without worry of copyright laws?

hbquikcomjamesl Posted 30 Jul 2013 , 3:47pm
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You probably don't. So far as I'm aware, Disney is extremely tight with their characters, and has never licensed them as electronic clip-art, nor as pre-printed mass-produced edible prints. And as I recall, Disney now owns Marvel.


(And as I recall, it's "Spider-Man" [note the capitalization and hyphenation]. icon_biggrin.gif

I vaguely recall a newspaper strip in which Spider-Man actually made a point of it.)

backwoodsbaker Posted 30 Jul 2013 , 4:04pm
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Well, I know that several bakerys around my area do those cakes, so you must be able to do it somehow the question is probable how much.  Oh please forgive my grammer


DeliciousDesserts Posted 30 Jul 2013 , 4:41pm
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AThose stores purchase special images specifically produced for their use. Thy also purchase DecoPac decorations & are restricted to use within design guidelines.

hbquikcomjamesl Posted 30 Jul 2013 , 5:39pm
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Originally Posted by DeliciousDesserts 

Those stores purchase special images specifically produced for their use.

Which, I believe, is what I referred to as "pre-printed mass-produced edible prints." I've seen Disney-licensed DecoPac kits, and I think I recall seeing pre-printed mass-produced edible prints (and even electronic clip-art) for other licensed properties, but I don't think I've ever seen Disney-licensed edible prints, either pre-printed or licensed as electronic clip-art.


I suspect that Disney and DecoPac (or whatever supplier got the license) could make a fortune if they did offer mass-produced pre-printed edible Disney art. But part of Disney's caution undoubtedly stems from the same place the "guidelines" of what one can and cannot do with the DecoPac kits come from: a strong desire to protect the Disney image. It would not do, for example, to allow a cake (or anything else) to display their characters in some sort of "toon porn" scene (even though I have absolutely no doubt that such things have been done for very private parties within the Disney organization).


(To be safe, I've never even submitted images for edible printing unless I either owned them outright, or was a legitimate representative of the owner, or could supply proof on demand that they were either PD, GPL, or Creative Commons. Not to cover my <equus asinius>, since I've never put anything on a cake under circumstances that could not be successfully defended under the fair use doctrine, but to cover that of the supplier who did the edible printing.)

icingimages Posted 19 Aug 2013 , 12:28pm
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Icing Images has a program called iDesigns which are over 1500 designs that are licensed for edible use. These are not "licensed" characters such as Mickey Mouse.


Bakery Craft and Deco Pak are the only two companies that have programs that allow you to print licenses such as Disney. But you must buy their system.


Lucks use to sell pre printed licensed characters, but you can only get your hands on them if you are a licensed bakery.


The only way you can print your own licensed characters is if you do not resell them.  For example, if I print out Mickey Mouse for my sons birthday I am not reselling or making any profit on the cake.

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