Practice Giant Reese Cup Cake --Success! **instructions**

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ddaigle Posted 28 Jul 2013 , 9:18pm
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I have a groom's cake coming up where I need 2 giant Reese Cups on the board and tons of the real candy's scattered all around.   I had the idea in my head --those ideas usually fail...but this one worked.  I was so excited.  I only have a picture of the finished product.   When I do the real ones, I will take step by step pictures and maybe resend as a tutorial.   Here's the steps..will send the picture kept locking up my computer when I tried to send it all together.


1.  I bought a quiche pan 10x2 with the removal bottom.   I wanted at least a 2" pan so I could fill a chocolate cake with the Reese filling. 


2.  I melted 3 bags (didn't know how much to melt) of MILK CHOCOLATE chips.  I poured a thin layer of melted chocolate on the bottom of the pan and took my pastry brush and painted the sides.   I should've painted all of the sides...all the way to the top, but dummy me..stopped half way.  You can see my seem if you look close.   Do not do what I did....paint the entire sides.    Tap tap tap the pan on the counter..pop in frig for 10 minutes. 


3.  Take pan out and paint another thin coating of chocolate on the SIDES ONLY....back in frig for 5 minutes.


4.  I baked a 9" chocolate cake and completely cut the top off.  The pan is 2" the cake will be filled..and there's already a thin chocolate layer on the bottom of the keep the cake under 2".


5.  I used the butter cream dream filling here on CC..and scooped out enough to fill the cake and added about 1 cup of ground up graham cracker crumbs to give the filling that Reese texture.    After I filled the cake, I took some of the Peanut Butter Dream BC and crumb coated.   I put in the frig over night.  I wanted this cake to firm up and crust up good so I could handle it.


6.   Pull out the quiche pan and the crumb coated cake.  I put the cake in the pan and saw that it was a little taller than I wanted becuase I still had to pour chocolate all over I took it out of the pan..flipped it on its top and trimmed a litte off of the bottom.   With it crusted, I could man handle it and had no problems.


7.   I put it back in the pan..and remelted the chocolate and poured some all over the top then took my offset and pushed it to the sides.   I tapped tapped tapped to make sure it was going down the sides.  I could see air bubbles I kept tap tap tap...then I put it in the frig for 30 minutes.


8.  As soon as I took it out of the immediately released itself from the sides!  Angels sang!! It didn't crack either.  I put a cake board on top and flipped it over becase that releaseable bottom was stuck to the bottom...but no worries...I took a paring knife and started to go around and it popped right off!


I'll attach a picture separately.

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Sassyzan Posted 28 Jul 2013 , 9:22pm
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AMouth is watering!! Can't wait to see it!

bct806 Posted 28 Jul 2013 , 9:54pm
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Wow. It looks amazing too! Just like a reese cup.

ddaigle Posted 28 Jul 2013 , 10:03pm
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Thanks....I did not want a fondant covered cake.   I wanted as close to a real Reese Cup as I could get so I used Milk Chocolate. 

Elcee Posted 29 Jul 2013 , 1:54am
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Brilliant! I saw the picture, and it looks amazing.Thank you for sharing how you did it.

FlourPots Posted 29 Jul 2013 , 4:01pm
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Can you please post a link or direct me to which album it's in, you have over 500...

ddaigle Posted 29 Jul 2013 , 4:29pm
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By are the instructions again and a picture of the final product....again, if you paint the chocolate all the way up the won't have that seam that I do. 


FlourPots Posted 29 Jul 2013 , 5:04pm
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Damn...incredible job! Looks just a real one!

I LOVE it!

Godot Posted 29 Jul 2013 , 5:50pm
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ANo effin' way. That is SO cool.

theresaf Posted 29 Jul 2013 , 6:56pm
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Great job! And thank you so much for sharing it with us!  I may need to make 2 because I may need my own!


ddaigle Posted 29 Jul 2013 , 7:59pm
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I will be making 2 for the real deal.   I gave it to my nephew to take to work.  I'm waiting to pick his brain but he said it tasted just like a PBC but was hard to cut.   I told him to leave it out for an hour....maybe it should set out for about 2 so the chocolate will soften more. 


Thanks y'all...this is so stinking easy!  You gotta try it.  I was so skeerd..because I have tried to make that chocolate shell with the big cupcake pan and it always cracks and takes me about 3 tries.   I was just so scared this was going to crack when I took it out of the frig.   I guess because it was "filled" with a just released itself from the edge of the pan...but did not crack.   I'm just so mad I didn't paint the chocolate all the way up the inside of the pan.   If you zoom in on my picture you can see where I stopped half way....had a brain fart. 

ddaigle Posted 30 Jul 2013 , 12:10am
post #12 of 26 the taste test results are in from my nephew.   He used an non-serrated knife and let the cake sit out 1 1/2 hours before he cut it.   He said it was hard to cut it and the chocolate does...crumbled and broke.    He said the cake/filling was still a little cool inside.    I'm thinking it needs to sit out at least 2 hours...and dip a knife in hot water and then cut a piece?   Any other opinions?

jchuck Posted 30 Jul 2013 , 12:30am
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You cannot see the "seam" unless you really, really look. As decorators... were our own worst critic.  It is totally amazing. Fab job.  I think the knife dipped in hot water should work.

scrumdiddlycakes Posted 30 Jul 2013 , 12:39am
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Originally Posted by ddaigle the taste test results are in from my nephew.   He used an non-serrated knife and let the cake sit out 1 1/2 hours before he cut it.   He said it was hard to cut it and the chocolate does...crumbled and broke.    He said the cake/filling was still a little cool inside.    I'm thinking it needs to sit out at least 2 hours...and dip a knife in hot water and then cut a piece?   Any other opinions?

I use a hot knife for those giant cupcakes with a chocolate shell, and I use real chocolate not candy melts with those, it cuts through really well.

But you have to reheat the knife in the water for every slice.


(and if you hadn't mentioned a seam, I would have never noticed!)

Sassyzan Posted 30 Jul 2013 , 12:46am
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AThe seam is totally not noticeable and anyway, real Reese's sometimes have a seam too!

ddaigle Posted 30 Jul 2013 , 12:55am
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I'm ok with the seam...because I know how to prevent it next time.   It is more noticeable in person though.   I used cheap chocolate chips so maybe I need to get better chocolate for the real groom's cake.  


I forgot about those chocolate shelled giant cupcake cakes.   I made one once and didn't even think about how the person cut it. 

jchuck Posted 30 Jul 2013 , 1:05am
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Hot knife is not unlike cutting cheesecake. You have to dip it in hot water for ever slice. Bit of a pain, but it works.  :o)

soldiernurse Posted 30 Jul 2013 , 1:30am
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ddaigle Posted 30 Jul 2013 , 1:32pm
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That's ok about dipping in hot water for every that's what it takes.   I just want to give the cater the instructions so they don't jack it all up.  Thanks.

theresaf Posted 3 Aug 2013 , 11:50pm
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ADebbie you are a GENIUS! Tried a version of your tutorial today and I can't believe how well it worked for me! Decided to use a modified chocolate box mix cake with canned vanilla whip cream frosting mixed with super chunky peanut butter filling. I just wanted to make it, it's not for any occasion except .... It's the weekend!

When it came time to get that chocolate shell out I thought 'well here's where angels are supposed to sing'. Woohoo!!! Not going to cut it until tomorrow and I haven't even finished cleaning up yet but wanted to thank you for sharing your experience. THANKS! Theresa

ddaigle Posted 4 Aug 2013 , 12:22am
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AThat's awesome..thanks for letting me know. If you've ever put a piece of chocolate in the frig u know how hard it gets so I'd pull it out awhile before you cut it. Please let me know at what point it became easy to cut.

smittyditty Posted 5 Aug 2013 , 12:44am
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Wow!!! Thanks for sharing that is super cool! I didn't notice any seams at all.

kkmcmahan Posted 5 Aug 2013 , 1:10am
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Love it! What a great idea...thanks for sharing with us!

theresaf Posted 5 Aug 2013 , 1:40am
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AD - I had not refrigerated my cake but covered it overnight. It cut very cleanly and the chocolate did not break or shatter! Which is good news all around. My 9 year old neice insisted on taking a picture as well! Does your cake have to be refrig? T

ddaigle Posted 5 Aug 2013 , 1:45am
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Mine will not need to be refrigerated...I just always do my cakes the night before and put in frig and travel with cold cakes.    I'll just take out the morning of the wedding and make sure it has HOURS to come to room temp.  I'm so glad to hear yours did not shatter or break. 

theresaf Posted 5 Aug 2013 , 5:33pm
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Me too!  Please update us on your final cakes!


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