Cling Wrap Sausage Method

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madmay Posted 19 Jul 2013 , 5:21pm
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Hello, This was from a post and it was stated " I even use the Cling wrap sausage method"

May I ask what that is? I think it has to do with keeping royal icing covered for later use. Yes? No? Thank you for any input.

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SecretAgentCakeBaker Posted 19 Jul 2013 , 5:23pm
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AYou lay out a piece of plastic wrap, put some frosting on it, then roll it up like a sausage. Snip off one end, then drop it into a piping bag. It is less messy and you can easily change colors.

SecretAgentCakeBaker Posted 19 Jul 2013 , 5:34pm
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AIt is also called a frostin/icing plug. Here is a video that shows how to do it.

dynee Posted 19 Jul 2013 , 5:53pm
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I love this method. It eliminates 80 % of your clean-up. When you are finished, just pop that plug out and into the trash and your bag only has icing down by the tip. And if you want bi-color icing, just lay down a strip of each color and roll it up. I have seen where people but in a plug of each color, but haven't tried it.

aem1029 Posted 19 Jul 2013 , 6:15pm
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It makes life, well maybe not life, but cookies decorating a hell of a lot easier and I can reuse the bags a few times so much less waste and money!

madmay Posted 19 Jul 2013 , 7:47pm
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What an idea! Limited money here and this will help tons, besides the clean up. Thank you all for the information.I will try it next time I do it.

P.S. maybe a silly question but can I use that when making roses and flow?

madmay Posted 19 Jul 2013 , 7:54pm
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I'm so in shock!

Secetagentcakebaker..I watched the video.Necessity is the mother of invention! Just the neatest thing I have seen!

Thank you all

SecretAgentCakeBaker Posted 20 Jul 2013 , 4:57am
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AOh, I didn't make the video, just found it by a google search. Sorry if I was confusing.

Carrie789 Posted 20 Jul 2013 , 5:27am
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Well, this just made my day. No matter how hard I try, I have a mess while cooking or baking.. I am trying this tomorrow!

emetz74 Posted 26 Jul 2013 , 12:34pm
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AThis may be a dumb question but I will ask anyhow. I've used that method with buttercream. Does it also work with royal icing? It seems it would be messy just getting it on the plastic!

imagenthatnj Posted 26 Jul 2013 , 12:54pm
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Folkette Posted 28 Jul 2013 , 6:16am
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AI use this method with both flooding and piping consistency RI. To form the sausage I place my RI in a container that has been lined with plastic. Simple and no mess.

GigisFreshBaked Posted 30 Jul 2013 , 11:10am
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I do it as well.  I just lay out the wrap on my counter but it depends how thin you make your icing as well.  If you have really thin icing I'd use the method Folkette suggested, in a container first.  I either tie the ends or use a small twist tie.  

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