Friday Night Cake Club For 6/14/13

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Lovebug2867 Posted 16 Jun 2013 , 10:44pm
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My finished Mickey Cake. I went pretty simple on it and the cake board is the same size as the cake (had to be to fit in the box lol) turned out pretty cute but I realized pretty fast I need to pick up a ribbon cutter can't cut a straight line to save my life.



Brettley Posted 17 Jun 2013 , 12:13am
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Well here it is! Pretty happy about how it turned out. Learned a lot though, and made lots of mistakes, but that just means the next one will be even better!


Peanut Butter: Wow that cake is gorgeous! Great job!


Lovebug: What a great Mickey Cake. The simplicity of it is what makes it so nice. I can't cut straight either. Yet I still haven't bought a cutter for it. Currently I just use a ruler or an extruder. Pretty limited I guess but I have not had any need to buy one yet... On the wish list though!



A Buttercream Square wedding cake.  This is my FIRST square buttercream stacked cake EVER! Talk about stress and a sleepless night, wow!!! But I it turned out much better than I had imagined:) Made a few mistakes and learned a few things for next time!  TFL

auntginn Posted 17 Jun 2013 , 5:14pm
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peanut butter, love the cake.  What was it for?  just curious.


Love Bug, Great job! awesome cake.


Brettley, Congrats,  beautiful wedding cake.

Peanut-Butter Posted 17 Jun 2013 , 5:54pm
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AIt was for a Christian church. They along with the local primary school were exploring Christianity and the different style of churches around the world. It was all based on a swallow and its migration south for winter. They gave me free reign basically, just said approx how many they would want to feed and they wanted a cake designed on that theme.

Love the colours and design in your cake Brettley

brendajarmusz Posted 18 Jun 2013 , 2:18am
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AVery pretty, nicely done.

brendajarmusz Posted 19 Jun 2013 , 6:40am
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AHow do i post pictures on here??

brendajarmusz Posted 19 Jun 2013 , 6:42am
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AThe Mickey cake turned out really cute.

Lovebug2867 Posted 19 Jun 2013 , 6:55am
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To post a picture there is a little image at the top of the posting box near where the smiley face is that says add an image just click that and you can upload an image.



I've got so many cakes coming up for family and I need to get cracking. Most likely going to be baking up a storm tomorrow. I have a petal cake (8 inch round only) so pretty easy, A BBQ cake for the 24th and a pig cake for the 23rd. This month just went by so fast I kept thinking it was still early June.  I then have to do a cake for my fiancé for July 5th. I want to do a zombie cake for him and then my nephews birthday is July 15th he's getting a 4 tier Red Sox cake. 

catlharper Posted 19 Jun 2013 , 3:39pm
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wow! Peanut-Butter! That looks amazing! What incredible work!



catlharper Posted 19 Jun 2013 , 3:43pm
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Lovebug, I can't cut a straight line either...I bought a grid-mat and follow their lines! LOL!


Brettley, I love your wedding cake. I keep saying I will try the ribbon wrapping thing and I just never have, other than trim, on a cake. I really love the way it looks.


See you guys Friday again!



brendajarmusz Posted 20 Jun 2013 , 12:33am
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AI added my beach cake but not sure if it loaded. Lol. Thank you for telling me how but i'm not sure if i did it correctly

catlharper Posted 20 Jun 2013 , 1:57am
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It doesn't look like it posted. Just hit "reply" to my message here, then in the "tool bar" at the top of the page you will see something that will look like a filmstrip in between a "picture" and a "paperclip". Hit the "picture" icon and it will ask you what photo you want to upload. Go to your hard drive and choose which one you want and then choose a size when that window pops up then hit "submit". Hope this helps because we'd really love to see the cake!



brendajarmusz Posted 22 Jun 2013 , 10:43pm
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AHere it is, my beach cake.

catlharper Posted 22 Jun 2013 , 10:55pm
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Brenda!!! OMG that's so cute! I totally adore how you used the cupcake! LOL!

brendajarmusz Posted 22 Jun 2013 , 11:03pm
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AAww thank you so much!! When i first did this cake i wasn't as experienced as i am now so i guess you could say it was my first big accomplishment lol in the cake world. I'm definitely my own worst critic. But with that cake i had several dozen cupcakes and they played off of the cake. I learn something new everytime i do a cake. Lol

brendajarmusz Posted 22 Jun 2013 , 11:05pm
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AOh i forgot to tell you the shells i made of white chocolate and a shell mold.

catlharper Posted 22 Jun 2013 , 11:13pm
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I'm not wild about the molds but really really love chocolate shells so it's a trade off for me. We were looking back the other night into family photos and the girls were picking out my really early cakes...long before I even thought of becoming a party planner much less making cakes professionally. I love looking back on those cakes because of what I was able to do without knowing a single thing about making cakes! They do show how far I've come but they also show how much I knew just naturally and that's always fun to see.



brendajarmusz Posted 23 Jun 2013 , 4:37am
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ALol i sooo agree Cat, I've been baking all of my life and love party planning and things of that nature but everyone kept telling me i should do this for a living and i kinda just laughed it off but then i was injured by a psychiatric patient several years ago and also went through a ton of health issues so i'm not able to return to work So now that i'm feeling a bit better i figured i would try decorating cakes. I have come a very long way but to be honest I've never made a wedding cake and i'm scared to death to do so, i believe in my abilities but i can't help but think that's someone's special day so that's what stops me. Lol. I am becoming a Wilton instructor soon and i need to get help with things like fondant and gumpaste. So i am sooo glad i found this site. Everyone is awesome!!!

catlharper Posted 23 Jun 2013 , 4:42pm
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A wedding cake IS daunting. The most important thing to learn to do is provide structure for it. But if you ask most of us we all still wait to put a cake together, come down the next day and see it in a heap on the table! LOL! It's never happened but I'm sure each time it will. The best way to practice on wedding cakes is to volunteer to make one as a gift. This way you can take the risk without risking their money and they are just happy to have cake, any cake, at their wedding. I am simply amazed that I made my brothers wedding cake and it didn't fall over because that was about 10 years before I actually learned how to make and support wedding cakes! This is a great place to learn anything you want to learn...well, this and you tube...not kidding's great. 



brendajarmusz Posted 29 Jun 2013 , 2:57am
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AThank you so much Cat, ya i watch you tube tutorials like crazy. Lol that's honestly how i have learned most of what i know the rest is by reading and watching other's and by doing. I'm so happy that i found this site. It's been amazing and awesome to talk with others and help and learn and to switch out Recipes and ideas etc. This has got to be the very best cake site out there. Oh where can i get cc's magazine? I hear about it but don't know where to get it. Thank you.

catlharper Posted 29 Jun 2013 , 3:00am
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There are only a few outlets where you can get the actual magazine but you can always get the digital copy here. I know that recently they were running a sale where the digital copy was only $2 an issue! It truly is amazing!


And, yes, like you, I often resort to YouTube for tutorials! People laugh when I tell them that but I always find the help I need and if I have a question someone here is always willing to help!



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