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jen xina Posted 3 Jun 2013 , 9:45pm
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Hi, its my little girls FIRST birthday on sunday and ive been trying my best to make this cake topper. First time I used black fondant mixed with tylo powder to make the whole head but it cracked in half. I used the black fondant to make head, then white edible chocolate fondant for the skin coloured face, white fondant for the eyes and black again for the nose, mouth and eyes.....  then I used the same fondant and tylo mixture and the fondant cracked before I could mould it. I have little experience I'm basically googling like crazy to find out how to do this. could someone please help me..... im ok at making cakes, covering in fondant, etc, but when it comes to making this 2d Minnie mouse face cake topper I am really STRUGGLING!!!!!!!

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DeliciousDesserts Posted 3 Jun 2013 , 10:40pm
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That is really a very large piece. I think it is possible to make it solely from gumpaste, but I wouldn't try using a mix of fondant & tylose.  It would need a long time to dry.  Even solid gumpaste, would need a long time to dry.


At  this point, I would recommend using RKT & covering that with fondant.  There was a repeat episode of the Fabulous Cakes episode where they make a mirror using RKT covered with fondant.  I would use a similar technique.

jen xina Posted 3 Jun 2013 , 11:00pm
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AGreat, I never thought of RKT, I see them being used alot on the tv show cake boss. Only thing is, I've never used them EVER- do you have any tips or can u tell me how to go about doing this? Thanks so much for your reply I was beginning to loose hope but your idea is fantastic ;-)

costumeczar Posted 3 Jun 2013 , 11:11pm
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I would make it out of a cookie with a stick in it. It looks like one of those big decorated cookies that you can buy.

taartenmaker Posted 3 Jun 2013 , 11:17pm
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APut a piece of cardboard behind it

Evoir Posted 3 Jun 2013 , 11:43pm
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ASomething this big I would build on a custom cut cake cardboard (ie shaped like Minnie's head), with two skewers attached to the back. If it was smaller I'd make it from royal icing (bas relief method) but still use a backing card for insurance.

Cake_Princess Posted 4 Jun 2013 , 2:18am
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You can try using Wilton's Color flow Mix.


You can also use Royal Icing using egg whites. And bake it at a low heat. I've used this method successfully in the past to make a fence. The end result was a strong fence that dry much faster than it would if I left it to air dry.


Good Luck.

jen xina Posted 4 Jun 2013 , 7:52am
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AThank you everyone for your replies, you guys are so knowledgable I haven't a clue ;-( being a beginner can be so frustrating at times but I'm so happy I found this site it's amazing!!!

Evoir if I were to make it with a cake cardboard, how would I design it then? With fondant? Or royal icing? I haven't used royal icing yet- I'm a fondant lady-

Also if I were to use fondant, would I just stick it to the board with buttercream, or tylo glue?

Thanks so much

Evoir Posted 6 Jun 2013 , 12:35am
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AJen, yep you can sure build up the design with gum paste. Add some tylose to your fondant colours and it will set firmly. If you are using a covered cardboard (I would use an exacto knife to cut the silhouette from a silver cake cardboard), use a thin thin smear of edible glue (make your own if you don't have any...add a 1/4 tsp of cellogen/CMC to several TBSP water...use within 24 hours though), to glue your bits of gum paste on.

Hope this helps. We were all beginners once upon a time! Pease ask any questions if you can't find the answers you need by searching the forums :-)

jen xina Posted 6 Jun 2013 , 10:39pm
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AThanks so much evoir ;-) if I need anymore Help can ill be straight on here it's fantastic ;-)

sarahgale314 Posted 6 Jun 2013 , 11:04pm
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AI would use melted chocolate/ colored candy melts, the same way you'd use color flow. Sets up FAST and is nice and stong when thick. Make it on a popsicle stick to put in the cake.

DeliciousDesserts Posted 6 Jun 2013 , 11:20pm
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ASo sorry I didn't get back to answer you. I got caught up with this weeks cakes.

Luckily, our other members had great ideas!

jen xina Posted 7 Jun 2013 , 8:08pm
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AHey guys, so I made a giant cookie in the shape of Minnie's head and covered it with fondant. My next disaster is I've tried to cover the cake with fondant but it seems to be "stretching" or "tearing". I'm rolling the fondant out big enough to cover the cake but as soon as I roll over the cake, it begins to "stretch" on the edges of the round part of the top of it. Then when I'm doing the sides of the cake, I have this overlap of fondant at the back of the cake where I've to cut it off...... What am I doing wrong?

Also one last thing, I've used oreo cream cheese filling for the cake, and I'm covering it with store bought sugarpaste- how do I store this?

Thanks so much for all the help :-)

DeliciousDesserts Posted 8 Jun 2013 , 12:10am
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AMight help to know what kind of fondant you are using.

Is it too stretchy or soft? Might need a tad of cornstarch or powder sugar. If there is too much, the weight will cause a tear. I use a very stretchy fondant so I cut mine about 1/2" shorter. I know it will strech enough.

As I smooth down the sides, I pull out at the bottom so I doesn't crease & fold on itself.

jen xina Posted 9 Jun 2013 , 7:56pm
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Finally done it!!!!! What do you guys think? Thanks so much for all the help on this you're all great for replying and helping me ;-)

dawnybird Posted 9 Jun 2013 , 8:42pm
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That's so cute! It really turned out great.

DeliciousDesserts Posted 9 Jun 2013 , 9:05pm
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AVery cute!

anavillatoro1 Posted 9 Jun 2013 , 9:08pm
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jen xina Posted 9 Jun 2013 , 9:39pm
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AThanks ladies ;-) I'm so proud of it, it's my first ever real birthday cake up until now I've just made cupcakes so I'm so happy it turned out like this ;-)

Omas Cakes Posted 9 Jun 2013 , 10:10pm
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AReally cute!

remnant3333 Posted 9 Jun 2013 , 10:58pm
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You did a great job!!! Your cake is very cute!!!

smittyditty Posted 10 Jun 2013 , 12:54am
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That is great first cake! You did an awesome job!

jen xina Posted 10 Jun 2013 , 7:32am
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AThanks so much everyone- I'm glad u all like it considering u all are the pro's at this ;-) thanks again for all your help and comments ;-)

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