Dreams About Baking?

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ibeeflower Posted 7 May 2013 , 3:55pm
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Have any of you had dreams about baking that seemed so real? I had a dream last night I needed to buy food coloring oil for chocolate and as I was making my list for supplies this morning I added it. I then wondered why I would buy that since I don't use it and I remembered I was dreaming about coloring chocolate. 

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cakealicious7 Posted 9 May 2013 , 8:55pm
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ALol that is so hilarious!! I once had a dream that I was making a red velvet cake- I woke up craving it and just had to make it!!

shels475 Posted 14 May 2013 , 1:56am
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I have.  I even sketched it and I dont draw.  It was a bright pink dress on a hanger.  I have no idea what it means but i put it in my journal just in case,  The thing I remembered beyond everything else is the pleats went to the left, 

mcaulir Posted 14 May 2013 , 10:48am
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I've only had one cake dream - of course it was that a tiered cake fell in a heap at the venue. Woke up feeling pretty relieved!

cakealicious7 Posted 14 May 2013 , 3:37pm
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AZCouture Posted 14 May 2013 , 3:58pm
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I had a horrid nightmare last night actually. I had an order I didn't realize I had, with the three I knew I had, and I just kept walking around in circles wondering where to start. It was like Groundhog Day, the scenery kept changing, and the people, but there I was, "omg, how am I going to get this done, what have I done?!?" But the clock kept ticking, and I got nowhere.


Give me spiders and fire breathing demons ANY day for a nightmare. A cake nightmare?? No no no!! I was so relieved to wake up and realize I was ok.party.gif

AZCouture Posted 14 May 2013 , 3:59pm
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And then somewhere in the mix, I was tottering along a steep hillside in Italy. When I got to the bottom, the villagers were making solar panels. Random.

cakealicious7 Posted 14 May 2013 , 4:51pm
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AWow just goes to show how serious everybody is about cake baking/decorating!!!

JWinslow Posted 14 May 2013 , 5:01pm
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I recently had a dream that I was trying to figure out how to make a flower (that in reality I was having trouble with) and there was this weird little creature buzzing around me telling me "you don't need to do that flower.  Nobody cares what your cakes look like.  Just put dots on it"  That's all it kept saying over and over.  I was yelling leave me alone - I want to figure this out!  I kept swatting it at and yelling, GO AWAY, GO AWAY!!  I managed to wake up my husband who shook me and calmly asked "where do you want me to go?"  I burst out laughing and told him never mind - go back to sleep.  I did finally figure that flower out - for real

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