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hikatayos Posted 30 Apr 2013 , 2:05pm
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Ahiii everyone ... im new here so i hope im posting this in the right place i have a cake order but im not really sure how to do it lol she wants a PF chang's Dynamite shrimp cake !!! ive been thinking of ideas but i dont like anything so far anyone have any idea how i can do it

any suggestion would be highly appreciated ..... Hik

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rowantree Posted 30 Apr 2013 , 2:17pm
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I think you need more info/details from your client--does she want it to taste like the shrimp, or merely look like it?  Does she want the shrimp to be a part of the cake, or just an image or gum paste/fondant/modeling chocolate copy? 


Cakes that look like other food are pretty common, like the hamburger and fries, waffles and syrup, etc, but I'd definitely ask exactly what she wants before making anything.

hikatayos Posted 30 Apr 2013 , 4:47pm
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AWell she wants it to look like the dynamite shrimp ... Normal chocolate cake flavor ... She doesnt even mind if i make the cake as a base and a fondant dynamite shrimp on top

theresaf Posted 30 Apr 2013 , 7:11pm
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Personally I love a fooler-food cake (Faux Food Cake).  I have many in my gallery.  I quickly Google-Imaged the dish and see its sometimes served in different plates or a martini glass.  Why not make the main cake look like a white bowl or dish (however you think its served from those photos!)  Those shrimp (and I do love shrimp) unfortunately don't look so interesting in the picture so maybe RKT them?  Bed of lettuce = bed of colored (varying green) coconut to me.  Make your cake board look like a table top or placemat.  You didn't say how many the cake needs to serve so if the cake needs to serve a lot make the bottom tier of the cake the table top or placemat.  Chopsticks?  fondant/gumpaste combo?


hikatayos Posted 1 May 2013 , 3:32pm
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hi theresa ..

thank u so much for ur feedback , yes i love the table top idea and im lookin for a plastic martini glass to use (i think glass would be too heavy right ? ) , coz they use glass martii glasses to serve here ...

anyway ... i was trying to figure out what RKT means lol is it like rice crispies ?

coz i was thinking of shaping fondant or rice crispies and then pooring some colored piping gel on them to give the sauce effect ?

as for the lettus ... i was thinking of making it out of fondant ... but coconut sounds interesting ... any idea how i would go by doing that 


                sorry if i asked too many Q icon_biggrin.gif


theresaf Posted 1 May 2013 , 6:04pm
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Hi hik


Sorry - RKT is rice krispie treats.  You can buy store-made ones and form them in a shrimp-shape, and cover with fondant !  Piping gel in the right color combination - maybe a mix of red/orange/yellow so it isn't a flat color would be nice - definitely try it on a test piece first!!


As for how to use coconut - this is how I color it  - take a bag of shredded coconut and put in a ziplock plastic bag with a few drops of green food coloring (not the wilton gels - the more liquidy kind you use for coloring easter eggs).  seal the bag and then shake it up and the green coloring will disperse throughout the coconut.  then add a little yellow coloring in and do the same.  some of the coconut will be green, some yellow and some even a little white which is fine because lettuce is not a flat color.  I will try to post a specific pic of mine with lettuce in a sandwich separately - I've been having trouble looking at all my photos - it keeps crashing my computer - so I want to send this info separately!


I'd be worried about a glass on top of cake too - try getting a plastic glass at a party supply store.  and maybe a cardboard round between the bottom of the glass and the cake !


it's not too many q - happy to help you!


theresaf Posted 1 May 2013 , 6:13pm
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   Mini Sub Sandwich or The Sweetest Sandwich



hikatayos Posted 1 May 2013 , 6:43pm
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AThank u so much theresa ^_^ Im so excited to give this a try as soon as possible

theresaf Posted 1 May 2013 , 6:53pm
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Great - send me a pic when you are done!


hikatayos Posted 11 May 2013 , 12:43pm
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hi guys 

thank u for the helpfull reviews ... i found the perfect glass to use ... and made a test of making a single shrimp and it looked perfect ^_^

Sadly the customer postponed the order a few month so now i guess ill have to wait ...

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