Why Are My Cupcakes Doing This????

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motherofgrace Posted 23 Apr 2013 , 6:17pm
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I have a convections oven with a side fan, these ones were baked at 300 and I have another baking at 275 doing the same thing!!! HELP!





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liz at sugar Posted 23 Apr 2013 , 6:39pm
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Can you try turning your fan to low, or moving your rack position?  That happens with our commercial oven if the fan is on high and the pan is right in front of it.



motherofgrace Posted 23 Apr 2013 , 6:40pm
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my fan only had this speed and then even faster for cool down :( I can adjust the racks but the fan is in the worst spot.

motherofgrace Posted 23 Apr 2013 , 6:42pm
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its also the way that its rising thats weird, like lifiting with the wrapper print on it.

liz at sugar Posted 23 Apr 2013 , 6:43pm
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Can you bake with the fan off?



Norasmom Posted 23 Apr 2013 , 6:45pm
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I see a new idea here for topsy-turvy cupcakes!  Sounds like the fan for sure, moving the batter to the side.  Can you rotate the pans halfway through the baking process?

motherofgrace Posted 23 Apr 2013 , 6:45pm
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nope :( Really regreting buying this thing!

liz at sugar Posted 23 Apr 2013 , 7:00pm
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Can you create a fan block by placing a taller pan behind the cupcakes (like a loaf pan) to diffuse the moving air?  Sorry you have to resort to jerry rigging this, but it may help you achieve level cupcakes.



motherofgrace Posted 23 Apr 2013 , 7:00pm
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I can rotatre them.


And what about them rising straight up and no domed??


Thanks guys!

Lynne3 Posted 23 Apr 2013 , 7:04pm
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most convection ovens have a "fan off" option.  

It's usually not obvious, but it's almost always an option

motherofgrace Posted 23 Apr 2013 , 7:07pm
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I wrote the monufacturer.


Its a half size so my pans wont fit if I put somthing in front of the fan :(

motherofgrace Posted 23 Apr 2013 , 7:29pm
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I just talked to my old boss and you know what he said the issue was? I am using regular pans. I feel like such an idiot!

liz at sugar Posted 23 Apr 2013 , 7:41pm
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What does that mean?  "Regular" pans?



motherofgrace Posted 23 Apr 2013 , 8:21pm
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The not shiny ones. He said I need the very shiny aluminum ones. I was using wilton pans

liz at sugar Posted 23 Apr 2013 , 8:24pm
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I use all kinds of pans in our commercial convection oven - aluminum sheet pans, non-stick pans, Nordic Ware impressed pans.  I don't really think that is your problem.  As the cupcakes start to get a delicate crown, the fan is blowing that delicate batter and it bakes into that shape.  You can try aluminum pans, but I think the real problem is your fan.  Maybe you can construct an aluminum foil to tent to try over a batch, and see what happens.



motherofgrace Posted 23 Apr 2013 , 8:35pm
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Thanks liz!

ashleabrowncake Posted 23 Apr 2013 , 8:47pm
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AI agree with Liz, I believe the fan is your problem :)

motherofgrace Posted 23 Apr 2013 , 9:05pm
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he said something about the heat distribution

MimiFix Posted 23 Apr 2013 , 10:05pm
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For most products, I hate convection baking. The forced air is too strong and many ovens only have a low or high fan control. Denser batters will hold up far better, so (if possible) tinker with your recipes and add extra flour plus a pinch of leavener.  

Crimsicle Posted 23 Apr 2013 , 11:35pm
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I have a commercial convection oven where I work.  Tried it once to save time, but thought it was awful.  IMHO, convection ovens are not good for baked goods.  Casseroles, meats, etc., are great in it.  But cakes...not so much.


Try bringing the oven up to temperature and then shutting off the fan when you put the cakes in. 

motherofgrace Posted 24 Apr 2013 , 12:15am
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to shut off the fan I would have to turn off the oven. Will try again tomorrow lol

suzukipammy Posted 24 Apr 2013 , 12:25am
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AIt is most definitely the fan uneven temperature make sure that the oven is completely pre heated I don't think it is the pans I use all different pans in my fan assisted oven but I have never had that problem they do look weird though like they have been grilled rather than cooked also check that the heat can circulate around and under the pans

scrumdiddlycakes Posted 24 Apr 2013 , 12:45am
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I use all sorts of pans in my commercial convection, and have no issues, but if the fan is on high, I get cupcakes that look like yours.

Liz is right, it's the fan. I've never heard of one you can't turn off though, I would call their customer service and see if you can get a technician on the line.

sweettooth101 Posted 24 Apr 2013 , 1:35am
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I don't think it is the pans,I only use convection for cookies so that they bake evenly and crispier. Most ovens  have an option for bake (normal) and convention.

The other reason could be the baking powder or whatever raising agent you used.

bittersweety Posted 24 Apr 2013 , 12:53pm
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I also have a convection oven that makes my chocolate cupcakes do this because its a thinner more delicate batter... I take a large piece of foil and stab lots of little holes in it then tent it over the cupcake pan and secure around the sides so the fan doesn't blow it off. keep the fans from blowing the cupcakes to the side. works like a charm :)

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