Airbrushing Colours?

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JamAndButtercream Posted 20 Apr 2013 , 11:15am
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Hi Everyone,


I just wanted to ask, I'm thinking of buying an Airbrush machine,


My question is could ordinary liquid food colouring be used in the machine? 


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JamAndButtercream Posted 23 Apr 2013 , 4:57pm
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can you use ordinary liquid food colouring from the supermarket or do you have to buy special airbrushing colours? 



IAmPamCakes Posted 23 Apr 2013 , 5:04pm
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AI would use airbrush colors since they are designed for that purpose. If something went wonky with your machine and you used the wrong colors, I don't know if any company would honor a warranty.

JamAndButtercream Posted 23 Apr 2013 , 5:12pm
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Ah right thank you IAmPamCakes 


auntginn Posted 23 Apr 2013 , 5:36pm
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From my understanding airbrush colors are thinned out so the liquid will flow evenly.  I have an airbrush and sometimes I need to use a color or mix colors.  I use vodka to thin it out and even then I watch for spattering.

JamAndButtercream Posted 24 Apr 2013 , 9:28pm
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Thank you auntginn 


CakeByNature Posted 10 Aug 2013 , 6:31pm
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Ordinary food colouring can be used but this is based on the nozzle size of the airbrush, so a couple drops of water may need to be added to help thin the colouring for an efficient spray.


I use a local company: for my supplies. They provide a range of equipment and also offer technical support, which I have used in the past for advice.

CakeByNature Posted 10 Aug 2013 , 7:58pm
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Ordinary food colouring can be used but it depends on the size of the nozzle on the airbrush, that is being used. A few drops of water can be added to allow a sufficient spray. Kroma Kolors are especially designed for airbrushes and are supplied in a range of colours, which can be mixed to create the colour of your choice. I use a local company called Airbrush Solutions who supply a range of cake kits and equipment and they offer technical support, so you can contact them for any advice.



CakeChemistry Posted 10 Aug 2013 , 8:33pm
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AStick to the airbrush products. Airbrush paint is blended chemically (sugar, colouring, alcohol) to thin the paint down so it is fine enough to mist through the nozzle and create the even effect, it also won't clog your nozzle as it is the right consistency and viscosity. Mixing airbrush colours is fine as they have the same chemical components give or take colouring agents. In theory you could use food colourings mixed with vodka/rejuvenator but you really need to get the consistency and viscosity right, if these aren't correct the weight of the fluid particles is too heavy for the air spray and you will get a blotchy effect. This will not be good for your machine and clog the nozzle. I use kroma kolors, they are dear but they last ages. Make sure you clean out your airbrush with the proper cleaning fluid or at he very least flush with water and run a bit of vodka through to keep it tippity top. Hope this makes sense, my hubby is a chemist so I get full n explanations about all my creative stuff!!!! X x

CakeByNature Posted 11 Aug 2013 , 4:00pm
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I buy my Kroma Kolors for £3.95, which is a little pricey per colour but as you only need a few drops, they last ages! 

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