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Sparklekat6 Posted 8 Apr 2013 , 11:18pm
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Hey All!


So I bought points at Xtranormal because I wanted to make a Game of Thrones Parody of the Iphone 4 movie.  Seriously, if you haven't see the iphone 4 movie you need to, it's hilarious.  There's a link on my video here (you've been warned, there is cussing):



But the point is I have enough points to make a new movie and I want to do one with a dialogue between a baker and a bridezilla, so I thought I'd get everyone's help to make it extra funny!  You know it can start with:


"Hi, I need to order a cake for 250 people for my wedding-on-a-budget.  I need my cake to be moist.  Also, can you make me 1000 cupcakes in 5 different flavors to match my cake....."


You get the idea.  Also if you can direct me other forums where this has been discussed.  I know there's a lot in the "Things to NOT say/ask a baker"  forum"  but I know there's also a lot more!   I want to keep it light and funny.  

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Sparklekat6 Posted 9 Apr 2013 , 9:07pm
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Awwww come on, no one is even feeling slightly punchy!!??

DeliciousDesserts Posted 9 Apr 2013 , 9:27pm
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ABahahaha ha! I love this idea!

Be sure to include that the wedding is tomorrow...in another state.

Sparklekat6 Posted 9 Apr 2013 , 10:12pm
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Yeah I was thinking about adding some inside jokes too (i don't know if you remember this thread) like:


"Oh thank you very much for coming in, but I couldn't hear you on the phone it sounded like---like you were doing laundry"


I can't find the thread but if I remember correctly someone had come on here saying that they called their client and their client answered even though it was clear they were engaged in s----- laundry.

Sparklekat6 Posted 12 Apr 2013 , 4:45pm
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Okay here's the dialogue.  I also posted it on the things not to say/ask a baker since I stole the content from that forum.  Let me know if I should add/delete anything.



Baker: Hello, and welcome to California Cakes, how may I help you?

Customer:  Hi, your cakes are so lovely. 

Baker:  Oh thank you.

Customer:  Have you ever seen Ace of Cakes?

Baker: A few times.

Customer:  I am thinking about ordering my wedding cake here.  Can I ask a few questions?

Baker:  Sure.

Customer: Do you bake from scratch?

Baker: Yes.

Customer:  Is it moist?

Baker:  Of course!

Customer:  Is your icing sweet?

Baker: The primary ingredient is sugar.

Customer:  What does the cake taste like?

Baker:  Well I’d be happy to schedule a tasting if you want to set a date and pay a deposit?

Customer:  You don’t have any samples on hand at the moment?

Baker:  No we only do cake tastings for clients that we have booked.

Customer: Oh okay.  Well I am having a wedding with 250 people.  I think I want this cake I saw in Weddings.  It was 5 or 6 tiers.  It was covered in fondue.  Then it had this lace work done on the bottoms tiers and it had flowers in the middle and little people on tope that looked like the bride and groom.

Baker: I’m sorry I thought you said fondue, did you mean fondant.

Customer:  Oh yes.  I don’t like that.

Baker:  Well we can certainly make something like what you described.  Do you want 5 or 6 tiers?

Customer:  Hmmmmmm, 6.

Baker:  Can you tell me what your Bride and Groom color theme is?

Customer:  The Groom is Black and the Bride is white.

Baker:  No I’m sorry I mean what are your wedding colors?

Customer:  We don’t have them picked yet.

Baker:  That’s okay we can discuss it closer to the date.

Customer: I also want fruit filling.

Baker:  That’s not a problem, we can do any berry filing and we also have mango and banana.

Customer:  Great.  How much will it be?

Baker:  With a 6 tier buttercream cake with lace work and gumpaste flowers and people you are looking at 6 dollars a serving.

Customer:  Oh my gosh, how much is that?  That’s too much.  It’s just sugar and flour

Baker:  Well we can cut some costs if you want to buy your own topper and have your florist make the flower centerpiece of the cake?

Customer:  Okay, how much is it then?

Baker:  I think I can keep it to 5.25 a serving.

Customer:  Can you cut me a discount since I am ordering so much cake?

Baker:  I’m sorry but that’s a low as I can go.

Customer: But there will be lots of people at my wedding who are getting married soon so this will be a good marketing opportunity.

Baker:  I just can’t do it for any less it will take a lot of time to do that lace work.

Customer:  But it only takes an hour on TV.

Baker: Yes but they don’t show you all the behind-the-scenes work they do.

Customer:  And I have seen cakes at Wal-mart for $150.

Baker:  Have you seen the cake you want at Wal-mart?

Customer:  Well no, can’t you do price match guarantee?

Baker:  I’m sorry but that’s my final price and it’s really competitive for other specialty cake shops.  Perhaps Wal-mart can make you something more simple?

Customer:  But Wal-mart said they couldn’t do it as quickly as I need it.

Baker: When and where is your wedding?

Customer: In 5 days, at the Tucson Ranch Resort.

Baker: Tucson, Arizona?

Customer:  Yes?

Baker:  Get out.

Customer: But-

Baker: Just go.

Customer:  Fine, I’ll just have my cousin make it.  She just finished the Wilton Course One at Michaels. 

AZCouture Posted 12 Apr 2013 , 4:59pm
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Oh fondue, how I loathe you.

JWinslow Posted 12 Apr 2013 , 5:31pm
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Originally Posted by AZCouture 

Oh fondue, how I loathe you.

LOL!  Can't stop laughing...........

kikiandkyle Posted 12 Apr 2013 , 6:39pm
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AYou need to add will it be moist about 6 more times!

I love the original iPhone one, it was very accurate at the time!

SweetMelissa730 Posted 14 Apr 2013 , 1:53am
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I can't stop laughing at fondue! LMAO icon_cry.gif

Sparklekat6 Posted 16 Apr 2013 , 9:31pm
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Originally Posted by kikiandkyle 

You need to add will it be moist about 6 more times!

I love the original iPhone one, it was very accurate at the time!

Done and Done!  I only added three more but i wanted them to be "somewhat" appropriately placed. 


See video here:


kikiandkyle Posted 16 Apr 2013 , 10:54pm
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SweetMelissa730 Posted 17 Apr 2013 , 7:12am
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AHahaha! :grin:

plcharles Posted 17 Apr 2013 , 9:38pm
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Hahahahahah....that was really good. Made me laugh! The unfortunate thing is this type of conversation actually happens at times!

PTDixieGal Posted 31 May 2013 , 6:22pm
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I like it...:)

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