Using High Ratio Shortening

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Sassyzan Posted 1 Apr 2013 , 7:38pm
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AI bought some high ratio shortening for the first time. What recipe do you recommend? I have sharon zambito's buttercream DVD, but the hot coffee Creamer just isn't appealing.. can I make the wilton recipe with it?

What recipe do you all use? I want to experiment, but the stuff is not cheap...thought I'd get some expert opinions first! I have a 2-tier cake in 3 weeks. Wanted to try a better-performing icing for it since its a buttercream cake.

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thebrat68 Posted 1 Apr 2013 , 7:50pm
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I used Sharon's and love it... I changed it by using 2 C. butter and 3 C hi ratio but fallowed the rest to the T it worked like a charm and almost no air bubbles in my icing!!!!  I was so happy I could have kissed her if she was here!!!!!

Sassyzan Posted 1 Apr 2013 , 8:07pm
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AIs there something special about the creamer? Could I use hot water or milk? It's been a while since I watched the DVD...can't remember if she addresses that.

lorieleann Posted 1 Apr 2013 , 11:35pm
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I don't use the hot coffee creamer in my American buttercream. The main thing that I take from the Sugarshack recipe is to make a full batch and add liquid in at the beginning.  I work with a 6 qt bowl and use 4 cups of unsalted and 3 cups (by weight) of HRS, but I break down the HRS for a few minutes before adding the butter.  I haven't seen much of a difference when using the coffee creamer hot or not, so I usually use half-and-half. 


when using butter, I have noticed that it is possible to overbeat, whereas if it is all shortening I don't think that that is possible.  


If you are making SMBC you can also substitute 1/3 or 1/2 of the butter in to make it a bit more stable in high temperatures. There is a bit of difference in taste, but it does help a bit. 

Annabakescakes Posted 1 Apr 2013 , 11:48pm
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I think the creamer is used to help the icing crust, but it isn't appealing to me, either. I use butter, with the hi-ratio, and half and half. crusts just fine. Not hard, more like a skin, rather than a crust.

kazita Posted 1 Apr 2013 , 11:58pm
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AI use high ratio shortening and just high ratio shortening no butter and heavy whipping cream instead of water I follow the wilton recipe with a few tweaks like I hate almond extract so I don't use it. If you make the recipe that sugarshack uses you almost have to have a 5 qt. Mixer or larger and my mixer isn't that large now that being said there was a thread on here where a lady used her smaller mixer but she had to adjust the recipe for her smaller mixer. I have read on here that using the flavored creamers cold can make a yummy buttercream but I have never tried it.

SweetMelissa730 Posted 2 Apr 2013 , 9:46am
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I love Sharon's buttercream! I don't use the creamer though, I just use hot water. You could also use powdered milk instead of the creamer, but I'm just as happy with the plain water. I get the water from my Keurig, you really should use a HOT liquid. I find it helps smooth out the shortening making it creamier and I find it helps take some of the chalkiness out of the powdered sugar. I used to work for a bakery and they used hot water in their buttercream as well. To be honest Sharon's recipe is similar to the bakery's recipe, just the flavorings are a little different and of course the ratio is way smaller.


Oh thebrat68, I know what you mean! After I make a batch I run my straight spatula through it and there are no air bubble and its so smooth... oh it makes me so happy! I live near Sharon, she's lucky I've never driven over to her house, knocked on her door, and given her a big ol' smooch!! icon_lol.gif

kazita Posted 2 Apr 2013 , 10:22am
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AI've heard nothing but good about Sharons recipe I just don't have a big enough mixer to make it.

Here is the thread cracking the recipe using a 4.5 qt.recipe, read all the post when the Op first post her discovery she post a mistake she later makes a correction.

kazita Posted 2 Apr 2013 , 10:39am
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AOops forgot to post the link. Here it is.

Darimar Posted 2 Apr 2013 , 10:51am
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Have you tried edna de la Cruz buttercream. She has a tutorial at design me a cake. 

Sassyzan Posted 2 Apr 2013 , 12:22pm
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Original message sent by Darimar

Have you tried edna de la Cruz buttercream. She has a tutorial at design me a cake. 

i love her tutorials. I was thinking of trying hers. Do you use it? Like it?

kazita Posted 2 Apr 2013 , 2:21pm
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AI love Edna too she's where I found out about high ratio shortening ( I love that stuff) I personally don't use her recipe for buttercream . I know you were asking someone eles just thought that I would put my 2 cents in. I'm really considering trying Sharons buttercream recipe except instead of using the warm cream that she uses I would just use heavy whipping cream like I use now.

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