How Hard Do You Stick To A Contract

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crazygrammie Posted 1 Apr 2013 , 2:39am
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i'm a pretty laid back person and always bend over backwards taking last minute orders when I'm covered up, running late, any number of things.

I'm not quite sure what to do in this situation.

I have a signed contract for wedding cake. half of total was due Feb 28th. didn't pay. I contacted bride about something else and mentioned it casually. (her dad is paying) she said she would get with him and email when it was sent.

Total was due March 26th, dad called me and told me I could pick up check or he would mail. I'm busy and they don't live close, told him to mail.

That was last weekend, 8 days ago. If he had mailed when he said he would, I would have the money.

This is a BIG cake, with a BIG price. I've turned down a bunch of cakes for that weekend already.

I honestly at this point just want out (I think)

Would you email them and would you just cancel, would you give them one more chance? Would love your input on what to do without ruining my rep. I don't want someone coming and saying 'oh I didn't get my cake'.

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jason_kraft Posted 1 Apr 2013 , 2:53am
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AIf I were you, I would call them and say that if you don't have the total amount of your order hand-delivered in cash by 5pm on Monday, the order will be cancelled.

If your contract requires a non-refundable retainer, remind the customer that the retainer is still due even if the order is cancelled (unless specified otherwise in your contract). If the deadline passes with no payment, call the customer again, tell them the order is now cancelled, and say that you will be contacting a collection agency if you do not receive the retainer payment within 3 days.

crazygrammie Posted 1 Apr 2013 , 3:06am
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contract does state $100 non refundable deposit that I collected at the tasting. Would it be rude to call in the morning and give them til end of day?

And just say that if I really wanted out what would you do? I've just discovered that weddings are so much more stressful and even though the money is great, I don't need the stress in my life and this would be the worst. (5 tier, some onsite work would have to be done, etc)

jason_kraft Posted 1 Apr 2013 , 3:18am
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AConsidering the payment is past due I don't think it would be rude to call in the morning (or even tonight if it's not too late) and give them until the end of the day.

If you really don't want to go through with this order, just tell the customer that their order is now cancelled due to lack of payment. At least you'll get to keep the $100 for your trouble.

How much was the total price for this order? Given how many other orders you had to turn away it sounds like the retainer should have been a lot higher.

crazygrammie Posted 1 Apr 2013 , 3:21am
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total price was 825. I had no idea at the time that things would take off like they have. I love doing kids cakes so so so much more. even if I wound up with no orders for that weekend, it won't hurt my feelings, I could spend time with my family lol.

goodvibrations Posted 1 Apr 2013 , 5:53am
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I so agree with you crazygrammie!!! I quit doing wedding cakes 6 months ago and life is so much better without that stress. All other celebration cakes are the same cost per serving as wedding cakes without tastings, consultations, delivery, set-up, etc. I'd do just as Jason suggested. CASH by 5pm on Monday.

crazygrammie Posted 1 Apr 2013 , 12:27pm
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Thanks guys. I just needed a little backup in my corner lol. I have cancelled her contract. I did not give her til the end of day as it's not a good day for me to sit home waiting on someone, I have a load of things to do so I just cut the cord.

-K8memphis Posted 1 Apr 2013 , 4:10pm
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good for you--feels better huh-- hope it all blows over easy for you


i've told this story before but ...i once did a double wedding and sure enough one bride paid and one bride didn't--it was to be two combined cakes


i was so torn


i finally decided to do it--i was very surprised at how much peace i immediately got out of that decision --felt so good all of a sudden when it had just felt so bad--i decided even if i got screwed for the money in the end i would not penalize the paying bride--i did get paid in the end--just young kids who had a hard time getting it all together--no excuse but that's what it was


so going forward i decided the contract held both ways--that if we got to the crucial time and final payment was not forthcoming i would still do the cake to save myself from drama and all that conflicting inner turmoil then i'd sure as shooting continue collection procedures on the other end after the fact


to that effect at the consult i get tons of phone numbers and information including places of employment--chat them up real good, write it all down--use it if i need it following the guidelines of the fair debt collection practice act


that's what works for me--

crazygrammie Posted 1 Apr 2013 , 5:31pm
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as it turns out, when I emailed her she went into a little shock. So provided she meets me today with the cash, I will be doing the cake. But learned a lot, be firm.

-K8memphis Posted 1 Apr 2013 , 5:37pm
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being firm is great but now you're dangling again--hopefully she comes through


you hopefully won't have to start slicing the baby--what if she pays tomorrow or the next day--what really is too late


not for me


that's why i decided to go into collection if necessary--get me off the merry go 'round


just me ;)


but i mean i contact the venue and make sure the event's still a green light and a bunch of other stuff but.. too much drama pour moi


good luck!!!!

costumeczar Posted 1 Apr 2013 , 8:07pm
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Originally Posted by crazygrammie 

as it turns out, when I emailed her she went into a little shock. So provided she meets me today with the cash, I will be doing the cake. But learned a lot, be firm.

This happens a lot for non-payers. I've had to tell a few people that their contracts would be cancelled if payment wasn't made immediately. It's amazing that people who never answered an email or responded to a phone call will suddenly call you right back when the words "no wedding cake" come into the conversation.

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