What Is Your Favorite Youtube Cake Decorating Tutorial?

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enga Posted 12 Dec 2013 , 11:47pm
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FlourPots Posted 13 Dec 2013 , 1:27am
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Some of my faves have already been mentioned...SweetAmbs, Montreal Confections...


I also love Julia Usher's channel...I have the same feeling watching her videos as I do when looking at her books...

I want to make every single thing she demonstrates!


Another fave...Confetti Cakes (Elisa Strauss):

enga Posted 13 Dec 2013 , 3:23am
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OMG!!! Julia Usher's channel is amazing! Thank You FlourPots! Okay, I'm going deep sea diving on her channel instead of surfing,lol.

FlourPots Posted 13 Dec 2013 , 11:43am
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LOL...no problem, enga :)

enga Posted 18 Dec 2013 , 6:44am
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Royal icing cookie tutorials


Julia Usher




enga Posted 4 Jan 2014 , 10:56pm
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Today was an unusual day for me so I might as well continue with the theme.


How I used to icing a cake, she lost me after the icing part o_0



Enjoy :-D

enga Posted 15 Jan 2014 , 6:57pm
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Here is another fav video I would like share with you by one of our own CC members HapprCake10609. It is a great tutorial on how to make peonies with gum paste.




CakeDay Posted 19 Jan 2014 , 11:52pm
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This lady has some really nice videos -

enga Posted 20 Jan 2014 , 6:36am
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Originally Posted by CakeDay 

This lady has some really nice videos -

Thank you CakeDay

enga Posted 3 Feb 2014 , 6:35am
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Here is another one that I forgot to add to my favs, Todd's Kitchen. This man is a genius! he makes everything from cookie dough brownies to mosquito repellent which is quite nice actually. It's made with lemon juice vanilla extract and lavender oil and smells delish,lol check out his videos all 467 of them :razz:



morganchampagne Posted 3 Feb 2014 , 6:48am
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ANot sure if this was mentioned up thread but Hanielas has really good and quick tutorials on sugar cookie designs. If you like more in depth there's montreal confections

enga Posted 3 Feb 2014 , 7:08am
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Originally Posted by morganchampagne 

Not sure if this was mentioned up thread but Hanielas has really good and quick tutorials on sugar cookie designs. If you like more in depth there's montreal confections

I know, love Hanielas cookie designs! montreal confections is awesome too.

Supermom35 Posted 3 Feb 2014 , 11:46pm
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So I know this isn't a youtube tutorial, but I gave my daughter a cake decorating party for her birthday. The staff for the company taught these kids a lot! She is now very into cake decorating and she is only 10! It was fun, creative and age appropriate. My girlfriend told me about this company after she did it for her 19 year old and said the same thing how great the company was in teaching the kids and having fun at the same time. 


Try it out!




Good Luck!

enga Posted 4 Feb 2014 , 5:49am
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Welcome to rainbows and unicorns addiction overload!


Rainbow ice cream cones




S'amuser :lol:

enga Posted 8 Mar 2014 , 6:27am
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~~This week find myself fascinated with all things about piping techniques, cupcakes, and the color Purple. I love this man and his crazy cool over the top creations.  David Maccarfrae is one of my favorite Cake Artists!


enga Posted 25 Apr 2014 , 5:53pm
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Saw this online and though that this artist was simply amazing! Now if I could only do it on a cake :roll: .


Check out Heather's other celebrity drawings on You Tube



FlourPots Posted 22 May 2014 , 7:22pm
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Two new favorite channels:

enga Posted 22 May 2014 , 10:25pm
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Nice! Thanks for posting these FlourPots!

enga Posted 22 May 2014 , 10:38pm
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Now if I could only find a you tube video of a unicorn with spider legs that knows how to price cakes :roll: hmmmmm dilemmas, dilemmas, dilemmas, lol. Oh, and note to self.........Must......Have.....Charming.......Personality :lol:

FlourPots Posted 23 May 2014 , 12:07am
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enga Posted 23 May 2014 , 12:47am
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Originally Posted by FlourPots 


Hee he he, anywho.... whistles while nonchalantly holding hands behinds back :roll: and kicking at imaginary rocks..........I found these simple sugar flower tutorials after putzing around in my haphazardly created raised garden bed today, dreaming of the pretty blooms that will display themselves soon.


These are for you FlourPots!


S'amuser :-D 



New videos from Emma Corns sugar flower tutorials


FlourPots Posted 23 May 2014 , 2:36am
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Thank you my dear!

enga Posted 23 May 2014 , 2:40am
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enga Posted 12 Jun 2014 , 8:41am
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Not a video, just saw in the news how times are changing for storefront bakeries :(

It's getting harder and harder these days to stay ahead of the game.







enga Posted 29 Jun 2014 , 7:55pm
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Hi all! You ever need a really big gum paste flower to make that modern/minimalist styled cake pop but don’t have the best gum paste skills?  Well here is your answer. I found these tutorials to help you out!


Big bad gum paste flower



SweetShop5 Posted 29 Jun 2014 , 10:13pm
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enga Posted 30 Jun 2014 , 1:18am
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Originally Posted by SweetShop5 


She really makes some good tutorials!

enga Posted 8 Jul 2014 , 8:59am
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While suffering my insomnia and surfing (pun intended) the web for ideas and tutorials for the new inspirational challenge, I ran across a few inspiring stories.


Beautiful unique cat that I would love to have.




A rescue dogs unconditional love.




Once in a lifetime wedding pic! (yahoo has this little three letter word on links sometimes, I assure you if you retype it, the link will work and not send you somewhere you don't want to be) :eek:




Sometimes it takes an feisty 83 year old to knock some common sense into misguided youth, lol.




And sometimes common sense comes out of the mouths of babes.







enga Posted 14 Jul 2014 , 8:58pm
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