Anyone Ever Used These?

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funtodecorate2 Posted 16 Mar 2013 , 5:11pm
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I have a wedding cake to do for the middle of July. It can be 95 here or 65. It's really anyones guess. My SIL saved these for me to keep cakes in and keep them cool. Has anyone ever used these before ? I've watched and read info on keeping cakes cold. So my idea is to use these and put cake in cardboard box then place inside this cooler . Then chunk up dry ice and put around it . Anyone tried this? Can you keep the lid snug or does it need to be cracked ?

The bride wants buttercream with shortening and butter. What is this called anyway? American?     It is a woodsy theme, Cakes will be  sitting on individual logs so they can be completely finished and just need to keep cold as possible. I will attend the outside wedding then go to the shaded area and set up the cakes . She also wants pinecones along the tiers . I will be  making  choc ones and suppose just set them out on the tiers maybe 1/2 hr or so depending on the temp.  Am I crazy or what ?  Luckily I will have time to do a trial run on the pinecones anyway.

Any help will be aprreciated. 

thanks, Wendy




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getonthemove Posted 16 Mar 2013 , 5:29pm
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Sorry I have never used those, but for safety purposes you should never store dry ice in an airtight container.  The sublimation of the dry ice to carbon dioxide can cause an airtight container to expand and possibly explode due to the build up in pressure.  You can use the dry ice in a cooler, just don't seal it up tightly.



-K8memphis Posted 16 Mar 2013 , 5:33pm
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oh man exploding cakes what an epic scenario


i vote for the dry ice and set up some cameras to catch the action





getonthemove Posted 16 Mar 2013 , 5:41pm
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I have three dogs that be up to the task of cleaning up the mess afterwards.  icon_biggrin.gif  Just as long as they are not around for the boom that is.

funtodecorate2 Posted 16 Mar 2013 , 5:52pm
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ok ok ok  lol   now back to the question icon_biggrin.gif

Can I use it and just NOT put the lid on tight? I will tape it in place if I have to so it doens't fall back into a snug position

funtodecorate2 Posted 16 Mar 2013 , 5:53pm
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Better yet .... I won't put the lid on at all . Just the box lid that the cake is in. 

funtodecorate2 Posted 16 Mar 2013 , 8:28pm
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anyone else tried anything like this ? Hoping for ideas on keeping my cakes cold :)

-K8memphis Posted 16 Mar 2013 , 9:10pm
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what i use is either corrugate cardboard boxes with ice packs inside


or those big plastic organizer type boxes with ice packs or with ice in a separate one


once i used both--slid the plastic boxes into the cardboard boxes


plus if the cake is already chilled the corrugated boxes hold the cake very well esp w/ice packs


i would not use a cooler because i fnd it too confining for the larger size cakes--just not big enough


i have posted in a thread somewhere all the details on what i do


i'll find it


hey i know it's in thread about umm--i'll find it...

-K8memphis Posted 16 Mar 2013 , 9:14pm
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what i do is explained in more detail in here

funtodecorate2 Posted 16 Mar 2013 , 9:31pm
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Thank you for the ideas. :)

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