rica827 Posted 14 Mar 2013 , 8:18pm

I have seen this before, and it appears simple, but could be deceiving!  I'm referring to what I can only think of as "scalloped" sides?  Do you just plop blobs of frosting in vertical rows and smooth them with a spatula?


Thanks for your help! :)



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Bbreland Posted 14 Mar 2013 , 8:33pm
KathleenC Posted 14 Mar 2013 , 8:36pm

Here's another one.




I like the look, but haven't tried it yet.  However, it looks fairly straightforward.

theresaf Posted 14 Mar 2013 , 10:44pm

It's simple AND beautiful.  I've used it many times myself (even my cake logo here)

It's called the petal effect - check out Melissa's super simple wonderfully described plan! 







rica827 Posted 15 Mar 2013 , 1:06am

AYou guys are awesome!! Thank you so much! :)

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