Osgirl Posted 2 Mar 2013 , 10:34pm

Someone wanted this:




8" smash cake and 24 cupcakes. Her budget was $50. Yeah, right. What would you have charged for this?

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IAmPamCakes Posted 2 Mar 2013 , 10:46pm

I would have charged $60 just for the cupcakes.

thecakefairybyM Posted 2 Mar 2013 , 10:49pm

$40 for the cupcakes and $50 for the cake

leah_s Posted 2 Mar 2013 , 10:51pm

$32 for the cupcakes and $96 for the cake.  But its a copyrighted image anyway.

ashleabrowncake Posted 2 Mar 2013 , 11:05pm

A$96 for cupcakes, and $108 for the cake.

icer101 Posted 2 Mar 2013 , 11:09pm

$96 for c/c and $100 for cake

LovelyCakes4Us Posted 2 Mar 2013 , 11:17pm

30 for the cupcakes 75.00 for the cake. 

Kima920 Posted 3 Mar 2013 , 2:39am

A$50 for the cupcakes and $80 for the cake.

chicny Posted 3 Mar 2013 , 3:20am

$125 for cake and $90 for cupcakes

howsweet Posted 3 Mar 2013 , 3:21am

$252.  I wouldn't have known that's a copyrighted image just from the picture.


I'd have offered to do the monkey's head vertically at no extra charge since it only takes a minute to attach it to some lollipop sticks. I'd also have offered other less expensive options for the cc's and a price for trimming some way other than using the ball trim. That's 48 servings btw. Cake fairy , how can you make any money selling cake for $1.80 per serving???? 

Paperfishies Posted 3 Mar 2013 , 4:04am

8 inch smash cake is awfully big.  I usually offer 4inch and 6 inch smash cakes.  


Anyways cupcakes would be $70 and $70 for the cake.

MimiFix Posted 3 Mar 2013 , 4:06am

It's Curious George. Definitely a copyrighted image. Legally, without permission it's Priceless.

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