Bottom Of Cake Layer Is Hard And Rubbery

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Olenmetra Posted 26 Feb 2013 , 6:52pm
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I have waisted a 25lb of flour and 25lb bag of sugar ... I cant take it.  My homemade pound cakes and my vanilla cakes are coming out rubbery and hard at the bottom.  I cant figure out why. I did a little researched and changed my method several times.... and they are still coming out the same way...Research say something about too much gluten.  Please help!  i am NOT over mixing. i mix just long enough for the flour to blend.  I am at my witts end with this.  this is not happening with any of my other cakes.  

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Relznik Posted 26 Feb 2013 , 7:00pm
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Do you use real butter or margarine?

suzannem5 Posted 26 Feb 2013 , 10:04pm
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Have you checked your oven temperature with a thermometer?  I ended up having to buy a new oven as my vanilla sponge cakes all had dense, rubbery patches - all other cakes were fine.  It appears that the oven had 'cold spots' as the same recipe and method turns out perfectly in my new oven.

remnant3333 Posted 27 Feb 2013 , 12:26am
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I agree that you need to buy a little oven temperature gauge and check your oven temperature. Also cakes should be cooked with shelf in middle of oven for best results. If your oven temperature is too high then you could lower your temperature setting by how much the oven is off. 


Here is one of my favorite pound cakes that comes from Epicurious. Cake is put into a cold oven. Here is site below for recipe. Any time I have cooked the below cake it is always very moist.


Don't give up. It may not be anything that you are doing!!! It could be your oven so keep your faith and hang in there. Let us know if your oven is off. I know you must be frustrated!!  Good luck.

Olenmetra Posted 27 Feb 2013 , 1:02am
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@Relznik... I use Blue Bonnet. It works in all my other cakes.

Olenmetra Posted 27 Feb 2013 , 1:05am
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@Suzannem5 and remnant3333... I am going to purchase a therm...for my oven.

Relznik Posted 27 Feb 2013 , 8:04am
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Originally Posted by Olenmetra 

@Relznik... I use Blue Bonnet. It works in all my other cakes.

Sorry, I don't know what that is...  We don't have that in the UK.

crustdust Posted 27 Feb 2013 , 9:26am
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Original message sent by Relznik

Sorry, I don't know what that is...  We don't have that in the UK.

Popfizz Posted 27 Feb 2013 , 12:04pm
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Blue Bonnet seems to be some sort of margarine spread with lower calories.


Total Fat contents in the following version of BB per 14g serving (see their 'nutrition information')


Regular 8g

Light sticks 5g

Soft Spread 6g

Light Soft Spread 4.5g


8/14 x 100 = 57.1% fat

5/14 x 100 = 35.7% fat

6/14 x 100 = 42.8% fat

4.5/14 x 100 = 32.1% fat


This is your problem. None of these spreads contain enough fat content to make your cake.


What is in the spread to make up the extra weight of it? Mostly water I suspect. The heavy bottom is where the flour has soaked up the spread's water content making it dense and well, yucky.


Go for a spread with at least 70% fat - that is at least 10 grams per 14 gram serving.


Use natural butter for pound cake, or a high quality sunflower oil spread if you're concerned by the calories. The higher the fat content, the better chance your cake succeeds, especially with the amounts of sugar and flour you're using.

crustdust Posted 27 Feb 2013 , 1:07pm
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AButter is your only way to go here. Sorry but we tested a variety of butter substitutions in culinary school and the results were awful

remnant3333 Posted 27 Feb 2013 , 4:18pm
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I too only use butter for pound cakes.

Olenmetra Posted 27 Feb 2013 , 6:36pm
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thank you thank you than you.... i am going to try REAL butter and let you know if this works for me.  keep posted..... t.b.d.

Relznik Posted 27 Feb 2013 , 7:19pm
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I *think* the magic number is 72% fat (minimum).


I always use butter...  I don't think you can beat it for flavour!!

Olenmetra Posted 28 Feb 2013 , 9:13pm
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Hey!!! I am pleased to say that i tried it with real butter and it work!  No more rubber in my pound cakes....  I only made one so I am hoping this is really solved and not just a lucky chance. 


This is a prime reason why I LOVE this forum.  There"s always someone who knows more and can help me.   Now I am going to try my vanilla cake (i use the vanilla cake #1 by the crumb boss) to see if it comes out perfect, like my pound cake did.

remnant3333 Posted 1 Mar 2013 , 1:14am
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Congratulations on your pound cake finally turning out!!! Real butter works every time!!! Eat a piece of pound cake for me too!!!

Babbo Posted 1 Mar 2013 , 10:21am
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real butter all the way ;-) glad it has worked for you

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