Fondarific too stretchy and didn't hold cut-out shapes

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Pearl645 Posted 21 Feb 2013 , 5:31pm
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Hi all,


I bought Fondarific fondant over the Christmas because I saw some good reviews on it and I'm going through a list of new brands after Satin Ice problems drying hard and cracking in my heat.


I used Fondarific for my Valentine's Day cookies and sadly they messed up all my orders. I had no idea the fondant was so stretchy till I tried to pick it up and it lost shape badly. I had warped hearts. Everything was warped after trying to pick up. Was really embarrassing. I didn't think of putting Tylose powder in it at the time, not sure why but I wish I had.


Anyone uses Fondarific and got around this problem? I have a large tub in each of their colours. Feel I made a mistake. It was cheaper to buy wholesale than individual tubs. I really should have asked for a sample :( womp womp. Not too impressed with the flavour either. I could taste a slight bitter underlying taste in the red and pink fondant. Learning a hard and expensive lesson here.


I did like that the fondant doesn't dry out and there is no elephant skin though.

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Ducky316 Posted 21 Feb 2013 , 7:25pm
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Just adding some powdered sugar to it and knead it in well....That should take the stretchiness out...just add a little at a time, and sift it first :)

Pearl645 Posted 21 Feb 2013 , 10:37pm
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Thank you. I ought to give this a try. I remember the packaging said little to now PS or shortening needed and they were right. I rolled out small pieces without any help which is probably why it didn't hold cut-out shapes properly. Do you use this brand of fondant or another brand?

fondarific Posted 22 Feb 2013 , 10:42am
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Good morning Pearl645,


I do apologize that you have had a bad experience with your fondant!  We stand behind our product 100%, so If you would please email me at or call me at 912-232-4410 I will take care of this for you.   


You should not have to add tylose or powder sugar to the fondant.  If it is over heated, over knead or if you have very warm hands it will get stretchy, if you will just let the fondant rest for several minutes before picking it up or moving it, it should be fine. 


Hope to hear from you soon!


Pearl645 Posted 22 Feb 2013 , 4:09pm
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Hi Laura,


Thanks for getting in touch with me. I will email you. I am in a very hot climate so heat could be an issue. Thanks for recommending to leave it to set a little before I pick up. I'd really like to make this work and I'm sure the reviews I read were honest and correct which is why I bought your brand. Probably just need more experience using it.


Thanks again. I appreciate your concern :)

cai0311 Posted 24 Feb 2013 , 10:08pm
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I use Fondarific all the time.  I love it.  When using the fondant to cut out shapes I like to roll out the fondant on a dusted surface (I use sugar powerder to dust) and let it sit for about 10 - 15 minutes to stiffen up.  The shapes will not stretch once the fondant has stiffened up.

Pearl645 Posted 24 Feb 2013 , 10:15pm
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Original message sent by cai0311

I use Fondarific all the time.  I love it.  When using the fondant to cut out shapes I like to roll out the fondant on a dusted surface (I use sugar powerder to dust) and let it sit for about 10 - 15 minutes to stiffen up.  The shapes will not stretch once the fondant has stiffened up.

I tried this as well and still had no luck. I wrote Laura at Fondarific and she gave me advice. My kitchen is about 80-90s temperature and I used tappit letters on the fondant and came back an hour later and it was still soft. Didn't hold shape and mashed up when I picked up. Was running out of time so I used a box of Wilton ready to roll fondant and added tylose. Was able to use immediately and it dried quick enough for me to pick up and place on cake.

I must be doing something wrong why I'm not having luck still.

cai0311 Posted 26 Feb 2013 , 8:23pm
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Could be the temp in your kitchen. In the winter my house is kept at 65 degrees and in the summer 72 degrees.


For tappits I roll the fondant really thin. I also make sure there is a lot of powdered sugar on both sides of the fondant once rolled and on the tappit when I start cutting.

KTB4 Posted 27 Feb 2013 , 2:51am
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I have never been able to use Fondarific alone for any kind of cutout or the like.  But I do really like it for covering cakes. What I actually do is mix SI and F together to cover the cakes which works beautifully for me.  For cutouts though I use Wilton (if I know they won't be eaten) or SI alone.

Pearl645 Posted 7 Mar 2013 , 1:41am
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AYes this is the problem I am still battling with sadly. I have come to realize after many recent attempts that F is not going to work for my cut-outs and is only good for covering cakes.

Unfortunately, I bought all the 10lb buckets of each colour because I needed them for orders and now realize I can't use them for the purpose which I bought them which is to make gum paste with Tylose.

I don't like heavy colouring in my gum paste as it makes it bitter so I thought by buying ready-made fondant in colours it would work great with Tylose.

Right now I have a lot of money tied up in fondant with no use. It simply won't dry hard with Tylose. I am back to using Wilton fondant with added Tylose. I use Tappits so I need firm sugar to work with.

DeliciousDesserts Posted 7 Mar 2013 , 2:43am
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AI'm here in hot, humid Charleston, SC.

I use a bit if cornstarch when rolling. The. U rub just a bit in my rolled our fondant before cutting. I let it rest a minute before moving.

The parts I love about Fodariic are also the parts that make shapes tricky.

JuliannaCol Posted 10 Mar 2013 , 11:12pm
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Have you tried using Gum Tragacanth or cmc? I have never used tylose, but I actually make my gum paste from fondant+cmc in different quantities depending what I need..


HOpe it works! 

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