ashleylr Posted 20 Feb 2013 , 8:14pm

Can anyone recommend a good website to order styrofoam cake dummies from? I've checked out *************** and ******************** seems very reasonably priced but says there may be imperfections that need to be filled with royal icing. Does anyone know what kind of shape these are in? Has anyone tried the ones? 


Both are in the US and ideally I'd like to find a Canadian company to order from. Golda's doesn't have the ones I need. I need them to be 6" tall and 8, 10, 12, 14, and 16" round.




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pmarks0 Posted 21 Feb 2013 , 4:36am
flourconfections Posted 21 Feb 2013 , 8:31pm

Hi Ashleyr, we don't carry 6" tall... However follow the link provided by pmark0 and you will find all our dummies...


We carry 4" tall and 1" tall (in most sizes) in round and square, as well as other shapes. This way you can combine to get whichever height you require. Example 1 x 4" tall and 2 x 1" tall for 6" total height.



Good luck. Hope this is helpful.

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