James Rosselle gum paste, did I waste my money?

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Firstladybakes Posted 16 Feb 2013 , 6:51pm
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I am sitting here trying to work with this stuff and it's terrible so far. The more I work it the more it cracks and dries. Have any of you used it? Any secrets I need to know? thank you! So far, I'm not impressed at all.  

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cakefat Posted 17 Feb 2013 , 12:12am
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Is that the recipe from his craftsy class? If so, I believe there is a misprint/ error in the recipe. In that one, he adds in the Tylose WITH the sugar- at the very same time to the egg whites...but this makes for a big mess IMO and makes the gum paste hardened very quickly and lump up.  


Without thinking clearly at all- I did this twice with his gum-paste until I realized that it was not written correctly.  So I went back to the nicholas lodge recipe....which adds the tylose in at the end....

cakefat Posted 17 Feb 2013 , 12:14am
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Ps- oh are you referring to J.R.'s purchased gumpaste? If so, I have no idea..I was referring to his recipe on how to make gumpaste. Anyway- I do recommend the nicolas lodge recipe...it works well and is very easy to make.

sweettooth101 Posted 17 Feb 2013 , 12:45am
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I agree with cakefat, I make Nicholas Logde's recipe, comes out great every time and the flowers are not even effected with the humidity and probably works out cheaper then the ready stuff.

Firstladybakes Posted 17 Feb 2013 , 2:10am
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Yes, this was the ready made stuff, and it's rather expensive for all the trouble it's not worth it. I did finally put it in the microwave for a couple seconds and at least that made it soft enough to work with. It should say that on the package. The stuff was like dry play-doh that sat out a couple of hours. I had to massage it for about 30 minutes each time I wanted to make my roses.  The good thing about it was that it never got sticky, never caught onto my tools or dried while I was working with it. But, I honestly don't know if I would repurchase it. I bought it from the Fondarfic site, as well as some fondant from them. We will see how that goes. I  am new to all this stuff, so it's kind of hit and miss for awhile I guess.


I think I will try that recipe that you wrote about, thank you! 





akrainis Posted 17 Feb 2013 , 2:48am
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I did a class with him last year. The Fondarific James Rosselle gumpaste is what we used. He microwaves the gumpaste for a few seconds and adds water as necessary to get it to desired consistency. Certain things we did, we added a lot of water, some things we used a stiffer consistency. Also we added shortening to make it more pliable if we needed it to be. 

Firstladybakes Posted 17 Feb 2013 , 2:56am
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Akrainis, that makes sense. He needs to put something on that idea with the package because I spent all afternoon working with this stuff, and only made 24 roses in that time because it was so hard to work with. Thank you for the tip. :) 

akrainis Posted 17 Feb 2013 , 3:13am
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Yes, it's very different. And going back to Satin Ice gumpaste after an intensive weekend using his was kind of a shock. The Satin Ice all of a sudden seemed so soft and stretchy! 



I think his goal was to make it very user friendly and easy- if you don't like it, just add more water. But it is quite a change if you are used to something else. 

asmabasil Posted 21 Feb 2015 , 9:13pm
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AI took a corse with James and to use his gum past to knee it use water it will be soft and u can't make it thin by rolling pan it is hard we use pasta machine the good thing it doesn't dray fast and broke fast like other gum pas

4laynes Posted 6 Mar 2015 , 9:02pm
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Can someone please post J.R. recipe or post a link?  I can't find it.

Thank you in advance. 

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