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sdoc12 Posted 6 Feb 2013 , 9:55am
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AHi, I think I have really messed up my figure. I made a 50/50 fondant/gumpaste bear. I attached all the pieces and let it dry. I put a toothpick to support the legs and the head. But I didn't put a toothpick at the bottom to attach to the cake.

Now my figure does not stand straight. The shoe didn't dry flat. I don't have time to make another figure.

Please give me ideas of how to put it on the cake??

Thanks in advance!

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snowflakebakes Posted 6 Feb 2013 , 11:21am
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I would make something with fondant covered krispie treat. Maybe a log, rock, honey pot?? Attach the bear with royal icing to the "new feature". Remember the supports this time icon_biggrin.gif.

bikemom3 Posted 6 Feb 2013 , 12:43pm
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I would make something with fondant covered krispie treat. Maybe a log, rock, honey pot?? Attach the bear with royal icing to the "new feature". Remember the supports this time icon_biggrin.gif


Ditto! remember it's not a mistake....just another opportunity to be CREATIVE icon_biggrin.gif Good luck

sdoc12 Posted 6 Feb 2013 , 2:29pm
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Thanks for the advice. My problem is that the person I am making it for wants the figure to be exactly like a picture they sent me.


I am attaching their original picture and a picture of what I made. This is my first attempt for a figure and I know it is not very neat. I am getting very nervous about putting it on the cake now.


Can I tape the back to a dowel rod and use that as a support in the cake or would that be too crazy?


Also, when I checked my figure this morning, its left leg was loose. I put some gum glue and tried to stick it again. hope it works.











PatrysV Posted 28 Feb 2013 , 12:45pm
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Happened to me as well once. I slowly "srewed" in toothpicks in the legs. I first made a little hole at the bottom of the foot with my scalpel and then proceeded to screw in the thin toothpick. If you did not make the figure that long ago, it will still be a bit soft on the inside. Just be careful that the outside of the leg does not crack.


What you can also do is take a small round cakeboard (as big as the circle the figure is standing on), cover it with the red fondant and then stick the figure on top with a gluegun. It will give your figure a broader base to stand / balance on. (Just warn them that you used a gluegun to stick the figure -tell them you did it specially so that they can remove the figure from the cake and keep it! ;-) )

BREN28 Posted 28 Feb 2013 , 2:10pm
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same idea as pastrysV,except use a floral wire and heat it up. i usually just stick it over my burner on my stove. then just stick it where you want the hole,and move ti around until you get a big enough hole for your toothpick. hth!

Crazy-Gray Posted 28 Feb 2013 , 2:37pm
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ATo stick the pieces together really strongly you could melt a little white chocolate in the Microwave on low power till its sticky, runny is too far and will take ours to set rather than minutes, aim for something like the texture of soft butter. Colour it green and use it like glue, it'll be really strong :-)

I don't know if ur bear is detailed at the back but if not you can put some green choc in a tupperware, place in a straw or long bamboo skewer so it's sticking out the bottom and then lay your bear pieces on top. Once set, give it a few hours, trim the excess choc round the bear, trim ur skewer or straw to the depth of your cake and insert.

Hope that all makes sense!

Crazy-Gray Posted 28 Feb 2013 , 3:08pm
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And I'd like to congratulate you on your first figure; your likeness to the original is excellent!


May I make one tiny suggestion for after you get him standing ok; the eyebrows:


Maybe change from this:


to this:



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