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FH_Cakes Posted 2 Feb 2013 , 5:21am
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These are not official logos, just some options I am playing around with. Would love to get some honest opinions/feedback..thanks!

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DeliciousDesserts Posted 2 Feb 2013 , 12:59pm
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ABoth are very pretty. Love that color hoch happens to be very popular this year.

If you really want to do a lot of branding, use the 2nd image. It's simplicity will allow you to use it more places than the other more intricate design.

mhcl Posted 2 Feb 2013 , 2:06pm
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They are both very pretty.  It could be the fact that I haven't finished my first cup of caffeine yet, but for a second I thought the FH in the first one was FU.  So I had a little giggle that it sounded like people with food allergies were saying FU to cakes I'm going to eat you.  Again, I have not been fully caffinated so I hope that doesn't sound like I'm knocking your logo.


I do prefer the 2nd one.  And like the previous poster said it would probably work better for branding.  My only thought on it, and I could be way off.  It might look cute if the "FH Cakes" was on the top tier, kind of like it's the cake topper?


Overall, very cute and I love the blue color! 

kkmcmahan Posted 2 Feb 2013 , 2:26pm
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I like the 2nd one as well.  One thing to consider with logos is how simply they can be duplicated in various mediums such as; embroidery on aprons or shirts.  For this reason I think the 2nd one works best.

Sassyzan Posted 2 Feb 2013 , 4:10pm
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AI like the cake logo. The cake itself is very pretty, but I'm not wild about the fonts and placement of the FH. What if the FH was on the top tier and cakes on the bottom? Or a single tier with FH cakes as the topper as the pp suggested? Maybe it's my mathematical mind, but I keep thinking its up in the corner because its an exponent or something but its on the wrong side...just seems a bit wonky to me. Just my honest opinion. Hope I'm not offending.

jason_kraft Posted 2 Feb 2013 , 4:14pm
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AIf you are targeting people with food allergies, IMO that needs to be a much more prominent part of your logo.

-K8memphis Posted 2 Feb 2013 , 4:28pm
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and if we are just brainstorming here--i might say


'enjoy life's sweet moments even with food allergies'




'despite food allergies'


'forget food allergies and fully enjoy life's sweet moments'


you can enjoy life's sweet moments even with fa'


even with food allergies you can enjoy l s m


i think a 'let me provide/fix it for you' emphasis/angle works better than a 'don't allow'


food allergies? enjoy life's sweet moments anyway


food allergies? now you can ejoy li s m


just some random tagline thoughts

itsacake Posted 2 Feb 2013 , 6:51pm
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I have a very complicated logo, not a lot different in form from your 1st example.  Though I love it, every time I need to use it for something like an ad (or when I wanted to embroider it on chef coats and it really wouldn't work),  I think I would have been happier with something more simple that lends itself better to many different applications, as kkmcmahan said above.  Especially when you want to put it on a small label, you  will lose a lot of readability with a complicated logo, and similarly, when you need a business card sized ad, you lose a lot of detail.  Even your second example is trying to say a lot.  If I had it to do over, I'd go for something a lot more simple and recognizable.  Now I get why Nike just uses a swish.

Sassyzan Posted 2 Feb 2013 , 9:26pm
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Original message sent by jason_kraft

If you are targeting people with food allergies, IMO that needs to be a much more prominent part of your logo.


I didn't even read the tag line. I just thought it was some kind of thing about copyrights or something.

CakesByJen2 Posted 3 Feb 2013 , 12:05am
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I prefer the second one as well.

Stitches Posted 3 Feb 2013 , 6:17pm
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First visual reaction, in the first logo design the FH stuck out to me and it did make me think of FU. sorry...

FH_Cakes Posted 4 Feb 2013 , 3:02am
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Thanks to everyone who replied.....all the opinions are much appreciated! 


I sent option 2 to my designer...thanks again!

FH_Cakes Posted 7 Feb 2013 , 10:26pm
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Here is the final product...I love how clean and simple it is. Thank you again for everyone's 2 cents!!

-K8memphis Posted 7 Feb 2013 , 10:43pm
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bet that feels good to have that all decided!

Sassyzan Posted 7 Feb 2013 , 11:16pm
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AVery nice

mhcl Posted 8 Feb 2013 , 9:40pm
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That looks fabulous! 

kkmcmahan Posted 8 Feb 2013 , 11:01pm
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Really very nice...good job!

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